Ukraine Is Doing Great, Which Is Why Biden Is Sending Them Cluster Munitions

The Biden Administration is not good at logic. Watch Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, insist that Ukraine is doing swell and that the United States must send cluster bombs because both Ukraine and the United States have run out of conventional 155mm shells. What?

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The Biden Administration, in keeping with its established track record, performed another policy-making backflip by agreeing to send illegal cluster bombs to Ukraine. The real news in Sullivan’s malevolent cheerleading for the destruction of Ukraine is his admission that the United States has depleted its stock of 155 military shells and now, out of desperation, signed on to provide a banned munition that he hopes will break the morale and the defense of the Russians. Any chance that the cocaine found in the White House library belongs to Sullivan? Just asking.

The next video encapsulates the reality Russia confronts — this is not just a crazy policy advocated by Biden, it is bipartisan insanity. The Republicans want more cowbells. Biden tells Fareed Zakharia that he will not support bringing Ukraine into NATO while the war rages in Ukraine because that would mean war with Russia. Give Dementia Joe some credit — he is right. It is the Republicans, with Lindsey Graham leading the charge, demanding that Ukraine be fast-tracked to NATO membership. There is no voice of sanity in Washington calling for an end to U.S. provocations that risk a war with Russia.

In another moment of unusual clarity, Biden admits that NATO is divided and there is no consensus to support anointing Ukraine with NATO membership. Thank you Captain Obvious.

I am not sure how long Putin will be able to resist pressure from the Russian military to intensify the war and increase the targeting U.S. assets, such as the Global Hawk, that are facilitating the deaths of hundreds of Russian civilians. Can you imagine the outrage that would consume America if Russian-supplied munitions were being used to kill U.S. citizens along the border with Mexico?

The absence of honest press coverage in the United States about the true state of the war in Ukraine is allowing Republicans and Democrats to embrace false narratives about Ukraine’s “success” on the ground. Russia’s only option is to step up its attacks on decision-making centers and troop assembly sites in Ukraine. If the deaths of hundreds of foreign mercenaries start being reported in their home countries, then the Western media may finally be compelled to do some honest reporting. I recall that it was the reporting by U.S. correspondents on the ground in Vietnam that played a vital role in awakening the American public to the futility of the war in Vietnam. A similar dose of truth is needed now to awake the American people from their slumber of delusion.

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