WATCH as Ed Dowd describes the approaching scenario –

Some U.S. states likely to launch their own CURRENCY as financial COLLAPSE looms: WATCH as Ed Dowd describes the approaching scenario

It is highly unlikely that the United States government will be able to effectively roll out its planned central bank digital currency (CBDC) because in order to maintain it and keep it functional, there needs to be plenty of workers to maintain it – except those workers are either too sick to continue working or are already dead due to Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines.”

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The situation is tragic both for the human lives lost and for the U.S. economy, which will eventually collapse under the weight of too many broken systems and not enough employees to fix them and keep them going – so what will become of things once that critical threshold is breached?

Portfolio manager Ed Dowd appeared on the “Health Ranger Report” this week to discuss this pertinent issue, and to reveal what he believes could end up replacing a nationalized CBDC.

Since there are so few competent and available workers to maintain a CBDC at the nationwide level, Dowd believes it entirely possible that states could end up launching their own individual currencies.

“If this gets super creepy and weird, there’ll be states that break off, civil war, you know, you’ll have, like – during the Civil War, we had Confederate money – we’ll have different entities issuing their own money,” Dowd explains around the 13:45 mark in the below video – be sure to watch.

“That’s where we’re going eventually. There are going to be black markets, barterer, work trade.”

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The only money that will be worth anything in the future is the kind that’s backed by SOMETHING

The coming financial collapse, by the way, would not be possible to the degree that it will soon occur – and boy is it going to be massive – were it not for the fact that the U.S. dollar is a Federal Reserve Note issued by private bankers who pegged it to nothing.

There is quite literally no end to the amount of U.S. dollars that can be printed endlessly to fund wars and other globalist activities, which is exactly what has been happening ever since the Federal Reserve was created back in 1913.

The rate at which the dollar is being diluted into oblivion is constantly speeding up, of course, and only in the past several years has it really become apparent just how much up poop creek this country really is, financially speaking.

The Health Ranger told Dowd that he actually hopes the state of Texas, where he lives, will launch its own state-level currency to prepare for the future. He says it can be backed by oil, gold, food, whatever, and ultimately hold more value than the worthless U.S. dollar.

“I would love to see Texas issue its own currency … if it were backed by … anything that’s real, versus this money-printing madness in D.C. and the Federal Reserve – another trillion here, another trillion there, another $100 billion for Ukraine, but nothing for the U.S. border?”

“Any kind of honest ledger would be better than what we have right now where our purchasing power is just stolen from us every single day.”

In Dowd’s view, it all depends on just how “kooky and weird” things become in the coming days. With a fake puppet “president” occupying the White House and a completely divided country, there really is no telling how dire things will get.

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