May 5, 2021

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We Can Change America’s Course

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We Can Change America’s Course

COMMON SENSE: Most Christians are convinced the troubles of the world originate with others and not with them. They reason that our societal problems come from non-believers—not from good Christians. Rarely are believers willing to consider that any of the problems we face have been created by them. Although nearly every Christian firmly believes this to be true, it isn’t. It’s quite the opposite.

Although there are fundamental flaws with the ideology of Progressivism, the underlying problem comes more from us rather than from them. This might surprise you, perhaps even offend you, but it’s true. Being the Children of Darkness, the nature of a Progressive is hostile toward God and toward us, the Children of Light. This isn’t going to change. It will never change. The variable that can change and must change is us.

As Christians, our old nature has died. We now have the ability and privilege to walk with God and be filled with His Holy Spirit. Because this is true, our responsibility is far greater than those who are unredeemed. We have been given the ability to understand reality from God’s perspective. They have not. Believing what they do, they cannot correct their situation, but there is something we can do to correct ours. We can deal with our issues and rectify them. We can allow the Holy Spirit to address our problems and provide us with a solution.

To fulfill God’s purpose for your life, you will need to discover the deceptions you believe, deceptions that most of us have accepted as true. These deceptions have had a profound, negative influence on our lives, which nearly none of us have realized. These deceptions are so deep and so firmly entrenched that most of us have no idea they actually exist, but they do. Worse than their existence is the fact that these deceptions have kept us from enjoying life as fully as God intends for us to experience it. These lies keep each of us from being fruitful and from reaching our full potential.

God wants you to be strong, confident, and resourceful, but these deceptions have interfered with this process, counteracting God’s purpose. For the nation we bequeath to our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren to be like the one we inherited from our forefathers, we must become the strong men and women of faith God called us to be. It’s our duty to the generations that follow.

—Jack Watts

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Stand Firm Against Progressivism Knowing profound change must occur, if we are to survive as the land of the free and the home of the brave, it is clear that a group of patriotic Christians and others of faith must be strong enough, committed enough and determined enough to make a stand. Only then can the course of American history be altered, precisely like it was in the Revolutionary era.What is needed, however, isn’t simply a renewal in patriotism. Our need is more fundamental than this. If we want change that will last, if we want our core values to be restored, if we want our way of life to flourish once again, we are the ones who will need to change—not the Progressives. Being degenerate by nature, most of them are incapable of changing—not for the better anyway.This is not true for us. If we change, America will change. If we don’t, the Children of Darkness will secure their victory and the United States we have known will cease to exist. To survive and once again thrive, we must embrace the fact that Christ placed us in this position. It is for such a time as this that we have been groomed. It is up to us, ordinary people, to stand strong for the USA. Nothing less than a renewed commitment to godliness will accomplish the goal we desire. This is why Retaking the USA: From Darkness and Depravity has been written. If you read the book, it will change you forever—no doubt about it. — Purchase Jack Watts Book by Clicking Here.