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Food processing giant Tyson Foods has been hit with a boycott over its move to ditch American workers and hire illegals for its operations.

According to the Daily Mail, angry shoppers are boycotting products from the $53-million meat company. The issue stems from its decision to close plants in five states – Iowa, Virginia, Arkansas, Indiana and Missouri – rendering thousands of Americans jobless.

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The company recently announced the closure of its pork processing plant in Perry, Iowa – putting 1,276 people out of work. This followed the May 2023 closure of two facilities in Virginia and Arkansas that employed more than 1,600 people. The Mail continued: “Plants in North Little Rock, Arkansas; Corydon, Indiana; Dexter, Missouri; and Noel, Missouri are set to end operations in the first half of 2024, following a 0.8 percent slump in the company’s sales between 2022 [and] 2023.”

Concurrently, Tyson Foods has launched efforts to hire thousands of illegal immigrants in New York City. According to the Mail, the company plans to offer illegals a starting rate of $16.50 an hour alongside free immigration lawyers. True enough, the company has appeared in job fairs at the Big Apple to recruit potential workers.

“In a bid to help its migrant employees, Tyson has spent millions of dollars on immigration lawyers and offers paid time off to attend court hearings,” the tabloid added. “Many also benefit from temporary housing, onsite childcare, transportation and English classes.” (Related: Biden’s economic record tied to illegal migrant employment surge, says report.)

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But this did not sit well with the conservative action group America First Legal (AFL), which was launched by former officials of the Trump administration. It warned Tyson that it could be breaking the law by favoring illegals over Americans. “It is illegal under federal law to discriminate against American citizens based on their citizenship in favor of non-citizens of any kind when it comes to employment,” the AFL said.

Given this development, several took to social media to call for a boycott against Tyson Foods. User @Travis_in_Flint called for Americans “to boycott this company into oblivion,” adding that the company’s decision to close its Iowa plant “is one of the worst things we’ve seen a company do.” User @MJTruthUltra, meanwhile, posted a strong reason to boycott Tyson Foods: “They’re firing Americans and offering perks to illegals.”

Tyson wants to hire MORE ILLEGALS for CHEAPER LABOR

According to the Mail, Tyson Foods already has 42,000 illegals among its 120,000-strong U.S. workforce. But this isn’t enough for the company as it seeks to boost this number by cooperating with the Tent Partnership for Refugees (TFR) nonprofit.

In 2022, Tyson agreed to hire 2,500 illegals under its program with TFR. The firm increased that number in 2023 by 150 hires, including 50 from Afghanistan. The illegals hired by Tyson eventually worked at its three facilities in Arkansas.

Garrett Dolan, senior manager for corporate social responsibility at Tyson Foods, stressed the need for the meatpacker to hire more illegals. According to him, illegals fill the gaps at facilities with a high staff turnover rate. He added that for 2024, Tyson needs to fill 52,000 jobs.

“We would like to employ another 42,000 if we could find them,” Dolan told Bloomberg News. “A large portion of new hires are going to come from refugees and immigrants, so we’re now in the business of strategically thinking that through.”

The Mail ultimately remarked that the boycott stemming from Tyson Foods’ decision highlights fears that illegals are replacing Americans and driving down wages for blue-collar workers. Based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there was a staggering decrease of 1.2 million native-born people in the workforce between July and August 2023. In contrast, some 688,000 jobs were secured by foreign-born workers during the same period.

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Watch this video about Tyson Foods hiring 52,000 illegal aliens following its termination of American workers in Iowa.

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