April 14, 2021

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War Castles with Sergeant Robert Horton

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War Castles with Sergeant Robert Horton

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Transcription of Podcast (not 100% accurate)

In 1999, the United States was quietly being taken over by Great Britain, a vigilant patriot named Russell Jay Gould recognized the threat and in a series of strategic moves, he saved us from foreign invasion. He took control of the title for US flag and locked it in with the United Nations becoming sovereign successor to Great Britain. When the political dust settled, Mr. Gold had taken over several high ranking government positions, and that put the country’s true terrorists on notice. He introduced a language called now time quantum grammar. Then he used it to prove all previous legal and financial documents to be fraudulent. This saves the US trillions of dollars in debt. You redesign the periodic table of elements. His work was referred to as extraterrestrial technology and genius. As a reward for his efforts, he was arrested and tortured by the government that he saved. War castles is a documentary series chronicling the events involving Russell Jay Gould’s rescue of the free world. Join us as we lay out the facts and answer a very crucial question. How is all of this a secret?

In the year 2007, the mortgage crisis hit the United States, several the guys in my unit got together, we were sitting around the shop one day and talking about how we were losing our homes. And we were all about to be tossed out on the street. We were We were really kind of worried about it. As we were sitting around talking shop, we were like, Hey, we got the clearances to do this. We know people in the right places. Let’s get together. And let’s see if we can drum up and figure out what the heck happened. what in the heck caused this mortgage crisis incident and what really happened there. So after a few months of digging, we had ran across judge Dave when Miller and Russell ifj full colon cooled, and what they had done to the mortgage industry that they were responsible for. And that was that they had syntax, the the mortgages, and found them to be 100% grammatical fraud. And so that was that was a big eye opener for us. So we looked at that, and we were like, hey, so it wasn’t the subprime mortgage lending that led to the collapse. It was the fact that these guys had syntek, the actual contracts the banking and mortgage contracts, and found them to be 100% grammatical fraud. And Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac immediately bundled those up and sold them to Bank of America. And three days later, when Bank of America found out they were sitting on bad paper, they sold them to I believe it was Wells Fargo. And from there the file the fire sales had started with these with these bungled mortgages. So with that, you know, we started digging deeper well, who who is Russell J. Gould and who is David when Miller but what really unlocked the entire mystery for us was the fact that there was a grammar key on the on the mortgages that had been syntax, the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages that were syntax by these guys, they had a, they had a grammar key or a or a syntax key on the side of the paperwork. And so we were like, okay, will we understand how syntax works and how the there was grammatical fraud going on. But what gave this this key, the syntax key that they were putting on the paperwork, power, the power to syntax that document and with that, that’s what we we uncovered the largest national security secret in this nation’s history, if not the world itself. So what this did was it led us down basically, this led us down several rabbit holes and One of the rabbit holes that it led us down was the was the we had to start. First we had to go all the way back to the beginning of US history or American history to figure out what in the world was going on there. Because there, this goes back that far. So we went all the way back to the start of the 13 colonies and the original bankruptcy of the United States. And that’s really what this all stems from is the bankruptcy of the United States, the first bankruptcy. And so when the 13 colonies was, was fighting for its freedom from the British Crown, there was a post office down in Philadelphia, and that was the Benjamin Franklin post office. And that post office was open until the war started. And because all were vacates contracts, so because the 13 colonies weren’t yet an independent nation state of their own or a nation of their own. They had to close that post office down because they were fighting for that national statehood. And after the American Revolution, that post office couldn’t be opened back up because it was in a state of bankruptcy, it was 1.6 million francs to the French for funding the American Revolution. So at that point, Spain and France argued over who was going to put the postmaster general position here in the colonies to open it up to commerce. And why is that important? Why was that so important? Well, we take a look at it. Spain argued that they had found America first the Christopher Columbus had found America first. And so they had rights to it. France argued that without without loaning America the 1.6 million francs, America wouldn’t even be open for capture. But King, the king of Great Britain or Great Britain, still being the reigning monarch in the in the world, told Spain and France, I’m still the reigning monarch in the world. And I’m going to put my post office in up there, those are my people. And when we went back and looked at the American history, you can see that the the founders of the Republic, talked about that, they said that they would much rather have chosen

Great Britain, as opposed to Spain or France, because they were used to Great Britain’s Wiles, they understood how that monarch operate. And so they, they decided that it was best to just continue working with him because they knew how he operated and they knew, they knew, you know, the wiles of this guy’s of this guy’s operation and how his construct worked. And they weren’t too sure about Spain, or France didn’t want to start getting involved with someone they didn’t know anything about. So they decided to let go ahead and, and join her with Great Britain. And they put the post office in Washington DC, Great Britain’s post office in Washington, DC, which is a foreign enclave, the United States and never has been part of the United States and was opened up as the District of Columbia as a foreign enclave because it was the post office for Great Britain. So what that means is that the king of Great Britain, placing his post office here opened up commerce to the rest of the world because he was the reigning monarch. So if the rest of the monarchs or dictators wanted to come into this country, and rape and pillage it for its goods, they would have to go through him and his post office. So everything that was shipped in and out of this country, all commerce, he got a piece of that post office. So that was the first bankruptcy was was Benjamin Franklin borrow 1.6 million francs and the French. The second, the second bankruptcy started when Abraham Lincoln borrowed the money from the IMF and the World Bank. Now, before I get into that, I want to say this. So the founding fathers had a pact. And that was at an accord a gentlemen’s agreement between them between themselves. And that was that they were to never borrow any money from the IMF and the World Bank. And that is because the IMF and the World Bank’s own no allegiance to any one particular monarch. And so they decided the agreement was that they would only borrow money from other monarchs, because the monarchs were only as powerful as their armies. And if they stayed in contract with two monarchs at the same time, if one monarch ever decided to try and invade the colonies, they would have to concur with the other monarch first before they can invade. So they didn’t mess up something that other monarch had going on. So gave the the colonies time to react and get a get a plan in place to go ahead and move forward and try to figure out how to get themselves out of whatever debacle they might have found themselves in. So at a later time, we went through the historical records, and we ran into Of course, the Civil War was next, we found out that Abraham Lincoln, after the after the colonies dissolved and they broke in half, there was no more united states and it ended the North against the South. So you have two separate countries, fighting against each other essentially, is what happened here during the Civil War, because the South did raise its own flag and did substantiate itself as its own nation state. Abraham Lincoln we found violated the pact. He was the president that went ahead and borrowed money from the IMF and the World Bank, thereby violating the gentleman’s agreement or the Accord that the founding fathers had had to never do that. And when he did, he initiated the second the beginning of the second international bankruptcy that led us down into, of course, 1933, to the the beginning of the third and final international bankruptcy, and also the, the Great Depression, the stock market crash of 1929. And from there, this is all laid out, historically with what happened in relation to this syntek key that had been placed on these mortgages. And this is how far back we had to track to find out what in the world gave this syntax key power to be utilized on these mortgage contracts, to conduct the syntax in the manner that had been conducted, to validate the fact that they were all grammatical fraud, banking fraud, grammar, fraud, you name it, fraud. Once we had backtrack that key, and found out how was given the authority to be placed on that contract to conduct the syntax that it had conducted. We ran across the largest national security secret ever, ever covered up in the history of United States. So this led us right back into the birth certificate, and how the birth certificate system even got started. Here in America,

people are used as collateral with other nations because the US is bankrupt. The United States declared bankruptcy on March 9 of 1933. At this point, the US began taking out loans from a private, non government affiliated Corporation called the Federal Reserve with no money to pay back the loans, the United States began using the citizens as collateral.

And that started back in 1933, with the end of the or the beginning of the third and final international bankruptcy. And, of course, we had found out at that point that the United States owed so much to the IMF and the World Bank for what Lincoln had done, that we had to give up, Roosevelt had to give up all of the gold that was here in the United States to pay off the debt to the IMF and the World Bank. So the United States was completely broke, we had no money. And so they devised the birth certificate system, in which case, the people themselves were the gold bars became the gold bars. And they had been built for taxes to pay off, whatever debt was still remained, whatever gets still remained, or whatever debt was still going to be incurred by the financial needs of the United States. And that system came to an end on October 2, I’m sorry, November 2 1999. That entire system came to an end. And with that, like I said, we uncovered the largest national security secret ever kept in the history United States, we still don’t know why it’s been kept a secret. We have a good idea why it’s been kept a secret. Because we understand now the deep states in charge, we understand who the deep state is, we know how they operate. And this has been one of the largest deep state secrets in the history of United States. And we’re bringing it forward, because we understand what the hell happened. So you think to yourself, okay, well, you know, it’s the birth certificate system. So what you know, so they use the people’s Shaddoll, to, to create an income off of so they could substantiate the wealth that was necessary to go ahead and get us to our administrative ordeals as a nation. As we got looking at this thing, and we researched it further and deeper into what the birth certificate system was, this thing was attached to the largest warfare platform in the world that was essentially created to go ahead and capture everybody on the planet as shadow chattel or property. And this was how they were going to go ahead and create their wealth off the sweat of everybody else’s backs. And so this led us of course, right back to the Vatican, London City, and the Pentagon. And those were the three the three locations on planet Earth, the three war castles, so to speak, that substantiated the Empire of the three city states. And I encourage all you guys out there, take a look at the Empire three city states and do your research on the Empire of the three city states and exactly what that is. The the Vatican itself when we looked at the Vatican, this place was just the so terrorism there, the the esoteric symbolism behind this entire warfare platform was all over it. I mean, this thing just wreaked of esoteric knowledge. It was just the symbols were everywhere. Now, when you look down in the Vatican, you see a keyhole and a phallus, and a Of course, the the timelines and the shipping lanes coming off there and the keyholes that lead to those, the doorways that lead from those timelines and shipping lanes from the phallus from, from the center of the keyhole there, or the womb, the female womb. And if you look around it, you’ll see a bunch of men, a statues, the statues of a bunch of guys all around this keyhole. And what they are doing is this is an orgy. And these guys are waiting, literally waiting their turn to fuck the world.

And I can’t emphasize that enough the what that means they’re waiting for their turn to be the next Pope. So they can be in charge of what they’re in charge of. And when we looked at what they were, what they were laying, laying claim to being in charge of when you look at the Vatican was time. That warfare platform was a location on planet earth to capture time. And it was demonstrated by the gargoyles that were there holding the sands of time horizontally to stop the sands from flowing up and down. And they therefore had captured time with the Gregorian calendar Now, what’s the gorian calendar, they tell you what day Monday is, what day Tuesday is what day Wednesday is. And that is the calendar, all the stock markets on planet earth used to pay out to all shipping and commerce moves by that calendar. So these guys we found out have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. They have nothing to do with God. They literally watch the movement and shipment of all commerce. And they say or they claim that they have been given. They have heavenly authorizations to be in command and control of those shipping lanes and those timelines to watch the shipment and movement of all commerce. So basically, all they do is watch the shipment of movement movement of all monies, and all cargo on planet earth to include the militaries, because you can’t move militaries without money being somewhere first. So these guys know where the wars are gonna be. They know where they’re going to start, and they know who’s behind starting them and finishing them off. That’s what we found out in long run. So we took a look at how all this worked. It ran back to three international bankruptcies, like I said, and the third and final international bankruptcy came to an end in 1999. And when that happened, the post office that Great Britain had opened up in the enclave of Washington DC, the District of Columbia had to close down he had to the king had to vacate the position. And the trustee for the bankruptcy had always been the president united state he was the United States he was the administrator for the bankruptcy always has been. Well, with the end of the third and final international bankruptcy, the post office was closed down and so we no longer needed a trustee because there was no more bankruptcy. But that was the long run warfare. Long Range warfare plan of Great Britain was to use the IMF and the World Bank, because they knew we weren’t going to be able to pay back the interest that Abraham Lincoln had incurred by borrowing the money from the IMF in the first place. And what’s the third, the end of the third and final international bankruptcy, the king would step in, pay the debt to the IMF and the World Bank off and capture the United States back again as part of Great Britain and we’d all become peasants and serfs again. But the post office has closed down and he had to vacate. Well, during that time that he had to vacate there was 18 days there that that post office was vacant. And during that time,

Russell hyphen j Foucault and gold and full Colin Russell I’m sorry, full colon David hyphen when full Colin Miller had seen this whole thing coming. They had been studying the bankruptcies. These guys were great at they understood the courts and the ports, they understood that the the ports, the neutral ports were the courts. And with that rustle understanding what was about to take place here ran up to the United or ran up to the Pentagon and asked the Pentagon if they had a copyright and patent on the title four flags the United States the title for flag. And of course the Pentagon told them no one’s ever asked that before rusney said it doesn’t matter anyway because the grammar on the contract was all grammar fraud, I’ve syntactic and disqualified it. And my country is about to be captured and as an American, I have the right to protect my flag and my nation against all enemies foreign and domestic and this was a domestic takeover. So he captured the flag takes off to the United Nations legs and at the United Nations. And when the United Nations said okay, but all the land on planet Earth is taken up for us wetland you choose he said which use land the courts during the time of the contract. And of course with that that gave them the most powerful, the highest and most powerful court on planet Earth. He turns around and during that 18 day vacancy, he legs back in as Postmaster General here in the United States, and keeps the continuance of the evidence for the Post Office Open, to allow commerce to still be conducted, but under his authority, not under Great Britain’s any longer. So he had just succeeded Great Britain as the sovereign because he was given sovereignty status by the United Nations to that allowed him to authorize the conduction of all commerce and the continuance of that commerce here in United States. And you gotta we took a big Look at that. And we were like, holy cow. So the Navy sitting in foreign ports around the world, the Florida Chad’s. During the 1999, Florida, Chad’s United States cease to exist for 90 days it was done. But there was an 18 day period in there where the post office was closed down, there was no longer president, it was no longer a need for a middleman or a trustee anymore. So the Navy sitting in foreign ports around the world, with no country, and Ross had just taken the flag, and they have no flag. So they’re sitting in foreign ports around the world and warships. And I’m sure all the weapons were like, what nation are you guys from? And where’s your flag at? And we went through the presidential paperwork and the Congressional Record. This is all chronicled in the Congressional Record and presidential paperwork that we had ran across for that day that we had found. With what happened was that Bill Clinton was halfway around the world in Kosovo, with the National Security Council at 9am. In the morning, he got a phone call from here in the United States, telling him that the title for flag it’s just been captured by full colon Russell hyphens a full colon gold and full colon, David Hi, from when for Colin Miller. And it was now their new flag, they had just saved the United States from a surrender and takeover of Great Britain, this orchestrated long range warfare attack that these guys had spent 200 years orchestrating had been stopped in his tracks by these guys. So the Navy immediately signed on with Ross in 2003. And we’re like you’re the new sovereign for the country. You’ve got the flag, you stay the United States from surrender and takeover. Through outstanding No one’s ever done that. And he logged in with them and leased the flags, the Navy’s the Navy could continue to conduct its commerce. It’s its shipment, because the Navy’s all shipping. So they were able to ship themselves around the world and continue to protect the United States in a defensive posture, or offensively should should, they need to move to an offensive posture. Russell Jay Gould had become quietly become the new pacom, commander in chief of the North American continent, the United States, and also Canada, and has to do with postal. So Russell took over as Postmaster General here in the United States, and the Canada Post Office has always been attached that location. So he took over as the Canada Postmaster General as well, taking commanding control of the entire North American continent in the process.

So this is when we started hearing a bunch of stuff about how US Constitution had come to an end, we were hearing the administration up in Washington, DC, tell us, hey, there is no constitution. And we couldn’t figure that out. We’re like, What the hell are you guys talking about? There’s no US Constitution? Well, it wasn’t the actual US Constitution itself, that dissolved in relation to the Bill of Rights and your freedoms here and the way the government operates as far as the legislative, executive and judicial branches. But in relation to that, they were saying that there was no US Constitution. But it wasn’t so much that, like I said that the US Constitution itself dissolved. It was the banking constitution that constituted the United States. That end of the Constitution, the outline for the banking constitution had come to an end, it was the end of the third and final international bankruptcy. So we no longer needed to trust the so the people of the United States would then have to be informed, hey, we now need to re consolidate and re substantiate the entire country. We need to pick a new Senate, we need to pick a new Congress, we need to pick a new president or elect a new president. And we have to go through the entire rebuilding process for the United States to move forward in a quantum manner because the new Postmaster General system is all quantum. And he was the only person in the history of the world to do this set up this quantum construct. And we’ll get into that quantum construct here. And in a little bit, but I wanted to tell you guys about the the rumors we’re hearing about the US Constitution coming to an end, it wasn’t the US Constitution and our laws and our liberties. It was the fact that the banking constitution had come to an end and was closed out with the end of the third and final international bankruptcy. And with that, the birth certificate system here in the United States ended. And so there’s all the little kids had been born since 1999 aren’t supposed to be born on a birth certificate system. And the birth certificate. The birth certificate system itself, when we looked at that was one of the most nefarious pieces of the Empire of the three city states was warfare platform to capture everybody, as as peasants or serfs or chattel property. And when we sat back and took a good look at the birth certificate system, when you’re born on this planet, and your mother has you in her arms in the hospital, when you’re first born, the the, the RN comes in the room says, Hey, you need to sign this birth certificate before you can leave the hospital with the baby or you can’t leave with the baby. Well, that’s a lie. You’re trying to tell me I can’t leave the hospital with my child unless I sign this document, this birth certificate document, that’s that’s, that’s kidnapping. That’s illegal. You can’t take my baby from me and hold my babies just because I don’t sign your document. That’s crazy. So what we found out was that the baby’s name is all in capital letters on divorce certificate. And when your mom signs that thing, she signs in cursive, which is considered necromancy communication with the dead limbs. The only place you find it all capital letters, in anyone’s name is on a tombstone, its own place, you’re supposed to find it your dead entity. Well, when you’re born into this world, you’re considered a dead entity, due to the shipping war that we’re all in. So you’re automatically she, when she signs that document and everybody signs in cursive. She’s conducting necromancy communicating with the dead. And when you’re legged into that massive corporate construct of the Empire of the three city states, you’re presumed automatically presumed missing, dead or presumed lost at sea. So you’re dead person, you’re just a piece of cargo. So when you take a big Look at this, in relation to the esoteric symbolism behind what the Vatican is doing, and what London City and those guys are doing in the mason lodges, the Knights of Malta, the Knights of Columbus, and the Jesuits, which is, you know, the militia for the Vatican. This this, this group of people are the secret lodges on this planet. And they utilize this this shipping warfare system to conduct commerce on planet Earth, how they make their riches. Quite frankly, we found that a little aggravating, I mean, we were pretty we were pretty upset when we got to the bottom of what the birth certificate system is, it’s claiming that you you are owned, you know, you’re you’re a piece of cargo and that you’re owned, owned, by whom? Well, we’re owned by the Vatican. And they claim a lot more than just your body. They’re literally claiming things within you. I would go so far as to say your soul. And I mean, you want to talk about a construct a warfare platform on this plan on this planet, that is nothing but an affair ik that is it. The Vatican is the location.

So what we’re looking at was, with this global system of governance was a, we’ll just call her a female we’ll call it as a matter of fact, well, it’s the great horror of Babylon. She’s the great whore of Babylon as as clearly laid out and then in the Bible. This system is based in Admiralty and maritime, the the international Admiralty and maritime law of the sea. And all the corporations on planet earth to include the Empire of the three city states specifically contribute to the strengths in the existence of this, this system, this female will call her in relation to what commander in chief Russell Jay Gould has done with his system was that he created a now time scenario. And with that, of course, he had his own elemental table and his periodic table elemental chart in its elemental chart was so genius in its construct, that it destroyed the previous elemental chart. And when it did, that, it took down the planet’s ability to communicate, has just destroyed all the nation’s ability to communicate with one another in relation to shipping and the movement of commerce because they could not create a mathematical fact or a zero point to base their sums and differences upon. So it would destroy their ability to communicate with one another. So when he went back in and captured the position as Postmaster General here in the United States, and re substantiated all commerce, he had to reopen the United States back up to international trade and commerce. And when he did that, he had to physically go into the locations on planet earth such as the International Trade Organization. World Trade Organization, in in leg in as the American the last American standing here in the United States. It had the flag, Haddock banking constitution has an elemental chart and periodic table to say, Hey, I’m open for business, and I want to open commerce back up. And so he went to these locations to these these giant corporations, and when he did, he disqualified that position because the syntax Was it was was found to be fraudulent. It was grammar fraud in relation to what he had constructed, because he had, he had rebuilt the entire system for communication. And so the old communication system was thereby destroyed. So with it being destroyed, he’s now got to go into these locations anyway, not just to set up International Congress of the United States, but to set them up properly, because they were destroyed with his construct. So now as he sets them back up proper, the horror of Babylon that was once using Admiralty, international Admiralty and maritime law of the sea, to claim everyone as presumed, missing, dead or lost at sea. And when we went back to Biblical scripture, of course, and this leads all the way back to that,

you know, Satan accuses man, day and night in front of the throne of God, as already being dead. And when you further look at the esotericism, behind that, he’s basically trying to mirror what God did. And God destroyed the world by a flood. Well, Lucifer is trying to do the same thing. He’s killing all the people on the planet by saying they’re presumed missing dead or lost at sea with a birth certificate system. So it’s a mirror of what God has already done. This is I mean, this stuff goes all the way back into biblical prophecy. And the esotericism, behind this warfare platform is demonstrated clearly by the Vatican, and with what’s going on. And so it’s speaking to us it’s in plain sight and in in, in right in the open right here, right in front of all of our faces. So as Russ set the system back up with each corporate location and say, Hey, you know, he started at the universal postal union up in Bern, Switzerland and said, Hey, charter has been disqualified. So I’m reopening it, reopening it up properly, and placing myself in as the universal Postmaster General, in Bern, Switzerland. So he did that. And each time he did that, he reconstituted the hora Babylon, and made her a correct version. So now you got a mirrored image, a mirrored version of exactly what once was, but correctly. And so he used that whole system, which was the system the United States was using anyway. But now he’s got it. And it’s correct, the whole thing is correct. And it took down all the global powers on the planet in the process, but re substantiated them in correctness. So they haven’t gone anywhere. They just had to adopt the new system. And with that system, there’s no longer any ability to to create contract fraud. in that system, you can’t you can’t lie, cheat or steal or create a loophole in the contract, because it’s a mathematically certifiable grammar. So what it says is what it means and what it means is what it says, and it’s certified forward and backward. So they can’t take this into court later and say, oh, what meant was, or what is supposed to mean later is this because there’s, in his now time construct with his grammatical with his grammatical construct, there is no past and future tense verbiage in the grammatical construct. So what it means is what it says Now and forever. So in 100 years, when they pick that contract up, and they say, Well, what it was supposed to mean, or what it is to mean later doesn’t apply. It says now is an R, what it is now. So it’s still in now time. So 100 years from now, they could pick it up and say, Well, no, it still says today. Nothing argue over here. So if you violate the contract, it’s obvious, and You’re busted for it, you can take it to court. Of course, the ramifications behind that, and the litany of charges that could be created, will would eliminate the opportunity for fraudsters and racketeers to try to take advantage of that system, it’ll be removed. When you further go back to look at this and take a look real serious look and examine this entire thing. And we spent years on this now we’ve spent a decade researching this entire matter. So what this gentleman has done is with his construct, he has taken command and control of the entire planet, the construct that was there, he took command and control of and re substantiated it mirrored it, but in a correct manner, using grammar correctly using the word, the meaning of the word correctly. And with that, the powers that be lost all their powers. Of course they were they had come unglued on this guy. They tried to get in front of the flag, they beat him. They beat him pretty bad. took him into court. Because he had what he had done was he had he had started court marshaling Bush and Cheney and 500 admirals and generals for not immediately jumping onto his plane and immediately initiating the changeover of the new Government to take place all the way down to the civil level. So that contracts written by civil governments and state governments would all be operating with this quantum grammar construct so that you couldn’t racketeer anymore, there’d be no way to launder money to move, pedophiles or guns or drugs or anything like that the money was going to go where it was supposed to go. You couldn’t borrow from the school slush fund to pay for the roads. That was that would be gone. That whole borrowing system of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul would be would be gone and it was dissolved. And he wanted that that correction made immediately. And because that didn’t happen and they didn’t join with him immediately.

He court martialed Let me start a court martial, and everybody’s saying there is no president. And of course with the Florida Chad’s, the Bush and Cheney, Florida, Chad sideshow. Once bush was appointed and he was appointed, he was not elected. And that’s why you hear Trump today saying it’s all rigged. And we’re stopping it. It’s all fraud. And we’re ending it is because those guys, Bush and and Clinton and Obama were placed in there, by this new world order, this shadow government, deep state global apparatus, has been trying to capture the world and place everybody under a birth certificate system. So because he had moved so rapidly, with what he had done, he didn’t have time to alert the NCO chain of command to say, Hey, guys, this is what’s going on with the bankruptcy. They’re about to surrender the United States and raise a British flag here. And they’re going to capture you all as a shadow again, raise a British flag here, seizure guns, they put FEMA camps in place, Obama was coming for him. And thank God would not get Hillary Clinton in there because she was the final stake in the heart. When we look at what’s happening there. As far as the verbiage goes, the doublespeak these guys are using this this new world order apparatus, the doublespeak they use when you examine the the tapes, when you go back and look at the New World Order tapes of of President Bush Senior talking saying, you know we’re going to have, we need to create laws that will protect the weak from the strong,

a world where the strong respect the rights of the weak. We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations, a new world order. A world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle governs the conduct of nations

wrong. He’s not talking about weak people as far as this person who’s unemployed, he’s talking about the weak people, the New World Order being so few against the strong the people of the world who don’t want this apparatus to come into play, that that know what these guys have up their sleeve. In the long run. We’ve read the Bible, we know what it looks like, we know what they want to bring into fruition. We know what’s coming the playbooks in your hands. Everybody’s got one. And so when he’s saying, we want to protect the weak from the strong and have freedom and peace, he’s talking about the freedom to stop the rest of the world from allowing these guys, these guys to make laws freely and in peace so that they can’t be stopped by the people. That’s the doublespeak these guys are using. And it’s very, very nefarious. When you listen to it. And you realize these guys aren’t talking to the American people. They’re talking to their bosses behind them. So with that, this entire system that commander in chief Russell j gold has taken over, he’s corrected that system and taken it out of their hands because the the entire international Admiral T and maritime Law of the Sea system, he rewrote all the codes and statutes and laws in relation to that, and quantized everything into a mathematical grammatical fact. Just qualifying the old system, because it was all grammar fraud. So he’s taking tactical command control of the entire system and take it away from these guys. Likes, likes, taking matches from a little kid and spanking him on the backside for trying to burn the house down. That’s exactly what this guy has done. In relation to a one world global government or New World Order. Commander in Chief Russell J. Gold system is not that biblical, or biblically prophesied one world government New World Order that is going to be so tyrannical that it crushes everyone beneath its foot. He literally stopped that from happening. And because they didn’t want to play with him because of what he had done was so great. They and he had moved so fast, and he only alerted the upper echelons and told the bad guys Hey, Taking command and control here. He failed in a huge oversight on his part was that he failed to tell the noncommissioned officer chain of command in the military, what he was doing so people could get behind him. And thank him for saving the country from one a surrender and takeover from to the New World Order apparatuses attempt to conquer the planet. He stopped it right in his tracks, but because he moves so fast, and didn’t alert the rest of the military, the bad guys kicked him to the side and placed in the federal, the the Federal Reserve. So the banks moved in the Federal Reserve Board moved into the postmaster general position up in Washington, DC, and chose the new Postmaster General. And that’s all chronicled in the Congressional Record, which is all to be found in the 1999 government reformation Act. The government needed to be restructured anyway, because it was the end of the third and final international bankruptcy. But prior to that, we know this was a takeover attempt and a surrender attempt back to Great Britain because the America was sitting there waiting. Prior to the end of the third and final international bankruptcy in 1999. They had the arrow set, they’re waiting to get the Americans to join the European Union, it was already in place, we were this close to being surrendered. And he stopped in his tracks. So when that happened, like I said they didn’t want to play ball with him. And as we looked at what was happening there, the mason lodges, the Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, and the the Jesuits were losing their minds. I mean, these were, these guys were pulling their hair out. Because Russell, Jay Gould was not groomed by the mason lodges. He’s not a Mason, he’s not a knight of Columbus, he’s not a knight of Malta. He’s not a Jesuit. He’s an American, a guy from Wyoming who was smart enough to figure this whole thing out and save the country from being surrendered. So who is that? No one wanted to play with him. Because there was no way to control this guy. There’s no way to blackmail this individual. You can’t, you can’t. You can’t pin pedophilia, pedophilia on him, you, you can’t pin,

you know, racketeering on him, he has done nothing but save the nation set up a whole new construct globally. So because there’s no way to blackmail or control this guy, they don’t want to let him take over because he doesn’t adhere to their standard operating procedures, he doesn’t adhere to any other of their beliefs, their belief systems or belief structure. And they did not want to let him take command, tactical command control the way he had. So after 12 years of these guys not wanting to play ball, and and just and just move forward in a factual manner in relation to what really took place here on this planet in relation to the United States, coming to the end of its third and final international bankruptcy, in relation to the fact that this gentleman captured the flag in relation to the fact that this gentleman legged in the United Nations, and in relation to the fact that he was declared a sovereign, and in relation to the fact he laid back in here at the post office in Washington, DC in the United States, taking tactical command control of the jurisdiction, or the District of Columbia, and all of the War Powers. They didn’t want to play ball at that. So he, at that point, mails himself around the world, and sets up this entire global construct, it says, Okay, well, I’ll just go ahead and open the United States up open my government system backup, and in the process, take it all down. And the last thing he did was in 2012, after these guys moved forward for 12 years, and an act of fraud, basically, is what they did, because in reality of what happened, they didn’t tell the American people, hey, we need a new car, we need a new comp banking constitution created, we need a new senate elected, we need a new Congress elected, we need to re substantiate how we’re going to bring forward a president and what he’s going to be in charge of and set the parameters that for that, what he will be in charge of how the bankruptcy will work if we’re even still going to ever have to go through another bankruptcy. But how Russell’s banking system worked, the President was to be in charge that he would be the administrator of the finances still. So the system for the the system of government for the United States didn’t necessarily come to an end. It just needed to be the new system needed to be recognized. And it needed to fall be brought into place. It just needs to be brought forward. And we could have kept going forward in a factual, proper manner, in relation to what actually happened on planet Earth. But instead, they didn’t want to play that. And they put in the Federal Reserve in there in Washington, DC and they’ve moved forward the way they have for the last 17 years. So after a 12 year run on December 21 2012, Commander in Chief Russell Jay Gould and David Wayne Miller went down and opened up the Benjamin Franklin post office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Now, when you look at Washington DC, you have Admiralty, that is the Admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of the sea, because belong to the king of Great Britain. And that’s how he runs his country. Under the Admiralty maritime law of the sea. Everybody’s considered a little boat or a little vessel, or a piece of cargo, this presumed missing dead or lost at sea. Same thing here, the United States. So that’s the Admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of the sea. So then he goes down to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is the, which is the civil jurisdiction law of the land, and opens up the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania post office, which had been closed down with the start of the American Revolution. And it couldn’t be opened back up because they owed 1.6 million francs to the French. So they were in bankruptcy, bankrupt, people can’t contract. So they weren’t allowed open up commerce to that post office. So DC had to come in and put his post office I’m sorry, great, Britain had to come in and put his post office in up there. If they didn’t, Spain, and France was going to do it. So by opening up the Benjamin Franklin post office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he took the entire government system back down to the original location along with the flag and posted that title for flag up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And by doing so, since the birth certificate system ended, he now presents everybody with a claim of life, thereby shipping you out of the land of the dead, and back onto the land in the civil jurisdiction, law of the land, where the blood testifies to life.


with that reconstitutes the entire American government, again, in a proper manner, under the correct title for flag, using the correct communication, parse a syntax grammar, to establish all of his systems of government on this planet, for you to then conduct commerce here in the United States. There are no more laws, rules and regulations in relation to the old system. They’ve all been disqualified. So a 2017, Commander in Chief Joseph J. Ghul, gold goes back to the Federal Reserve in Washington, DC. And since the building was supposed to have left the United States, because the end of the third and final international bankruptcy had come to an end, the Federal Reserve was I’m sorry, the Internal Revenue Service, which was the collection agency for the debt had to be kicked out of the country, because the bankruptcy had come to an end, it was over. So the Federal Reserve should have ended as well, because it didn’t leave. And for 17 years, it’s sat there operating in a fraudulent manner, Commander in Chief Russell J. Gould goes down there and tells those guys, hey, why is this building Dr. Milan, you’re I’m in suing and living a fine against you. So he levied a fine against the Federal Reserve Board of Governors for having that vessel docked on his property, and, and the fine was 17 million tons of gold that he wants to use to assist. Mr. Donald, john Trump and Mr. James Mattis, Secretary of Defense, and the rest of the military, and the people of this country, to re substantiate the government here, back the nation up and create a new monetary system in place the values in his bank and on his platforms, his his place those values on his stock market platforms, so that the United States can start conducting international commerce and trade again. He’s be trying as hard as he can to try to get Mr. Donald john Trump’s attention, to try to let him know what he’s doing. He’s trying to give Mr. Trump a flag and let them know, hey, I’d like to, I’d like to authorize what it is you’re doing. I’m behind you with the clean out 110%. This is something that he tried in 1999, to clean this apparatus out in 1999. And couldn’t do it because he didn’t learn the military and no one knew what he had done. He moved so fast he could. No one knew what he had done. So the bad guys, the deep state kicked him to the curb and kept moving forward. And that, that deep state apparatus is the deep state apparatus that Donald Trump is now finally cleaning out of Washington, DC. And this is the reason we’re bringing this forward. This is the largest national security secret in the history of the nation, if not the world itself, in relation to how it took down all the powers globally, how it was reconstructed in relation to the mortgage, housing, financial crisis of 2006 This entire national security secret was was revealed to us. We’ve gone through the Congressional Record, we’ve gone through the presidential papers, everything’s there. It’s all chronicled there, you can find it there. We’ve listened to the Navy SEALs scream, we’ve listened to my Commanding General Major General Jerry Boykin, say get involved, the navy seals are yelling to get involved. Everybody’s yelling, get involved to us, former Special Operations, guys to US military personnel, current past future present, get involved, figure out what’s gone wrong and fix it. Well, it’s been fixed guys. It’s been kept from us for 17 years. This this gentleman is a national hero and deserves a medal of the highest honor. He saved the country, he saved the flag. He saved us from a surrender a secret surrender and domestic takeover here in the United States that nobody even ever saw coming. And I’m sure that when the the Attorney Generals, and the rest of the people here in the United States get a hold of this story. And they do the research on the three international bankruptcies, the United States, and they see how this apparatus works, they’re going to come to the conclusion, the same conclusion we have in relation to what we found here, what is literally staring us right in our faces all day long. And that is it. This gentleman deserves a medal of the highest honor, and is quite frankly, a national hero.

What’s going to happen if the United States doesn’t adopt this new quantum system, because it has its own elemental chart and its own periodic tables, this thing was considered genius by the Department of Energy. And the rest of the world got ahold this thing. And I can tell you right now, that if the United States does not adopt this system, and this system of grammar, to create contracts on this planet, the bad guys will. And if those guys start creating contracts, and subject the United States, to their whims, and their wills, in relation to this construct, they will crush us. Like we have never been crushed before. laws will be ironclad. regulations will be ironclad. However, if they do not have commander in chief will call and Russell hyphen j will calling goals thumbprint and signature on those documents to substantiate the executive authority required to legitimize such a document. It’s not legal. But I can tell you this much. If we don’t adopt it, the bad guys will, and they’ll crush us with it. They cannot get around the elemental chart in the periodic table. They cannot get around the mathematical construct of that grammar. It’s a fact it is what it is. And it’s taken down all that is taken down. So from where is it that they have the ability to move forward from in a manner that would allow them to disqualify such a platform. They can’t. So we don’t join with it. They’ll take it and it will be to our ruin. So the old French flag doesn’t come from any nation. It’s not registered, all flags are registered around the world with the United Nations. None of them in their copyright and patent have a yellow fringe on. The yellow fringe was added after because everything has been captured in the international Admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of the sea in a shipping war. So the yellow fringe denotes that has been captured by the shipping war. But the shipping war is based in the international Admiralty maritime law of the sea. So the yellow French flag doesn’t have a nation because the sea is not a nation. It’s not registered as a nation with the United Nations. So when he when he captured the title for flag, as clearly laid out in Amerigo army regulation, the yellow fringe is a desecration of the flag. So he removed it, because we have he destroyed the international Admiralty maritime jurisdiction of the sea when he took it over. So he removed the yellow fringe off it because he’s captured the shipping war and released everybody from it by shipping them back in onto the land, at least here in the United States. So the yellow French flag doesn’t have a nation is based in international Admiralty maritime law of the sea. Well, the sea is not a nation. It’s not registered at the United Nations as a nation. So the yellow French flag is a flag of the sea. Well, the sea is nothing it’s so what’s the flag of nothing? Basically, it’s a corporation. It’s a huge corporation, but they’re using that Admiralty maritime jurisdiction in violation of its jurisdiction on the land, in an act of warfare against the people saying you’re all boats and little vessels. Well, you can only claim a little boat a little vessel, if I’m not in the middle of water, as your flag clearly denotes, you have a yellow flag, there’s a little fringe around it, saying we’re Admiralty maritime law of the sea, where if you’re on the land, you’re in violation is jurisdiction, therefore, you’re conducting inland piracy. So these guys and their entire system globally, they are nothing more than pirates. That’s all they are. And they’ve declared everybody else to be a vessel or cargo that they can they can rate plunder and pillage. So they’re literally This is a global and global group of pirates is what this is. Wild, right? Well, over the last 10 years, we have gone and spoke with commander in chief will call for call on Russell hyphen, J fu coin gold several times. And he has continually told us time and time again that he’s tried to reach out to Washington DC, to the administrative personnel out there to tell them what it is he’s done. Because this is being kept a massive secret away from the masses. And he keeps trying to make contact. And every time he does, he’s he’s not recognized or he’s up his his work is obfuscated.

But he’s been trying to get up there this last year to tell President Donald john Trump that, hey, this is what has happened. And I’d like to give you all the authorization in the world, that you need to run the country legitimately. And I will back you all the way. But you’ve got to reach out to me, and he keeps trying to get up there. And and tell the guys hey, this is the reality of what’s happened here. You know, I know you think there’s something that’s something else. But it’s not when you look at the three international bankruptcies in the United States. This gentleman has walked this out. And it has been done. And he did it. And it needs to be recognized by the rest of us. And this is why we’re bringing it forward to the rest of our community, to the Special Operations Command community, to the seals, to the Green Berets, guys like Ben Smith, who had the balls to step forward and make a stand to the guys like Larry Ward, who had the balls to step forward and take this take the stand. This gentleman had the balls to step forward and take the stand for this entire nation. He captured the flag, he rebuilt the Constitution, the banking constitution, he re substantiate the entire global construct in a correct manner, in an effort to correct the criminal malfeasance that is running wild on this planet, that none of us are happy with a birth certificate system that has us all enslaved to it from cradle to grave to include our children for generations to come. That literally ended in 1999. This entire system ended in 1999. And he’s been trying to tell everybody, hey, look what I’ve done, take a look, stop, stop with the with the black lives matter. Stop with the race wars, stop with the sideshows. Stop all this stuff. And take a minute to look at what’s happened here in the United States in relation to those three bankruptcies. And you will see what this guy has done. And the tyranny, that we are all under the the oppression of these laws and these rules, these regulations that are being stuffed down our throats through the states territories, by the former three administrations that have been there since 1999 to 2017, and thank God Trump came forward. And thank God, he’s in there, and we’re behind everything he’s doing in relation to all of that. The system has been corrected. And we’re bringing this system. We’re bringing this story forward to the rest of the Special Operations community for review. I’m urging you guys look at this information. Look at the Congressional Record. Look at what’s happened. Listen to his story. Listen to this gentleman tell you what has happened and take a look at the construct because if we let this one go I’m urging you guys gentlemen, please. The guys in the Special Operations community, the guys out there that have that have urged us to find out what the hell has gone wrong with the country. This is it. This is what has gone wrong with the country. And I’m urging you guys to to research all of this. take this seriously. Open your minds and open your eyes to it because it happened.

War castles is a documentary series chronicling the events involving Russell Jay Gould’s rescue of the free world. Join us as we lay out the facts and answer a very crucial question. How is all of this a secret