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Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has launched his new streaming platform to spread the truth and combat the propaganda spewed by the mainstream media.

Carlson announced on Dec. 11 that his eponymous Tucker Carlson Network (TCN) is now live. Prior to the platform going live, the former host said in a video that his team has “been working in secret and producing an awful lot of material for months now.” He continued: “We’re launching a brand new thing very soon and we’d like you to see it.”

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He explained the rationale behind TCN on its website, writing: “News coverage in the West has become a tool of repression and control. Reporters no longer reveal essential information to the public; they work to hide it. Journalists act as censors on behalf of entrenched power. They have contempt for the public. They hate the truth.”

“Democracy can’t function in a society like this. Voters can’t know what they’re voting for. People do understand they’re being manipulated, and they resent it. The population becomes angry and paranoid. Things fall apart.”

Carlson added that the solution to the ongoing “propaganda spiral” is by “telling the truth about the things that matter – clearly and without fear.” He promised to fulfill this task through TCN, which will tell the truth “every day, no matter what.”

According to Breitbart, “exclusive interviews and investigations, trusted news commentaries, a direct line to [Carlson] and his team, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage [and] early access to tickets for future live events” await TCN subscribers.

Reuters meanwhile said users can sign up and watch programs on TCN, albeit with advertisements. They can, however, subscribe to ad-free content on the platform for $9 monthly. “Carlson’s non-subscriber video content will continue to be available on X, formerly called Twitter, with audio versions available as a podcast,” the outlet continued.

Tucker stands up after unceremonious exit from Fox News

According to Reuters, two of Carlson’s close associates will have leadership roles in TCN, citing a press release. Daily Caller publisher Neil Patel, who co-founded the site with Carlson, will serve as CEO. Patel formerly served as a policy advisor to former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Justin Wells, Carlson’s former executive producer at Fox News, will serve as TCN‘s president. He will be overseeing all programming and content in this role.

Carlson was the highest-rated host in primetime cable news with his “Tucker Carlson Tonight” program. However, the show’s run abruptly came to an end when Fox News canceled it in April. The cancellation followed the network’s almost $800 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems over a defamation lawsuit the company filed. (Related: Fox News settles defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems as conservatives continue to suffer from other media outlets.)

Despite his unceremonious departure, Carlson has released videos on X since April. Many influential conservative personalities have since appeared on his “Tucker on X” program – including InfoWars host and founder Alex Jones, X owner Elon Musk, and more.

Even former President Donald Trump sat down with Carlson for an interview, which was released on Aug. 23. The interview released on the same day as the first Republican primary debate drew over 74 million views on X, overtaking the debate that aired on Carlson’s former network.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Carlson has explored launching TCN through X. However, the social media company was unable to move quickly enough to build the technology needed for the service.

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Watch this excerpt of Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with InfoWars founder and host Alex Jones.

This video is from the Rick Langley channel on Brighteon.com.

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