Image: Twitter made FBI the “belly button” of its censorship agenda, Twitter Files show

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As various deep state players were all vying for inclusion into social media’s spook-run censorship efforts, Twitter apparently decided, according to the latest Twitter Files revelations, that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) should be made the “belly button” through which all others had to funnel.

In February of 2020 when the covid scamdemic really started gaining traction and people were talking all about it on various tech platforms (i.e., Twitter and Facebook), a group called the Global Engagement Center (GEC) went to the media with a report called “Russian Disinformation Apparatus Taking Advantage of Coronavirus Concerns.”

The GEC, by the way, is described as “a fledgling analytic / intelligence arm of the State Department.” It is a very media-friendly group that to the other spook entities who were already involving in policing social media platforms at the time was deemed as a threat.

Often bypassing Twitter and the government agencies in charge of its operations, the GEC would go flag certain “suspicious” accounts all on its own and even share some of its intelligence with the media. The same is true of Clemson’s Media Forensics Hub, which complained that Twitter was not producing enough “Russi attribution,” to which pedophile pervert and former “Trust and Safety” chief Yoel Roth commented was “revelatory of their motives.”

It turns out that Twitter at the time was trying to reduce the number of agencies with direct access to Roth. (Related: Twitter only opposes censorship when Twitter is being censored.)


“If these folks are like House Homeland Committee and DHS, once we give them a direct contact with Yoel, they will want to come back to him again and again,” announced policy director Carlos Monje at the time.

In 2020, Twitter shut out all government agencies that were deemed as being too closely aligned with Trump

Since Donald Trump was president at the time, Twitter and the spooks that were running it back then did not want the GEC or any other government agency – except for the FBI, which was deemed to be aligned with the leftist-globalist agenda – interfering with the censorship process.

When the Trump State Department along with the GEC wanted in 2020 to publicize a list of 5,500 accounts it had identified as being complicit in an effort to “amplify Chinese propaganda and disinformation” about covid, Twitter’s leftist analysts were reportedly “beside themselves.”

The GEC report that was produced at the time centered around data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that identified accounts that followed “two or more” Chinese diplomat accounts. In the end, “nearly 250,000” names ended up on the list, including those of Canadian officials and even a CNN account.

Roth was upset about all this, having accused the GEC of trying to “insert themselves” into Twitter’s content moderation club, which was run by the FBI, DHS, and other globalist-aligned spook agencies.

Eventually after much pushback, the GEC was allowed to participate in the routine “industry calls” that took place at Twitter with regard to censorship – but only on a listening basis, meaning nobody from the GEC was allowed to talk or contribute in any way.

Because the GEC operated under Trump, as he was president at the time, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and a number of others decided it was too “political” of an entity to be allowed into the club – “which in Twitter-ese appeared to be partisan code,” noted Matt Taibbi in a lengthy thread he shared about all this on Twitter.

Since the 2020 election was also coming up, Roth decided to exclude the GEC because it posed “major risks … especially as the election heats up.” In other words, Twitter’s goal was to remain a leftist-aligned censorship brigade.

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