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“We must save Israel from itself,” Col. Douglas MacGregor warns in Tucker Carlson interview

Is the United States about to wage war on Iran? It sure looks that way with all the saber-rattling coming from all the players in the Middle East and their various plans of response, should Israel follow through with its planned ground invasion and slaughter of Gaza in the coming days.

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Iran has already stated that if Israel pulls the trigger, it will unleash Hezbollah to invade Israel from the north. This, in turn, will draw in other regional players, as well as the U.S., and eventually the entire world, bringing about another world war.

Col. Douglas MacGregor spoke with Tucker Carlson on Ep. 33 of his show – watch below – all about the prospects of what could soon become of the Middle East, followed by the entire world, as a result of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“It’s the issue of collective punishment,” MacGregor states around the 18:00 mark about Israel’s plan to basically kill as many Gazans as necessary to stamp out Hamas, even if that means exterminating all 2.3 million residents of the Gaza Strip.

“I would encourage Americans everywhere to listen to King Abdullah of Jordan’s speech in Cairo just a couple of days ago where he made it clear that he agreed with the abhorrence of what happened in Israel, and loathes Hamas for its barbarity and savagery, but he also goes on to point out that collective punishment meted out to two million people is unacceptable, both under international law and for humanitarian reasons: that’s the problem.”

(Related: Remember the Kibbutz Be’eri raid on October 7? One Israeli woman who was there says IDF did the killings, not Hamas militants.)

Israel thought it had this Gaza takeover in the bag, but public support for the planned genocide it requires is rapidly waning

One of Israel’s major miscalculations in this whole thing is failing to accurately gauge the true level of public support that still exists for its anything-goes demands for full adoration and support, no matter what its government decides to do.

“As Americans see more destruction and more and more film footage and photographs come out of Gaza showing children, women, old men dying, being killed, the support for Israel is going to erode,” MacGregor warns about a phenomenon that, quite frankly, is already happening.

“And at the same time, the anger and hatred inside the region, which already dislikes Israel, is going to be phenomenal.”

Perhaps it is because they have all already been given over by God Himself into the delusion, but whatever the case may be, Israel is shocking the world right now with its open calls for mass genocide as the final solution to the continued existence of the people of Gaza on land that Israel considers its own.

“So, Israel is doing something that I think no one has ever accomplished, at least not in my lifetime, and that is uniting Sunni and Shia against itself,” MacGregor further explained to Carlson about how Israel is only hurting itself by moving forward with its increasingly unpopular plan to unleash a ground invasion of Gaza, doing whatever the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) deem necessary to “eradicate Hamas.”

“That’s why I think we have an obligation to save Israel from itself, but that’s not a popular position. Right now, it’s bombs away, and everyone is cheering,” MacGregor added about what he feels the appropriate U.S. response to Israel must be in all this.

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