Image: TWO THUMBS-DOWN: Female high-school athlete loses spot in state championship to TRANS competitor

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A female high-school athlete was seen doing the thumbs-down gesture after losing to a transgender competitor at a track meet in California.

Biological female Adeline Johnson finished fourth in the 1,600-meter race at the Meet of Champions, which was organized by the California Interscholastic Federation’s (CIF) North Coast Section. Meanwhile, male-to-female (MTF) transgender Athena Ryan came in second place at the May 20 event.

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Footage of the incident was posted on social media by the Independent Council on Women’s Sports. Johnson can be seen waving at people in the crowd. She then gave a thumbs-down gesture during the awarding ceremonies.

Ryan and the two other podium finishers will now move on to the CIF’s State Track and Field Championships. The CIF’s “Gender Identity Participation” rules first implemented in 2013 permit the MTF transgender from competing in the biological female category.

“All students should have the opportunity to participate in CIF athletics and/or activities in a manner that is consistent with their gender identity,” the rules read. “Athletes will participate in programs consistent with their gender identity or the gender most consistently expressed.”

Johnson would have advanced to the state championship if MTF transgender athletes are not permitted to compete in female sports.

An activist group that went by the name Women Are Real showed up at the track event to voice its opposition to Ryan’s victory. Protesters with the group held up a banner reading “Protect Female Sports.”


Footage posted on social media showed the group being involved in an altercation with another woman, who called the banner “disgusting” and “offensive.” Another video showed security officers removing members of Women Are Real from the premises. “They’re kicking us out because we care about women and girls,” said one protester.

Gaines: Biological female athletes should BOYCOTT events with trans competitors

Johnson found an ally in the person of collegiate swimmer turned women’s activist Riley Gaines. Just like the high school student, Gaines found herself tying with MTF transgender swimmer Lia Thomas during a swimming event. In response, Gaines urged female athletes to boycott such events that allow MTF transgenders to unfairly compete.

“It’s time to step down and give the governing bodies a big thumbs-down, just as [Johnson] has done,” she told the Daily Mail. “The public knows this, so it’s time the people in powerful positions to make changes known as well.”

“Now is the time for women to opt out. When this issue was made overly public surrounding Thomas, I thought it to be criminal to ask girls to not compete if facing a man. But a year later, I’ve heard from hundreds of female athletes who have been injured, exploited in a locker room or lost out on opportunities to men. [This] has brought me to the realization that [a] boycott is the quickest and most effective way to prevent this from happening.” (Related: WATCH: Female athlete speaks out against transgender agenda ruining women’s sports.)

Gaines, a spokeswoman for the Independent Women’s Forum, also pointed out that “instances of women losing out on championships and opportunities are becoming more and more common.”

“The governing bodies of sports and elected officials have sent a message to every girl and woman in sport. That message is that we aren’t worthy of fairness or protection from discrimination on the basis of sex,” she lamented.

“Women’s sports are not a place for males to seek affirmation at the expense of women and girls. They are not a place where women should learn they are defined by the thoughts of feelings in a man’s head.”

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