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The United Nations (UN) International Organization for Migration (IOM) has declared the U.S.-Mexico border as the world’s deadliest land migration route. At least 686 deaths and disappearances had been recorded on the frontier last year.

According to the 2022 data from the IOM, these deaths and disappearances accounted for nearly half of the total 1,457 migrant fatalities and missing person cases documented throughout the United States. Data shows that 307 of the recorded deaths were linked to the crossing of the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts.

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Meanwhile, the migration routes in the Caribbean documented an increase in fatalities with 350 last year compared to 245 in 2021. The treacherous jungle passage between Panama and Columbia, known as the Darien Gap, recorded 141 migrant deaths. The IOM said the actual number of lives lost in the Darien Gap might be higher due to its remote and dangerous nature.

These numbers have made 2022 the deadliest year for migrants since at least 2014 when they began recording migration data. The vast deserts, dangerous canyons and cactus-studded hills have proven deadly for migrants throughout the year. They fall victim to heatstroke during summer, while hypothermia claims many lives during winter.

Experts believe the actual number could still be higher due to missing data, including information from the Texas border county coroner’s offices and the Mexican search and rescue agency.

Paul Dillon, the spokesperson for the IOM, noted that the figures reported represent the lowest estimates available. “The alarming figures are a stark reminder of the need for decisive action to create regular legal migration pathways,” he said.

Programs against illegals bring more of them to the southern border

Despite the implementation of new restrictions and programs to discourage migrants from going through long and perilous journeys to apply for asylum at the border, most migrants still seek refuge there due to delays in asylum processing.

For instance, in countries like India, Mauritania, Uzbekistan and Venezuela, people would rather choose to illegally cross the U.S. instead of waiting for a legal process due to limited options. Once they’re in U.S. territory, it would be harder to deport the migrants because the governments have no diplomatic relations.

These migrants and asylum seekers think the U.S. is the way away from rampant gang violence, poverty, political persecution and other crises in their home countries.

However, some of the laws implemented by the Biden Administration make it more difficult for migrants to seek asylum in the United States. For instance, the “asylum ban,” a rule disqualifying asylum seekers who did not apply in countries they crossed earlier in their journey, even delays the process of migration.

The Biden Administration also established “safety mobility” centers in Latin America, allowing asylum seekers to apply for U.S. protection in third countries rather than at the border with Mexico.

These never-ending migrant issues in the U.S. have made an impression in a recent poll that the majority of the Latinos want Biden to take more immigration actions against millions of immigrants living in the U.S. without legal status while securing the southern border.

Matt Barreto, the president of BSP Research, the company that conducted the poll for the Immigration Hub, mentioned that the survey indicates that President Joe Biden has a chance to gain more support from Latinos if he uses his executive powers to give temporary legal status to immigrants.

“Latinos want to see Democrats deliver a balanced agenda on the issue of immigration, one that involves humane border solutions and secures legal pathways for long-settled immigrants like Dreamers and TPS holders to continue to live and work in the U.S.,” Barreto said. (Related: Inviting terrorism: Number of terrorists being caught at U.S.-Mexico border is increasing, thanks to Biden’s policies.)

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