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Two separate plane brawls broke out last week during a flight in Australia, prompting an emergency landing according to the New York Post.

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The incidents reportedly occurred the evening of April 20. The airline was flying from Queensland to the Northern Territory.

Four people were arrested due to the brawls, including two women.

After the first fight broke out, the plane was forced to fly back to Queensland after a group of deranged passengers started a violent fight. A woman was removed from the flight and charged.

Once the flight made another takeoff to its scheduled destination, another fight broke out involving the same individuals excluding the first woman. A window was smashed as a result of the fight.

A fellow passenger captured footage of one of the brawls. One alleged perpetrator can be be seen swinging a bottle and possibly striking another passenger.


Here are photos of the disturbing fights.

Following the second fight, three more individuals were charged, including another female. All are in their early 20s.

The New York Post has more details on the charges:

A man, 23, was charged with intentionally endangering the safety of others, aggravated assault, damage to property, disorderly behavior in a public place, and contravening a domestic violence order.

A woman, 23, was charged with property damage, disorderly behavior in a public place and intentionally endangering the safety of others.

Another passenger, 22, was charged with commercial drug supply, drug possession, hindering a member of the police, disorderly behavior and possessing liquor in a restricted area.

The passengers are due in court on Monday.

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