“This is Not What Allies Do” – France Cancels Dinner, Blasts Biden After Being Excluded From Tri-State Defense Agreement #BidenEffect

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France canceled a gala to celebrate French-American relations after Joe Biden stabbed America’s oldest ally in the back on Thursday.

The Biden Administration surprised the French with their announcement of the tri-party defense deal between the US, UK and Australia.

Joe Biden is working his best to destroy America at home and our foreign relations abroad.
At least the Taliban is happy.

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Leah Barkoukis at Townhall reported:

Livid with President Biden for cutting them out of a defense agreement with Australia and the UK, French officials canceled at the last minute a Friday gala that was supposed to celebrate U.S.-French relations at the embassy in Washington.

The U.S., Australia, and Great Britain announced a three-way agreement on Wednesday that will help Australia counter any aggression from China in the region. The U.S. will provide Australia with nuclear-powered submarines, which French officials have called a “stab in the back.”

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