Transgender coach David “Sasha” Yates joins Pennsylvania high school GIRLS in locker room to change –

Transgender coach David “Sasha” Yates joins Pennsylvania high school GIRLS in locker room to change

A part-time high school tennis coach employed at the Gettysburg Area School District in Pennsylvania is getting his 15 minutes of fame by pretending to be a “woman” and using the girls’ locker room at his place of employment.

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David Yates, who now goes by “Sasha” Yates, is making headlines after he decided to go “trans” and use the girls’ locker room where the girls’ soccer team was changing at the time. Yates changed his clothing right alongside the girls, stripping down to a bra and panties, a school board member confirmed.

From what we know, it was clear that Yates was still fully a man based on certain bulging parts of his body, which disgusted the girls and caused them to feel uncomfortable in their own changing room.

Two school board members within the district have students on the soccer team in question, and at least one of their students was present at a board meeting to decide whether or not the school district would renew Yates’ contract – Yates has been a seasonal boys and girls tennis coach within the district since 2018.

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Girls are no longer safe in the era of transgender “women”

Things were fine with Yates until 2022 when he suddenly decided to change his name from David to “Sasha.” There were then two separate incidents involving students that were reported to the school board, prompting its members to not renew Yates’ contact for another season.

At the time, though, there was no replacement for him. And much to the surprise of some board members, Yates was re-hired for another season, this time to coach girls’ tennis.

On August 7, a vote was held about whether or not to rehire Yates. That vote was deadlocked at 3-3, with one person abstaining. On August 21, there will be a second vote to see if they can break that tie and hopefully rid the district of Yates’ presence.

As usual, the LGBT brigade is storming social media to claim that the only reason the Gettysburg Area School District wants to get rid of Yates is simply because of his transgender identity, and not because he is a grown man deciding to strip down and get naked alongside high school girls.

It appears as though one of the reasons Yates was rehired in the first place following the initial round of controversy is precisely because he changed his name. Several board members apparently did not make the connection to his last name, instead being deceived by his new first name.

After being rehired, Yates appeared in a girls’ bathroom on April 12 during a softball game at Gettysburg Area High Schools. The 16-year-old daughter of Steve Carbaugh went to use the bathroom, only to discover that Yates and nobody else followed her inside.

While there, Yates tried to strike up a conversation with the girl, who proceeded to text her softball coach out of concern.

“Michelle, this damn tennis coach just walked into the girls bathroom,” that text read. “Like, [expletive] You’re a [expletive] man.”

When the girl’s father questioned her about the incident, she said that Yates did not expose himself or do anything inappropriate other than to enter the bathroom and try to strike up a conversation.

“As far as I was concerned, they can’t protect my child while in their custody at this point,” the father later explained about how he contacted the school about the matter, and is now awaiting a resolution.

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