THREE separate coin shop owners see bank accounts SHUT DOWN for no reason, all at the same time –

DEBANKED: THREE separate coin shop owners see bank accounts SHUT DOWN for no reason, all at the same time

An Ohio-based coin shop owner took to social media this week to inform the world that his regional bank, where he has been a customer in good standing for many years, shut down all six of his business and personal bank accounts suddenly without notice and for no stated reason. And it turns out the same thing happened to at least two other coin shop owners as well.

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The coin shop owner, who deals in silver and gold, says he received certified letters from his bank stating that:

“After a recent review, we have decided to end our relationship with you and close your accounts … As stated in your account agreement, we can close your account at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. We will begin our closing process on September 6, 2023.”

The coin shop owner received these letters out of the blue, and the bank in question refuses to explain why it made this sudden and unexpected decision. The man, his wife, and even his children are all no longer able to use the bank in question, and must now find an alternative.

“They’re just closing all my accounts,” the man explained. “They don’t want to do business with me. They won’t tell me why.”

“I went to my local branch, who I have a good relationship with. Talked to the manager. She tried to find out. They wouldn’t tell her. So here I was left thinking, wow, what is going on? What do they think I could have done?”

(Related: Back in July, banking giant JPMorgan Chase shut down the bank accounts associated with Mercola Market, an online store run by Dr. Joseph Mercola and his colleagues.)

Banks don’t like coin shops because they deal in sound money rather than fake fiat funny money

The man confirmed that he is in full compliance with all necessary regulations, including maintaining an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program. And yet, he and his family are still being punished for some unknown reason.

“I’ve been in business a long time,” he said. “I know what to watch out for and avoid certain things or whatever. So I adhere to the law, and I’ve never had a problem, never. And it’s very stressful when this happens.”

“It’s never happened to me in my life. I’ve never had my banks closed, and I had multiple accounts. Even my kids account with them was closed and my wife’s account closed. And to me, this is just more confirmation to what’s going on.”

The man speculates that the banks do not like coin shops and other related businesses because of what they represent. Since coin shops deal in sound money, and banks deal in fake fiat funny money, there is a conflict of interest that, in cases like this, results in tyranny.

“I don’t know what they think we’re doing here,” the man explained about his former bank. “Because everything’s 100 percent legitimate, but for some reason they don’t like it. And we all probably know why. And it’s just a shame that they have that much power and that much ability and they could just close your stuff down just like that. Very unnerving. It’s very unnerving.”

In one of the other cases, a coin shop owner in Chicago dealt with a similar situation while banking at Old National Bank. According to her, the bank not only closed her accounts without warning, but also closed several accounts held by her family members – and none of those accounts even had her name on them.

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