WATCH as Ed Dowd warns about WARLORDS ruling the world in the coming COLLAPSE –

Portfolio manager and Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” aftermath tracker Ed Dowd was back on the Health Ranger Report this week to discuss what he believes will soon become of the former United States of America.

In speaking with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger – watch below – Dowd unpacked the latest figures from the National Health Service (NHS) and elsewhere showing ever-increasing rates of illness, disability, and death stemming from Fauci Flu shots.

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So many millions of people have been injured or killed by the jabs that there are no longer enough workers available to fuel the American economy. As someone who has long worked in finance, this is extremely concerning to Dowd, who called this a “black swan” event, the likes of which this country has probably never before seen.

The ongoing collapse will be a slow and incremental one, in Dowd’s view, boiling the frog just slowly enough that most Americans will probably be none the wiser about what is really going on until it is already far too late.

“In five years, there will be warlords operating certain parts of the country,” Dowd explains around the 10:45 mark in the below video – be sure to watch:

(Related: Last August, millennial deaths spiked another 36 percent due in large part to COVID “vaccination.”)

The powers that be are actively preparing for a major event this fall and winter, Dowd warns

Knowing how Wall Street works has really helped Dowd to understand all the sleight of hand tricks currently taking place to disguise the truth about America’s failing economy.

The latest COVID “variants” that fake president Joe Biden keeps blabbing about, and that Big Pharma is planning to unleash new “booster” shots for, are merely a cover story for all the jab-induced injuries, disabilities, and deaths that are sweeping the nation.

In many different sectors, there are no longer enough able-bodied, working-age people to fill roles at companies that rely on such labor to stay afloat. What will be the macroeconomic implications of this dwindling labor pool?

The sudden mad rush to revive COVID and turn it into a Pandemic 2.0 event is not an accident. Dowd believes it is being perfectly timed to coincide with a major calamitous event, more than likely financial, that will occur this coming fall or winter at the latest.

Dowd says that, based on he and his team’s expert assessment of the situation, the U.S. is already in a recession. And soon it could become a depression with a major stock market collapse, followed by an implosion of the entire economy.

The house of cards is wavering in the wind, in other words. And the only thing the establishment knows to do is to try to scare everyone into compliance with another round of lockdowns, which Dowd says will be used as cover for the value of assets plummeting in relation to the dollar.

“The economic implications are dire,” Dowd warns.

This is a powerful and sobering interview that you will not want to miss. Dowd also recently published a book called Cause Unknown that highlights the latest data about disabilities and deaths caused by COVID “vaccines,” for those who are interested.

“The reduction of the world population to around 1-2 billion people will not be enough to support our current technology and infrastructure,” one viewer of the interview noted, echoing some of what Dowd himself said about how even in a software-based economy, you still need workers to maintain the systems so they work as designed.

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