Hollywood A-List Actor Slams “Horror” Newsom and Endorses Larry Elder for California Governor: “We Are In A Disgusting War of Left Wing Mentality”

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Conservative actor Jon Voight has a message for America.

Last night Jon Voight addressed the nation on Twitter like a real President, which we are currently lacking.

Voight tells us we need to keep our heads high and stand up against the tyrannical threat on our nation’s Constitution.

He also reminds us that President Trump is the only President who will fight for the people and that we should attend his next rally.

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Voight: My fellow Americans, we will never allow this force of evil to knock down our Constitution, our God given truths. My friends, we are all saddened by the unrighteousness that has doomed our nation, we’re all angry for this deceit, that has taken our freedom, our children’s freedom. But we must not give up, for God shall remind all that his power is stronger than any politician, any book. Any lie. He will show truths. Because we’re a nation of truths and strength, and my fellow Americans. He will never let us down. Let us all keep our faith. Let us all keep our truths, and let’s all participate in the next rally for Donald J. Trump will show all that He is the only president that had our best interest. My friends, we’re all sad and heartbroken our nation is in despair, but he fought for us once and he will do it again. Let us hold our heads high, our hopes high and let us remember our forefathers’ words, the word stamped on our flag, our dollar bills, our trust. In God We Trust. Much love to you.

President Trump’s next rally will be held in Iowa on October 9th.

Register HERE.

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