Update: Foul-Mouthed "Instagram Famous" Influencer Explains Why She Melted Down on Flight (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Credit: @stillgray

The foul-mouthed “Instagram famous” influencer who became a national laughingstock after suffering a meltdown on an American Airlines flight has revealed why she melted down.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, 35-year-old Morgan Osman, a self-proclaimed “designer” and Instagram influencer, went on a foul-mouthed tirade toward her fellow passengers after getting into an argument with a fellow passenger. Osman was traveling to Miami when the meltdown occurred.

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Osman started shouting at a passenger while taking her luggage from the overhead department.

Call me a b**** again. I did nothing wrong!

When someone told her to shut up, Osman said “No you shut the f*** up! You shut the f*** up, and you’re a b***h.”

While she was being filmed, Osman exclaimed “Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f***ing bum.”

Osman explained in an interview Wednesday with a TMZ reporter that the reason she melted down is because a “woman with neon blue hair” was scolding Osman for supposedly sitting in her airplane seat, which Osman denied. The influencer then said the blue-haired woman aggravated the situation by getting on Facetime and making fun of her.

She said you’re in my seat, you’re in my seat! I’m like, no that’s your seat, I’m in my seat…She said “get up now” so I said ,”I don’t know who you’re talking to but it won’t be me.”

She sat down next to me and got on Facetime and she’s making fun of me on Facetime. She’s like ahaha that’s what I thought.


Osman also denied reports that she was kicked off the flight. Instead, she claimed she exited the flight to avoid knocking the blue-haired lady “the f*** out.”

I thought Morgan this is not the flight for you … just get off the flight, because I’m going to knock her the f**** out… No, I did not get kicked off American Airlines.

Osman finally had some choice words for the passengers who recorded her as she exited the plane:

I decided to leave, and when they knew that, they decided to take out their camera. I still think they’re a bunch a f***** bums.

Everyone wants answers. I was just living my life. Obviously, things transpired before the camera rolls, we all know that, so I feel it’s unfair that people are attacking me when I was provoked and reacted.

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