WATCH: Democratic Senator Supports Ignoring A Federal Law Regarding Protests Outside Supreme Court Justices’ Homes

Democratic Senator Chris Coons, of Delaware dodged a question about protesters demonstrating outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices, avoiding an answer about potential arrests and prosecution under federal law.

Coons was a guest on “Fox News Sunday,” and touted a bill he co-sponsored to strengthen security for Supreme Court Justices in the wake of the alleged assassination attempt against Justice Brett Kavanaugh last week. 

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During the interview, host Bret Baier noted that federal law already includes a provision prohibiting demonstrations outside the homes of Justices by protestors who intend to obstruct or influence the judicial process.

“There is this law on the books. I’m just asking, should they follow the law, should the Attorney General say, ‘yes, arrest those people before something happens?’” Baier asked.

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Coons avoided answering the question, saying only, “As an elected official, I certainly have had protests outside of my house. Many of us have who serve in Congress or other elected offices. But we need to make sure that all appropriate actions are being taken to ensure the safety of members of our federal judiciary, including Supreme Court justices.”

“Ok, so don’t arrest the protesters based on that title, I got it. That’s what you’re saying,” Baier replied.

“Bret, let’s be clear,” Coons said. “I did not say don’t arrest protesters. I am simply saying all appropriate action should be taken to ensure the safety of Supreme Court justices. I’m not going to say this protester or that protester ought to be arrested. I just think that is a judgment call to be made by law enforcement, not by a Senator on a Sunday show.”

Again, members of the Democratic party choose to actively and passively support violations of federal laws if it fits their agenda and narrative. 

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