Threatening letters laced with FENTANYL and covered in Antifa symbols found in election centers all over the country –

Threatening letters laced with FENTANYL and covered in Antifa symbols found in election centers all over the country

Authorities are currently conducting investigations after election offices in Georgia, Nevada, Oregon and Washington received letters laced with fentanyl and covered in the symbols of the left-wing terror group Antifa on election night on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

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In Georgia, an election office in Fulton County, Atlanta, received one of the threatening letters. Authorities have not received any immediate indication that any other election office in Georgia was targeted by these letters.

“Dealing with suspicious mail threats targeting election offices is a critical concern for maintaining the personal safety of election personnel and the integrity and security of the electoral process,” read an advisory released by the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, warning county officials to take precautions when handling mail.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said in a statement that his office was investigating to determine whether any Georgia officials directly received threats.

“Election officials should be free from fear and intimidation, which is why I’ve called on the [Georgia] General Assembly to increase penalties for election interference,” he said. “We will work tirelessly to ensure that Georgia elections remain free, fair and secure.”

Letters contained warnings against using mail-in ballot boxes

The Post Millennial obtained an exclusive copy of the letter sent to the election office in Tacoma, Washington and was able to confirm that it featured an anarchist message, Antifa symbols, the pro-transgender progress pride flag as well as symbols indicating the sender’s occult beliefs. (Related: Poll: Trump LEADS Biden in five key swing states – Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and North Carolina.)

“END ELECTIONS NOW,” read the top of the message, which was filled with the white, powdery substance fentanyl. “Stop giving power to the right that they don’t have. We are in charge now and there is no more need for them.”

“Also be aware your ballot drops are very susceptible to noxious chemicals like AM/BL,” continued the message in a threat. “They are unsafe to the public. Just saying.”

This particular letter contained lethal traces of fentanyl, although investigators were quick to point out that not all of the letters received by election offices across the country contained fentanyl, noting that these particular letters were described as “nonharmful.” However federal investigators do need to conduct more rigorous lab tests on the letters.

Currently, federal investigators believe the letters are being sent from just one location somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. It should be noted that this region contains very strong Antifa elements, although investigators have not yet confirmed whether the group is involved.

“Per long-standing Federal Bureau of Investigation policy, we will not be confirming or commenting on investigations until such time it reaches the public realm,” said the FBI in a statement. “For your reference, the FBI can never open an investigation based solely on protected First Amendment activity.”

“We cannot and do not investigate ideology. We focus on individuals who commit or intend to commit violence and criminal activity that constitutes a federal crime,” the FBI added. “The FBI will investigate when someone crosses the line from expressing their views to breaking federal laws and engaging in violence.”

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