This Is Who Led the Mueller Investigation – Andrew Weissmann Slams Supreme Court Justice’s Wife

Andrew Weissmann led the Mueller exam.  Because of this, there can be no doubt that the Mueller examination was dirty, conflicted, unconstitutional and criminal in its attempted coup of the Trump Administration. 

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Sidney Powell warned us about Andrew Weissmann.  He was the corrupt individual who made up crimes against Arthur Andersen and put 80,000 employees out of work as a result.  The Supreme Court eventually voted 9-0 against corrupt Weissmann, but it was too late for Arthur Andersen.


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Weissmann’s Mueller team was so corrupt that they paid the individual who lied about Trump in the Steele dossier and then used these lies in their attempted coup of the Trump Administration.

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Recently Weissmann has been apparently drinking at night and tweeting.  TGP reported on this less than a week ago.  Here is one of “independent and objective” (what a federal attorney should be) Weissmann’s tweets.

Two days ago, Weissmann released another horrible tweet.  (Again, remember this guy is supposed to be unbiased, independent and objective.)  Weissmann is attacking Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Bonchie at Red State shares:

I knew this guy was a partisan hack. There’s been ample evidence of that for years. But to compare the wife of a Supreme Court justice to a historical figure who argued for a non-aggression pact between the US and Hitler, insinuating that Ginni Thomas would have supported the Holocaust, is absolutely crazy. Further, for his analogy to even work, we would have to assume there is a current Holocaust on the horizon for Thomas to be complicit in. What is this absolute moron talking about?

Ginni Thomas’ grave sin was having a few discussions about how to challenge the 2020 election through the courts and Congress. No matter what one thinks of her pursuit, any comparison of that to the murder of millions of Jews and other minorities is so insultingly grotesque as to leave only disgust and denouncement as the viable response.

In 2019, we reported that our justice department needs to be free of conflicts of interest.  This was the key to our system but it was broken with the Mueller exam.

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We now know the Mueller exam wasn’t just conflicted, it was an attempted coup of the Trump Administration by horribly corrupted men and women in the Justice Department. 

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