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We Now Have Evidence, Real Evidence

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We Now Have Evidence, Real Evidence


COMMON SENSE: After watching the video from the Bedding Guru of Minnesota, I was not in the least impressed for the first hour and thirty-five minutes. No “proof” about anything was presented, just more opinions from experts. Then, beginning at minute 136, everything changed. With the introduction of Mary Fanning, a national intelligence researcher, real, new and transformational evidence was introduced.

In my opinion, the entire show should have opened and closed with what she had to reveal. She documented a massive cyberattack upon our 2020 Presidential Election that changed the victor from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Her spreadsheet pinpointed the precise second the attack began, the IP of the attacker, the country of origin, the precise precinct in the state involved and the number of votes flipped from Trump to Biden. This is precisely what we have all been waiting to see. What she presented was evidence the media cannot dismiss by simply telling us there is nothing to see; move on.

Nevertheless, there were questions she should have been asked but wasn’t, including these:

·      What was the exact number of votes Trump actually received when the votes taken from him are added back to his total, not an estimate, the actual number?

·      How many votes did Biden actually receive?

·      What were the number of votes switched in the state of Georgia?

·      Was the number of votes switched in Georgia enough to award its sixteen electoral votes to Trump?

·      What was the number of votes switched in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada, perhaps other states as well?

·      Was the number of votes flipped in the cyberattack enough to change the outcome in these states as well, awarding those electors to Trump?

·      Was there a cyberattack in down ballot races as well, specifically the Senate races in Georgia and Michigan?

None of these questions was asked. In my opinion, this was a missed opportunity. All of them and others should have been.

If I had been directing this show, I would have devoted the final segment to “Where do we go from here?” Now that we have the evidence that China and other nations was responsible for Biden’s faux-victory, what do we do about it? What is our strategy? What is our plan of action to right this terrible wrong?

Presenting the evidence to people like you and me validates out conviction that we have been right all along, but we can’t change the outcome. So, is there a plan about what needs to be done next? Is there a team of lawyers and cyber experts in place to take this forensic evidence to the Attorneys General in Georgia and the other states? What about the FBI? Will this evidence be presented to the FBI, to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the other bureaus of investigation in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada.

To convince others, especially those who are fundamentally opposed to Trump, some additional information needed to be provided and it wasn’t. Had I been the interviewer, I could have asked Fanning to explain her methodology in detail. I would have asked her to spell out by step how she was able to retrieve this “irrefutable” information. Once she did, I would have asked her if this information is still available and, if it was, could anybody else create the same document. Can it be replicated or not? Knowing this would need to be addressed before any journalist or court would touch it, I would have asked numerous hard and penetrating questions about how she obtained her figures.

All of these questions should have been asked and answered. This should have been an integral part of the program but wasn’t. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for the efforts of the host and those brave citizens who have done the work the FBI should have done and is being paid to do. In particular, Mary Fanning’s efforts may end up saving out republic. For that, let me say, thank you, Mary.


—Jack Watts