WATCH: Pro-Hamas Demonstrators Rally in Washington DC, Vandalize Union Station as US Terror Threat Increases | The Gateway Pundit

A mob of pro-Hamas radicals smeared paint on the walls of Washington DC’s Union Station over the weekend while calling for further violence in Israel.

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According to some accounts, hundreds or thousands of protesters blocked the train station and shut down tracks.

Wid Lyman of Border Hawk News says the Red transit line out of Union Station was shut down.

📍Union Station

Happening NOW:

Pro-Palestinian protestors have painted red hands on the walls outside of Union Station

— Wid Lyman (@Wid_Lyman) November 17, 2023

📍Union Station

Pro-Palestine protestors have reportedly shut down the Red line

A protestor climbed atop one of the markers and protestors painted red hands on the wall


— Wid Lyman (@Wid_Lyman) November 18, 2023

Fox reports,

In Washington, D.C., protesters blocked the main entrance to Union Station.

The hundreds of people participating in the protest were chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” and “Cease-fire now.”

The group of protesters were also heard chanting, “We want 48,” referring to the Middle East’s map before the United Nations formed Israel.

A protester using the phrase during a previous demonstration in Atlanta told the Atlanta Jewish Times that the chant expresses opposition to a two-state agreement.

Wid Lyman reported on the, “thousands of protesters rallied around speakers, including speakers from the Socialist Party, denouncing Hamas.”


— Wid Lyman (@Wid_Lyman) November 17, 2023


Gathering crowds

— Wid Lyman (@Wid_Lyman) November 17, 2023

📍Union Station

Happening NOW:

Counter protesters present at tonight’s rally

— Wid Lyman (@Wid_Lyman) November 17, 2023

The crowd is growing and getting louder

Multiple speakers denouncing Israel

Speakers from the socialist party are present

— Wid Lyman (@Wid_Lyman) November 17, 2023

📍Union Station -Washington D.C.

Thousands are descending on Union Station in order to shut it down

Police have stopped people from entering the station


— Wid Lyman (@Wid_Lyman) November 17, 2023

This comes days after another pro-Hamas mob formed a human blockade in front of the DNC Headquarters in DC and clashed with police. The radical leftists screamed at, and attacked, police outside the building leaving some injured.

Fox 5 DC reports,

Top national security officials told Congress Wednesday that the U.S. is seriously concerned about the possibility that Hamas or another terror group may try to launch attacks here in the U.S.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner told FOX 5 he’s also concerned about homegrown individuals who may seek to spread violence.

“The focus, in terms of threats to the homeland, would come from a homegrown terrorist or someone that may be inspired by the activities or has sympathy for Hamas,” Sen.Warner said (D-Virginia).

With the holiday travel season about to start, both Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Myorkas and FBI Director Cristopher Wray are urging Congress to re-authorize the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act, which allows them to track terrorist organization communications.

Meanwhile, Federal intel and law enforcement agencies are busy targeting peaceful conservative Christians and radical left Squad members want to bring in more “refugees.” 

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