Triumph News Network – 2-2-21 – Trump Wins the World Wins (News Overview)

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Guys Welcome to the show tonight. Make sure my volumes all the way up good. And make sure my volumes all the way up good here. Okay, good.

All right.

Welcome to the show tonight. We got a good one for you. And about 500 people’s own here. I’ve got to grab my sweet tea. It looks like I didn’t grab my notes here. Hold on. Just keep coming on here we got about 1500

All righty. All righty. So got folks from Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee, Idaho, Louisiana, California. Oh, I’m coming. I’m coming. You guys will be on time. Did you? Okay, but I’m baby stepping. I’m doing better. I’m doing better. Okay. And so got a lot of likes. They got a lot of good stuff here. Hope you guys have had a great weekend. I hope to be back with you last night it didn’t work out. Oh,


again, share this share it. We will everybody to get to see what we’re talking about here. Because they’re going to be shocked here soon. Okay. And so, anyway, we got about 5000 on here. So I’m going to go ahead and, and get started here. And hopefully we can break 21,000 tonight as what we had last time. And so, gonna need you to share it. I need everybody to make sure at some point you x out of the chat and click the thumbs up button. Like it and also subscribe. Okay. Also subscribe. Yeah, saw Jeff Bezos step down today. Huh? That’s interesting. Looks like a lot of people’s been doing that lately. A lot of people have been dying to hit me. More than normal. That’s odd, huh? Oh, no, no, no, no. Thanks for getting interested in our thing. Suicide weekend coming up. Yep, maybe so maybe so. Alright, I just got a buddy text me say I’m almost you almost 65 inch TV. Okay, good deal. All right. So here’s what we’re gonna do. I want to start out with saying it looks like the Unity speech is over from the fake President Biden. And I’m calling him a fake president because that’s exactly what he is. Okay. And he looks like unity is over. Unity if you do what we want you to do it right. If you do what we want you to do. Okay. I will also tell you that, you know, it’s funny, I’ve, I’ve noticed this, and I don’t know if you follow this on Twitter or not. If you’re not on Twitter, I don’t blame you. It’s a communist hellhole, basically. And, you know, I don’t really fool with it much. But I do stay on there to kind of keep up to date kind of look at the enemy, so to speak, you know, and I’ve noticed that all the armed forces, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines spaceforce. They all have one thing in common on Twitter. Do you know what it is? None of them follow the fake President Biden. Zero, none of them. You know who they do follow the posesses page. The real POTUS. Okay. And I know Yeah, he’s been kicked off there but it says archive page. And they all follow him. No one follows button. Interesting, isn’t it? I mean, this is not a, this is not a personal page. This is the official page of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and spaceforce. Check it out. Okay. Now, here’s something else that I thought was. I thought this was really good. I’m gonna play this for you. And I want to, I mean, let me turn it around here. I’m gonna get this plate in for you hear me a lot of big things happened over the last couple of days since we’ve been together last time. And so I thought this was a pretty good


All right, so let me maybe move it this way a little. Yes. I don’t have it perfect on here, Jess. All right. You’re used to that with me. All right. So I want to watch this little two minutes and 36 seconds little film here. This is really good. Check it out.


Okay, yeah. Look at this.

Because buddies with them.

George Soros, his son. No, surely couldn’t be. Internet connectivity dropped to 50%. I woke up start their day to the news of the military takeover.

The whole world will know the truth. Soon the whole world will know the truth. All right. So the

so I’ll turn it back around here. Hold me for a second. Sorry, you had to look at me, but it’s part of the deal.

You know, the, so my more Burma, okay. As you all know, okay. The military took over. They had they used Dominion software for their elections. Luke, who was hooked up next to my Mars president or wherever you call them the Prime Minister, whoever they that person is the lady there. None other than old Hillary and Obama. Oh, Nana. coincidence. And did you see how Biden come out? either. This is really funny. Biden comes out and says, If y’all don’t get this, give that back to those people. And we’re gonna come over there and do something. Okay? Can you spell a hypocrite? This is the people cheated to infinity, and look what they’re doing. And of course, they’re going to say that I get so tickled at these folks that say, you know, well, they’re not representing they’re not respecting democratic processes. And now we don’t respect cheating. You sucker cheating. That’s what we don’t respect. cheating. Okay. And everybody knows it. Everybody knows it. And, and soon the world will know it. Things are big, big things friction to happen. Right after the Super Bowl. Big things are happening right after the Super Bowl. I want to say this, and I don’t have the drop pulled up. But one of the things that 17 said was it will be after they said, what’s coming, we’ll make the Super Bowl. Like the puppy bowl. Like Like what? No, no, like a puppy show. I think it was called. Puppy show. It will make the Super Bowl like a puppy show. What’s on February the eighth? Super Bowl. What’s on February the ninth? The beginning of what? Trump’s trial in the Senate. They know they can’t get it. They don’t have the votes. They know they can’t convict him. But they want to humiliate him. And the whole world is going to be watching friend. The whole world. Do you think old POTUS has up his sleeve? Yeah, I think so. I think so. It’s going to be a show. Let’s just put it like that. I don’t wanna say any bad words. It’s going to be a show. All right. And there’s gonna be some major exposure done. Yeah, let’s call it the Trump bowl. I like that. Whoever said that to him. Yeah, call it the Trump bowl. Okay, now, here’s what I want to go to. Next. I want to show you something that you’re probably seen this before. Some of you haven’t. But it coincides with george bush senior’s funeral. Now, George Bush senior’s funeral, as you know, there was a lot of envelopes passed out at that funeral. You know, let’s see here.

What was it?

I sorry, I got a text message. It threw me off there. Okay. Here’s the deal. So at George Bush seniors funeral, pedophile criminal, that that got away with it. And we didn’t know it. We were We were asleep back then. But he is Yeah, people’s telling me this is a February 7. Okay, well, anyway, so it’s an extra day, February. The ninth is I guess Tuesday is what day it starts. So one, half dozen, 60 other whatever, say ns, okay, now, here’s the thing. George Bush at his funeral who got those envelopes? Well, we know pence got one. We know. Hillary got one. We know. Bush got one george bush. And his brother and his wife. And his wife and his brother was the one that went and just turn white as a ghost. We know Obama got one. We know that portal. clueless Jimmy Carter was looking for he is he couldn’t he didn’t have anything but okay. We know Biden got one. Okay, now. There’s all all kind of speculation over what was in those envelopes. Okay, what was in those envelopes? And you know, there’s been a lot of speculation over it over time. No one knows for sure. I don’t think I don’t think I can say it or you can’t either. But I will say this. There’s a lot of things that were quite obvious. And and here’s one of the things they kept saying about it. You know, you’ve seen the the, it was a little card, and it said it was signed by George Bush. It said I’m sorry. They know everything signed George Bush Senior. I’m sorry. They know everything now a lot of us a lot of us believe and I know he was George Bush Senior was what’s the word I’m looking looking for? He was taken out basically. Okay, he was a I’m trying to think of the word I’ve gone blank he was executed Thank you somebody I lost my mind here for a minute he was executed and we all know that okay, along with this like john mccain was okay, but here’s what I want to show you I want to show you this I thought this was very interesting. And again, you may have seen it you may not have seen it, but this is classic one of the things after after after obat sama bin Laden was supposedly killed right SEAL Team Six was exposed by Biden on the run his mouth act like he knows everything on this show everybody he’s in the know he so he runs his mouth and tells everybody basically gives up their names and it was said shortly thereafter that they were all killed in a Chinook helicopter over Afghanistan. They were all you know, shot down and you know, taken out by the enemy. Okay, now, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I want to share this with you. Okay, here we go. Let me pull it up. Okay, hang with me. You know me and computers here


I thought I hit it right here. I’ll get it for you just hold tight. I gotta put my head down so you can’t see up my nose. People said so my mother in law told me I can see up you know his brand. I said well I got it clean. I don’t keep nose hairs not like that. I pluck them out. Okay. I hate those things. Okay, let me let me see here. Ah, here it is. Here it is. Okay, here it is. Here we go. I don’t know if you guys can hear that that sirens are going off out here. My dogs just keep yelping All right, here we go.

Even with the whole truth you deserve the whole truth. So here’s the day

find out who I am.

For those of you who know you’re not saying anything. But there’s golden tickets you had

a really good day. The golden tickets to the whole truth comes out

just slides on both sides.

Finally Tic Tac

has some fun with this

silly crew on this board and

I forgotten even had that girl for decades. Strange sitting having the memories wiped out

having your memory wiped out. Anyway.

Take care take time.


seals are wonderful creatures.

golden tickets


Obama may have had SEAL Team Six kill explosive CIA whistleblowers Moses bonza Let’s roll with the death of SEAL Team Six

knows where the bodies

are buried.

snews clip was uploaded June 20. Updated right now.

Military Families filed a lawsuit against Vice President Joe Biden and other top us and world leaders and the suit has ties to South Florida navy seal. Aaron Vaughn of Seward was one of 30 Americans killed when the Chinook helicopter that he was riding in was shot down back in August of 2011. Bonds family and the families or friends family and the families of three other seals filed suit just this week against the Vice President and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. They are claiming that Biden and Panetta revealed the role of Navy SEAL Team Six in killing Osama bin Laden, which then led to the helicopter attack three months later that Dawn’s family has since pulled out of this lawsuit but the other families, they are still moving forward. They’re seeking $200 million in damages. We will have more coming up tonight on NewsChannel five.

Okay, now, I’ll tell you something interesting. I was talking to my buddy Anthony Pruitt. And he was saying how that he had a dental somebody that’s in the dental world. And they said they had started comparing their teeth. And they said, and they compared some moles on his neck. And this Aaron Vaughn, that I just showed you the video on the tick tock or he said Godspeed, something’s gonna happen. Those gold tickets or lamb was lead. They said is exactly him. They said there’s no way to to the dent the dental stuff is exactly the same the way his teeth shaped. Now, I don’t understand all of how all that works. Okay. But they said basically, this dental person said that it’s 100% match. It is him. And so again, interesting things happening here. Okay. Aaron Vaughn. They thought they had erased their memories. Kind of. Okay, now, I want to go from there into this. Yeah, I don’t know if Mike Jacko was ex SEAL Team Six. I think he’s just buffed up. I’m not sure about that one. But, but I want to know, I’m not gonna go to that yet. Here’s what I want to go to. I also had a source called me the other day, or actually didn’t call me they text me. And they said, Hey, Brad, I want to show you something. And they said that, you know, there has been a lot of let me turn those off, so I can’t see. Okay, there’s been a lot of Hey, guys. Just take a break right here. We got 15,000 on here, we’ve only got 5000 thumbs up, please take a second and x out of the chat. Please hit the thumbs up button. We’re not making any money off of this. Okay, the D monetized we don’t make no money but it gets the word out. More people need to be seeing this. Okay? please hit the thumbs up and hit subscribe. Please hit subscribe to our YouTube channel, Trump news network and hit the thumbs up. Thank you so much. We’re up to now. 7200 already keep them coming. Thank you. Alright, so anyway, let’s get back to it. Okay, now. So here’s the thing. The, they said, this person text me, they said, Hey, Brad, I used to be, as you know, in the hotel management arena. And they said I don’t know how to read this other than to just tell you the truth basically on it. And he said that, here’s the deal. On March the fourth, which was the original swearing in day of the President, okay, March the fourth in Washington DC, at the Trump hotel, Trump International Hotel. Their rates are way higher than everyone else’s rates on that day. And I’m talking like, buy a lot. Okay, and I thought well,

I’ll go check it out.

So let me let me let you check it out with me. Okay. Let’s go back to the to the computer screen here.


So let me I’m gonna pull this down here. Okay, let you see this. Alright. So let’s go to


Where to go?

was just up Okay, well let’s do this. Okay, so we’re gonna go for March the fourth we will spend the night on March the fourth and we’re going to leave out on March the fifth we’re gonna spend the night of March the fourth okay. We’re gonna go from highest price to lowest price search I just got I just got a hot wire here to do this. Come home slow internet. Says best match or let me get it back home. Price high to low. Oh, here it is right here. Okay, so if you’re looking here, it says the Trump International Hotel is the most expensive hotel in DC on the night of March the fourth for 14 $195 a night. Four Seasons Hotel Washington DC is about almost 400-300-9053 $180 or something like that more. Um, excuse me less. Okay, now after that the rest of them are very down low. I think let’s look here. 856 The Grand Hyatt 689 you know, I got the hay Adams for 49 rosewood Embassy Suites 407 St. Regis, Washington, DC 399 the Ritz Carlton 399 Park Hyatt Washington 389. Okay. Now, now I want to just to show you what I’m talking about. I’m going to go to let’s go back up here and I’m going to just these dates Okay, I want you to watch this I’m adjust these dates. Let’s go to March the first and leave on March the second. Okay. Go

I don’t know why it does. It goes back to best match every time now. I gotta go Bye. Hello again. Oh, here it is. The Four Seasons is still about 1030 it was 11 1115 look at where Trump is. 595 per night. Almost $1,000 lists. A few days difference. Are you kidding me? Okay, look at this 499 Park Hyatt Washington fourth 39 425 Okay, now let’s go back. Well, I’m gonna do one more. Okay, let’s try. And by the way, the fourth is a Thursday night, so it’s not the weekend. Okay, so don’t give me that it’s a Thursday night. Let’s go look at let’s go to February. Let’s just, I haven’t even tried this. I’m just gonna try it. Let’s go with February that is March. Let’s go to February the 25th. That’s a Thursday night. And we’re gonna leave on February 26. Going back to this match again. So let me go press. Hello. I see what are the I hadn’t looked at this. Let’s see what it is. Four Seasons is $950. Look at their 595 almost $400 difference. You say? What are you getting at bread? Here’s what I’m getting at. Here’s exactly what I’m getting at. This person told me said I was in. I used to be in the event management, whatever with these hotels, they do not have that much disparity in their prices, ever. There’s only two reasons that they would that Trump hotel would do that, either number one, they don’t want anybody to stay there. Okay. Which, that doesn’t make any sense at all being a business. And number two, or number two, they know something that everyone else doesn’t know.

I’ll let you figure that out yourself. Okay. I don’t know. But I thought it was mighty interesting. But I’d like I said, I believed her. Not that I didn’t believe her. I just wanted to see it for myself. So I went and did it. And you can go and play in there tonight with it if you want to. And I get a senior discount. I don’t know Ruth. At all. No. Okay, so now let’s go over here to I thought I’ve got something else for you. I thought was real interesting. This happened today. Okay. And you know, I remember a month or so ago it may have been a little longer than that. I can’t remember exactly, but I had

Okay, I had my pool. Oh, make it bigger. It’s watching deck jaren Jackson, he had a pretty good one today.

There’s a terrible

curse that plagues guitar players once they reach the intermediate stage. I call it guitar blank from social


Okay, so this route here you know, about two a couple months ago I had a friend of mine that I you know, we had said hey you need to be looking at Newsmax or weighing in and then I come back later and I said hey, I’m here in Newsmax is not good. It’s not good. And and the person just basically said well, we you said it was good. And I don’t know if I can refer what you’re saying anymore. Well, you know, I got some other information. It was different. And it said that Newsmax wasn’t any good. Watch this. This was today. A lot of you seen it. They’re showing their true colors. Watch this.

Of course continues. Twitter apparently now has permanently suspended the my pillow company account the company account after its CEO Mike window use the page they say to continue posting. This comes as Twitter permanently banned wooden girl’s personal account last week. Joining us now to discuss is the founder and CEO of my pillow and the author of the book. What are the odds? Michael Sandel Mike thank you so much for joining us and welcome so what what what happened with your Twitter account and the company pay watch this

well first mine was taken down because we have all the election properties web machines we have 100% proof and then I when they took it down my

backup my personal and put

it was mine. Thank you very much, Mike. Mike. You’re talking about machines that Newsmax have not been able to verify any of those kinds of allegations. We just want Want to let people know that there’s nothing substantive that we’ve seen. And let me read you something there. While there were some clear evidence of asylum cases, and both from

the election results in every state word certified, and Newsmax accepts the results as legal and final, the courts have also supported that view. So we want to talk to you about canceling this code. We don’t want to re litigate

because we understand where you are. So let me ask you this. Temporary because it appears to be permanent, could you make an argument that is temporary? Why

would you make an argument that this could be a temporary banding rather than permanent? No, I wanted to be a permanent because you know what? They generally just because I’m revealing all the evidence on Friday about the election problem, but these machines, so I’m sorry, to my

producers, can

we get out of here, please? I don’t want to have to keep going over this.

Your second mic, mic, hold on one second. Let’s talk a little bit about Justin, what is happening overall, in terms of censorship, What a loser.

So my company and myself in this country is canceled culture. You’re trying to cancel me out. And you ask the question, why did they cancel that? Because I have evidence

to deal with all in front of you.

Okay. All right. Well, Mike, I think I think a lot of folks understand that a lot of folks feel that they are being censored as well, especially conservatives, they think something needs to be done about it. We have the New York Times saying now that the Biden administration should have a czar, a reality czar, so we’re definitely headed down a dangerous road. Mike, we really appreciate you joining us.

All right. Look there just because he supports President Trump, Newsmax again, showed their hand okay showed their hand. You can ask a guy to come on. You ask him a question why his Twitter account is suspended? He tries to answer the question, but you don’t like his answer. So you talk over him and walk off. Great. Aren’t those great American values? I mean, communist values. What a farce. Okay. Newsmax I told you they were they were traders. told you that a long time ago. Some people didn’t want to hear it. Okay. Now, I want to go to this right here. And I want to show you this guy. I’ve never seen this guy before. I found him today. And I want to show you a little bit of what he’s saying here. We’re not gonna watch the whole thing. But I thought it was very, very good. Okay, here we go.

February the first 2021 it is the 19th day of the 11th Hebrew month. And if you’re new to my channel, my name is Daniel Lee. I live here and today very beautiful, snowy, Juneau, Alaska. My mission statement is very clear. I preach and teach the Hebrew Jewish roots of the Christian faith on my website, spirit and I exalt Yeshua, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the only way TRUTH and the LIFE expose a kind of pedophiles investigative reporting on my formula YouTube channel now on my rebel channel, been doing this now for over two and a half years actually, yesterday was my exactly two and a half year anniversary of doing this. I provide satanic ritual abuse survivors, a platform to speak out on I protect the innocent children by virtue of these other things. And I lead a nightly Zoomer prayer meeting where we pray for our duly elected President Trump, this nation of the subscribers each other and we will be happy to pray for you. And yes, I’m continuing to refer to Donald john Trump as our president. He was the one who was elected back on November 3, not this imposter that’s in the White House and I’m continuing to pray tell him boy, a miracle that this will all get reversed. Tell him I don’t care how many people call me crazy. That’s what I believe. That’s right. Without more ado, let’s get right into this. So this is a drop a Q drop 2677. That was posted way back on February 9 of 2019. And it says we never left. It’s time to return publicly. Welcome back. Again, that was on the date February 9 2019. So when an anon pointed out that that matches this date. The impeachment trial is scheduled to begin on February 9, this time of the year 2021 with party To control the chamber evenly split 17 Republican senators would need to vote along with all democratic senators. And the two independent caucusing with the democrats to secure the required two thirds majority of our conviction. Okay, well, we know they don’t have the votes to secure their convictions. So we know President Trump is safe. Right. But President Trump and his lawyers are going to be able to present the evidence at the impeachment trial.


this Q drop February 9 2018. talks about we never left. It’s time to return publicly Welcome back, happens in acts the same day that this senate impeachment trial is beginning. Is that a coincidence? Well, we look at this. I put this up on Twitter last night. This is a portion of an article that I found. It says President Trump is getting different opinions from family members, friends and advisors. Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, former Chief White House political strategist, Steve Bannon, and a handful of others are pushing him not just to defend against the charge the inside of the January 6 capitalist direction but to use the senate trial as an opportunity to re litigate his claims of election fraud in key swing states. show everyone the receipts is how Steve Bannon puts it. Yep, referring to evidence of fraud that the Trump claims Trump team claims to have. So I responded to this and I said President Trump’s next move, use the senate impeachment trial to blow wide open the election fraud before the nation. So this is a theory that a lot of anons have had, I think x 22 report has talked about this in a variety of videos as well, that President Trump could use this senate impeachment trial to blow wide open all this election fraud and it would be you know, in front of the whole world. Everyone is going to be watching this senate trial, both President Trump’s allies and his enemies. Yep. So but whatever the Super Bowl, all this evidence out there. And remember, the day before President Trump supposedly left office, he did that major D class and we haven’t really heard a lot about that D class. I mean, we’ve seen john Solomon here, they’re talking about it, but there hasn’t been a lot. And I’m just wondering if that major D class that he ordered on back on the 19th of January, if he’s going to be using that, along with all this other stuff that’s now coming out. I mean, remember I reported on Saturday night, that now Arizona, they’re not just relying on the Maricopa Supervisory Board of Supervisors, because their audit is going to be pretty much meaningless anyway. But the Senate, the Arizona Senate has actually ordered their own independent audit. That’s going to be involving Phil Waldron. And so that I think is going to be something. I mean, that’s major news. Are they going to use that information as part of their evidence that they present at the senate impeachment trial? I think so. And there’s other stuff that continues to come out as well. Remember, we still have Sidney Powell out there, and Lynwood there, they still have cases that are ongoing. I know people have sort of pretended, especially on the left that all this stuff is in the past. And we’re just moving forward. They’re still litigating, they’re still uncovering things. They’re still gathering more evidence, we have joven politzer. He’s still out there, pushing, pushing, pushing all across the United States going to various states pushing to expose the voter fraud. So we still have all this information coming out. And I just wonder how much President Trump’s lawyers are going to use this opportunity to present all of this information. The American people get to see all this stuff relitigated, all these claims about election fraud. And then once we’ve read pilled, so many Americans, and that’s when the military moves in, to do their thing. And speaking of which we have this this was from the populist press just published today. busloads of National Guard are still arriving in DC. This is as of February 1, folks, the regime fears the people is what they’re saying. Bus loads of National Guard’s still arriving.

Again, the media narrative was well we needed to bring all these National Guard troops in to protect by an actor’s inauguration. That inauguration is long gone. Why are more and more National Guard troops continuing to pour into into DC and we’re so glad you’ve already seen this video. This is from a few days ago, pretty more male Avenue and Second Street on the east and we are approaching the Russell senate building area. Hey, do you know why they move you guys outside the fence?

No idea this just happened on

no idea why they moved us on

the fence. That’s interesting.

So now you look guys, we have soldiers lined up. So don’t really know what to make of this, but they moved all the soldiers outside. On the fence that isn’t certainly in the Capitol building, and the Supreme Court and the white house doesn’t make a lot of sense at all. But again, you know, you would think that if all they were doing was bringing in troops to protect Biden at his inauguration, all of this stuff would be taken down. But it’s not. It’s still there, and more National Guard troops continue to pour in. So this is this is really, really, really interesting what’s happening here. Now, talking about pedophilia, there we go, Trump Jr. He posted this yesterday on his tweet, Twitter, the Lincoln project should probably change their name to the pedophile project to better reflect their true values. And I’m sure most of you have heard about this. I’ve actually reported on this in the past about how the Lincoln project was implicated in all of this sexual abuse. And he basically, the guy has been charged with I think it’s 21 men now that have come forward who were a constant sexually as minors as children. And so this is why Donald Trump Jr. is saying this and again, but

again, here’s let me say this real quick. If you noticed, if you notice, all the people that are against Trump, that are really outspoken against Trump, these were supposed to be Republicans, the Lincoln project. Remember, these are all these people. They’re supposed to be against Trump, guess what is coming out on almost all of them. What do they have in common? pedophilia? These people are in on the deal. Okay. And that’s why they’re still going after Trump right now, because he’s got the goods on them.

The Lincoln projects, I mean, this has been a supposedly republican organization led by Bill Kristol, but they’ve always been opposed to President Trump. They are the king of the never trumpers. And isn’t it interesting that it seems like everyone who opposes President Trump tends to be somehow involved with implicated in either pedophilia, child sex trafficking, or covering up for pedophiles? Again, that’s not a coincidence. So anonymous patriot put this up, he said, but I thought the whole elite pedophile thing was a conspiracy theory. JACK perceiving from CNN says we are now learning many high level journalists covered up the travel grooming of weekend projects founder in order to delay the story until after the election. Not only is this a complete breach of ethics, it may be illegal conduct. Hope they have good lawyers. Yeah. And again, you know, Jacko Simic. I mean, God bless his heart, but this guy is sometimes so clueless. He’s the guy that goes out there saying that he was a complete fraud. Well, jack, it was cute, who was warning us about high level elites involved in pedophilia, child sex trafficking rings, so get a clue. Get a clue. Yeah. The romney Mitt Romney, are we surprised by this pouring money into pedophile organizations? This is from john Carter, do mitt romney’s Bain Capital gave the Lincoln Project $326,000? How much of that went to john Weaver, who is now accused of grooming 14 year old boys. So here’s the proof of this. This is from the Federal Election Commission. And it shows all the receipts that Lincoln Proctor received 87 Wow, that’s a lot of money. $87 million there. Um, in any case, sorry, I just was shocked at how much money that this organization has received. In any case, if you go down here, you can see at the bottom Bain Capital, contributed 326,002. This project. So I’ve talked about Mitt Romney before. I mean, again, is there is it any coincidence that your Mitt Romney is pouring all of his money? You know, over $300,000 of his money into the Lincoln project, which is implicated in pedophilia, and Mitt Romney is also one of the handful of Republican senators that always is trying to go after President Trump. Yep. He also has, it’s a coincidence. He also has a vested interest in Ukraine says it becomes mathematically impossible. Once you see all of these coincidences continue to happen. And the fact is, as we know, President Trump way back in 2012, way back in 2012. He said that pedophiles, they should receive swift justice and quick death. I’m sort of paraphrasing what he said. But he’s known for a long time about the child sex trafficking and the pedophilia, the satanic pedophilia going on amongst these elites. He’s rubbed shoulders with them so he knows what they’ve been doing. And this is why, from almost the very beginning of his presidency, he started passing one or scuse me signing one executive order after another, combating human trafficking and going after pedophiles. And this, again is why people like Romney, the rhinos, and people like the journalists covering up for the Lincoln projects, and people like the Lincoln project, and many of the democrats and most of the media and Hollywood and many major CEOs and global powers across the world, why they were all arrayed against President Trump. Because they’re all involved in child sex trafficking, satanic pedophilia, it’s come on and really as disgusting as it sounds, the glue that holds their sick Deep State together. Yep. And that’s why even though supposedly, he’s now out of office, they’re still going after him. They hate this guy. Look at this trainers. Now, Ted Cruz, believe it or not, Ted Cruz, now exposing himself as a traitor to the Republic.

The guy’s name is Daniel Lee, you can follow him on Twitter, Daniel Lee. Now, here’s something I brought up a few months ago with you guys. I don’t know if you know this. But Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi, works for I think it was Goldman Sachs. Somebody else said it was Citadel now I’m not sure. But she’s in on all the big banking stuff. Okay, these people are the enemy. And you know, I’ve liked Ted Cruz. I’ve liked him a lot. I think he’s probably conned us somewhat. Because, you know, here’s the deal. You don’t you’re not married to somebody. You know, it’s not like just one of us bad. I mean, you don’t marry somebody that you know, you have different values with. Okay. So anyway, here we go.

Ted Cruz, President Trump, this is a quote from Ted Cruz yesterday. This is from the Gateway Pundit. President Trump was, quote, both reckless and irresponsible, and did not prove election fraud in any court. Well, Ted, the reason he didn’t prove election fraud in any court is because no court would actually have an evidentiary hearing. That’s right. I mean, give me a break. So now we see that, you know, Ted Cruz’s move to join with Josh Holley, in, in denying these, or sending back the electors was all for show it was just for politics, but try to gain Trump supporters that, you know, probably try to set them up for some sort of political office. I know he wants to be president, this guy makes me sick. Absolutely makes me sick. And now he’s out there saying President Trump was both reckless and irresponsible. You see, it’s almost as if this sting operation is continuing. The Patriots, President Trump, they’re continuing to watch how many of these swamp creatures identify themselves. And Ted Cruz, whoa, in this interview, he has more than abundantly exposed himself as someone who basically the fraud, you know, his support for President Trump was lip service. And and now we see that right here in this interview, so

yep. Yes, we do. Yes, we do. And lots of Yeah, I really liked what he said there. You know, it looks like the sting operation is still going. More people are showing their true colors. And yes, watch Lynn Woods whistleblower interview about Mike Pence. Yes. I would highly recommend you do that. Get on Lim woods, telegram. Let me let me tell you guys on telegram real quick. I’m over there at Brad. At symbol Brad, capital R capital T capital L as in refuse to lose. Okay. Because name of my company, his name. Everything is on my court here at the house. I’m a basketball court. It’s RTL. Alright. That’s what I go by. So at Brad, RTL, I don’t know how to send out something to all of you. I haven’t figured it out yet. Okay. But I know. Tim has got to set up a trial News Network also on telegram and I know I can send out stuff through there. So again, bear with me, I’m trying to learn all of that new technology stuff that I’m so good at. Okay, so lots of stuff happening. You know, people ask me, should I go buy silver? You know, I don’t know. I’m considering it myself. I hate to say what I would, because I haven’t done anything yet. So I’m not going to tell you to do something I haven’t done. But that’s something I’m looking into. Okay. And a lot of things are being exposed. And you know, a lot of people will get on here and they’ll say Well, I saw one earlier said, Oh, that’s great read, you’re getting everybody’s hopes back up so I can come back and laugh my butt off at y’all. When when it don’t happen. Well, you know what? Get a life. Get a life. Okay. You know, here’s what I know. I know, like Linwood says that all everything, everything done in dark, will be exposed to the light. I’ve got some good stuff on the COVID stuff. I’ve got some good, good stuff that I can bring to you on that this week. Hopefully. You know, I’ll tell you this. I was watching 107 earlier today, and, you know, he said you can like it or dislike it. But the truth is, Trump got 80 million votes. He got a million votes at minimum, minimum. And just absolutely kicked Biden’s tail all over the place. We know it, they know it, the whole world knows it. And soon, my hope is that Trump is going to turn that. And yes, he will have a chance to present his evidence. He will have a chance to defend himself. And brother, it’s going to be a glorious thing. I can’t wait to get my popcorn ready to watch. The trial in the Senate is going to be awesome. Hey, let me tell you this. I’ve got you know, we’re up over 105,000 subscribers right now on Trump news network is unbelievable. I mean, this little talk show who would ever thought it would blow up? We didn’t even try to. We just kind of did it on a whim. I don’t even know how it started. Honestly, I guess Tim called me up and said let’s do it. But here’s what I was gonna tell you. We’ve got people wanting to come on here with us. Okay. And I was told that Kiersten W. The Asian background lady that was on with Scott McKay the other day, talking about the Taiwanese, she has some sources high up in the Taiwanese government, that they are working along with the US, too, and, and President Z of China xR present they call it z to take down the Communist Party of China. And I don’t know if you saw that or not. But she did that on Scott McKay’s show, the Street Fighter. And she, a couple of other people got in touch with me, they she wants to come on our show. And she wants to be a part of the little talk show. So we’re going to have her coming up very soon. Can’t wait for you to hear from her on here. And we got a lot of big things happening. A lot of big things happening. And you know, people can say what they want to say. But I know this, there’s too many coincidences. There’s too many things that’s happening.

to not believe that good things around the corner. Keep the Faith friend, keep the faith. All right. It has to be this way. But it’s going to be glorious. Here in the coming days, I really believe that. I really believe March the fourth will be our day. I do. Let’s pray. Lord, thank you for this day. Thank you for a chance to be with these patriots. people that love You, Jesus, and that love this country. And God, I pray that, you know, they also like me, they love this country. And they want this country to be here for their kids and grandkids. Just like Kristen and I do. And Laura asked you to bless every person that’s hearing this song live with us tonight. All the hundreds of 1000s of people that are going to watch this after tonight on the replay. God give them peace, give them comfort, give them strength and give them faith or to stay in the fight, to remain upbeat. And to not give in to the doubters, the naysayers, and all of that board. We know when you walk the earth you had a lot of naysayers. Anyone that you know Trump had a lot of naysayers, anyone that’s in a leadership position. Anyone that is this out there a little bit that’s different. Has the naysayers and Lord help us to remain confident in you in your plan, most importantly, but also in your man Trump’s plan and and we thank you we Love you in Jesus name. Amen, guys, I forgot also, a bunch of people have some people who have gotten off. They’re gonna miss out on this. I forgot all about this. I just thought of it while I was praying. I got one more thing for you tonight. Oh man, this is good. This is one of my favorites. Okay, I forgot all about it. And I feel bad these people are gonna miss it. The ones that got off to for the prayer that they shouldn’t have got offered a prayer they will miss this. This is great. Get it out. Get it up. Truly,


All right people’s calling me. Sorry. Here we go. Here’s tonight’s ending. Hold on. Do you have folks

love this love it is not which party controls our government. But whether our government is controlled by the people.

For too long, impossibly small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Shield

protected itself,

but not the citizens of our country. That all changes starting right here.

And right now right now.

To the end of the day.

Go down, buddy.

Going down.

All right. All right. Guys, have a great evening. Sleep well, knowing that God’s got our back. This is Brad Barton signing off from Chattanooga, Tennessee. We’ll see you tomorrow night. Right back here. Same time, same place. See you then God bless Have a great evening. Bye bye.


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