WATCH: Lying Washington Post "Reporter" Humiliated by Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy in Recorded Call Regarding Planned Hit Piece | The Gateway Pundit

Credit: @stoolpresidente

One can say this story is an absolute masterclass in how to handle a dishonest reporter seeking to libel you.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy caught wind that far-left Washington Post “reporter” named Emily Heil was writing a disgusting hit piece about him and his One Bite Pizza-fest event, which is being held Saturday, September 23. Heil had contacted Portnoy’s advertisers for the article and described him in a nasty email as someone “history of misogynistic comments.”

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Rather than wait for the story to hit, however, Portnoy went on the offensive and called the reporter directly about the email. At the end, Heil was completely humiliated.

Portnoy on Wednesday posted the 11-minute confrontation in its entirety on X (formerly Twitter).

He opened the call by saying:

We have this Pizza-fest happening on Saturday, and you’re reaching out to our advertisers. You’re basically sending an e-mail that says, to the effect, “Dave’s a misogynic racist. Do you want to defend yourselves advertising at this event?” Right?

This shocked Heil, who also did not seemingly realize Portnoy was the one calling her.

Heil: I’m sorry. Who are you?

Portnoy: I’m the guy you’re writing the article about, Dave Portnoy.


I Caught Wind That The Washington Post Was Writing A Hit Piece About Me And My Pizzafest So I Did What I Do. I Went on the Offensive

— Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) September 20, 2023

Heil tries to lie about sending the email trying to cancel Portnoy, claiming ““I haven’t said anything like that.”

But Portnoy brought conclusive evidence she did. He read part of an email message the leftist “journalist” sent to one of Portnoy’s advertisers.

We are planning to write about the festival and how some of the sponsors and participants have drawn criticism by seeming to associate themselves with Dave Portnoy, who has a history of misogynistic comments and other problematic behavior.

Here is the full email message:

Credit: Dave Portnoy/Barstool Sports

Heil was forced to admit she did send it, but claimed the email was merely the “most pointed of them” because she really wanted the advertisers to respond.

Portnoy then stumps Heil on whether she thought her characterization of him was fair.

Do you think that’s fair? I totally disagree with the assertions of what you said that I’m misogynic and all that stuff.

Heil could not answer the question. Instead, she humiliated herself by continuing to deny the email:

Heil: I didn’t say I didn’t do that.

Portnoy: Well, no. Before I provided proof you said you didn’t really remember doing that, and then I read it to you, and you’re like ‘Oh yeah I did it that one time,’ so you did do it.

Heil then tried to insult Portnoy’s intelligence by laughably claiming she was trying to reach out to him for comment. Portnoy then dunked all over her.

The Washington Post, which is a wildly left-leaning publication, you have things you’ve said. You hate Trump. You hate Elon. Not that I’m those people. To think you’re gonna give me a fair shake. I wasn’t born yesterday.

Heil and Portnoy then agreed to a phone interview at 10 a.m. Thursday. Unsurprisingly, Heil got cold feet and tried to postpone.

When Portnoy refused to budge, she cancelled.

The @washingtonpost just cancelled the 10am call. Shocker. They proposed 5pm instead. I said 10am or nothing. They refused. What could suddenly be more important than this? The article has to come out Friday. So they’d leave themselves a few hours before going to print?

— Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) September 20, 2023

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