WATCH LIVE: Kari Lake And Katie Hobbs Invited To Speak At Hispanic Town Hall Event – Racist Democrat Katie Hobbs Is MIA

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Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake and Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs were invited to speak at a Hispanic town hall election event tonight in Phoenix, Arizona.

Katie Hobbs is not here up to address the Hispanic crowd, but Kari Lake is.

Lake has even agreed to take questions from the press after her appearance on stage.

Katie Hobbs is likely too afraid that her record of racism against people with a different skin color will be exposed in front of the Hispanic community.

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She is also terrified of Kari Lake’s presence for some reason. The Gateway Pundit recently reported that at a gubernatorial forum Monday, Katie Hobbs requested that the moderators completely separate the two candidates with drapes, partitions, separate parking, and separate entry points. Hobbs was later seen by The Gateway Pundit running out of the building escorted by two police officers and numerous others to avoid any public confrontation.

Kari Lake told the Fake News Media about this incident during a recent press conference, which can be found below.

“Whatever You Call Us, The True Racist Is Katie Hobbs. Twice-convicted!” – Kari Lake Eats Up The Fake News Media After Event With South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem

Katie Hobbs is too afraid to leave her basement and face the Hispanic community in Arizona. Is it because she’s racist? Who knows?

We reported that Hobbs further showed her racism and classism by attempting to block historic school choice legislation that would give ALL parents school choice and a heightened ability to afford private schooling for their students through ESA vouchers.

Hobbs’s racist white liberal supporters have already written this Hispanic event off as a “clown show.”

Kari Lake is currently live streaming this event on her rumble page.

The Gateway Pundit will provide updates on this town hall forum.

Tune in below:

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