Image: Walmart, Aldi ROLL BACK prices of food items for Thanksgiving, confirming food inflation has taken a toll

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Big-box retailers Walmart and Aldi announced they will roll back prices of their food items for Thanksgiving, a welcome respite for inflation-weary American families.

Aldi first made the declaration on Nov. 1, with its Thanksgiving Price Rewind promotion guaranteeing inexpensive prices on holiday necessities.

“Starting Nov. 2, holiday favorites – ranging from appetizers, desserts, sides and beverages – will match 2019 prices for discounts of up to 30 percent,” the company said in a press release.

Aldi USA President Dave Rinaldo also assured customers of more budget-friendly items for Thanksgiving. “Providing amazing products at the absolute lowest prices is what we’ve always done, and we know right now that’s more important than ever. We expect to welcome tens of millions of customers in our stores this Thanksgiving season, and we want them to know they can count on us,” he said.

“So why not attempt that additional side dish this year, or invite over a few more friends or family members? You can rest easy knowing Aldi has your back this Thanksgiving, and beyond.”

The growing U.S. retailer with more than 2,200 stores across 38 states will include a Thanksgiving Price Rewind icon in local ads to help shoppers identify savings on products like brie, prosciutto, cornbread stuffing, fresh rolls and apple pie.

According to the Dunnhumby Retailer Preference Index Report’s Grocery Edition, Aldi has been acknowledged in the past for its efforts to keep costs low for consumers as it was ranked No. 1 for price in five straight years.


Walmart rolls back prices of Thanksgiving items to 2021 levels

Not to be outdone by its competitor hailing from Germany, home-grown Walmart also declared a similar price rollback. On Nov. 3, the big-box grocer established by Sam Walton announced it would roll back prices on Thanksgiving food items to how they were priced in 2021.

Items encompassed in the price rollback include “ham, potatoes and stuffing,” alongside convenience items such as “ready-to-heat mac and cheese” and “freshly-made pumpkin pie.” Whole turkeys, a centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinners, will also be more affordable for Americans with a 50 percent price reduction.

“Saving money is a top priority for our customers right now, so this year, we’re removing inflation on an entire basket containing traditional Thanksgiving itemsWe’re proud to offer customers this year’s Thanksgiving meal at last year’s price so families don’t need to worry about how they’ll set their holiday table,” Walmart stated in a press release. (Related: Walmart continues to lose customers as inflation forces Americans to turn to dollar stores.)

“Our approach this holiday helps make sure customers don’t have to compromise on what matterswe’re keeping prices low and our assortment strong to serve them all season long.”

Walmart provided a link to a landing page on their website, dubbed “This year’s meal at last year’s price,” to make customers aware of the promotion. The company added that the price reductions will last until Dec. 26.

The price rollbacks by Walmart and Aldi serve as a welcome respite for Americans battered by the highest inflation rate in four decades. Big-box grocery stores are cutting back food prices for the holiday season, because they are aware consumers are under tremendous financial pressure – with the stimulus checks already gone and savings being used up. 

Watch the video below to why American consumers can no longer handle Biden’s inflation.

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