Tragic. Newly Released Video Shows Trump Supporters Dragging Rosanne Boyland’s Lifeless Body after Police Killed Her on January 6

On Tuesday Julie Kelly at American Greatness published newly released body-camera video from a DC Metropolitan Police Officer on January 6, 2021.

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Officer Terrence Craig, an 11-year veteran of the force, testified last week in the criminal trial of Richard Barnett, the Arkansas man who was pictured with his feet on then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk in the US Capitol.

** The entire body-cam video is 2-and-a-half hours long.

In one part of the video you can see Officer Craig at the scene when Trump supporters dragged the lifeless body of Rosanne Boyland up to the police. She was already dead. The police gassed her, pushed her down, and beat her unconscious.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on Rosanne Boyland’s death on January 6.

Philip Anderson was knocked out next to Rosanne and almost died on January 6th.

Riveting OAN Interview: Jan. 6 Witness Philip Anderson Who Was Knocked Unconscious Next to Rosanne Boyland When She Died Says Police Caused a Stampede and Killed Her

January 6 political prisoner Jake Lang, who has been locked up for two years, rescued Philip and attempted to save Rosanne Boyland but it was too late.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: J6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang Rescued Philip Anderson from Death on Jan. 6 — Now Government Offers Him 9 Years in Prison in Plea Deal

And TGP’s Cara Castronuova reported on how Officer Lila Morris beat Rosannes lifeless body and how police prevented her rescue.

Officer Lila Morris was never charged with a crime and was given tickets to the Super Bowl for her “work” that day.

NEW VIDEO: Rosanne Boyland Killed by Cops – Police Prevent Her Rescue – Push Protesters Down Steps – Beat Rosanne and Protesters with Sticks — Protesters Attempt CPR

Now new footage shows how Trump supporters dragged Rosanne’s lifeless body to police who then dragged her through the US Capitol and hid her body from her family. The police didn’t want the family to see what they did to her.

This is a true American tragedy.

For the record – Liz Cheney’s Jan. 6 Committee spent exactly ZERO minutes discussing the killing of Rosanne Boyland.

Never forget that.

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