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X22, AWK, Scott Mckay, Juan O’ Savin, SG Anon & More About XRP and QFS – The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History

+ Weekly MEME Archive – March 7th 2023

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3 More Secretaries of State Approach Omega4 America Founder to Replace ERIC System – New Voter Roll Policing Can Catch Criminals as They Make Massive Changes to Voter Rolls

SMOKING GUN OF FRAUD: Fauci used government grant money to buy off scientists over covid origins

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Biden regime surrenders U.S. sovereignty to WHO – no more medical freedom, especially during a “health emergency”

Blackstone to acquire for $4.7 billion, giving investment firm total ownership of all DNA from every person who’s ever used the service

President Trump’s Team Releases Highlights of President Trump’s CPAC


Speech More on President Trump’s Speech at CPAC


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Guest Post by Jack Watts:

Never Be Ashamed of Who You Are

More Headlines:

  • HE’S SHOT: Joe Biden Loses Round Three in His Ongoing Battle with the Stairs
  • South Africa Faces Collapse – Warnings of “Civil War” Conditions Amid Possibility of Total Power Grid Failure
  • JUDGE DENIES Non-Violent January 6th Defendant Time to Review New Evidence Obtained by Speaker McCarthy
  • Atlanta Police Release Footage of Antifa Terror Attack on Future Cop Training Center in Atlanta – Cops Say 35 Militants Detained So Far
  • More Fallout From the War in Ukraine — Putting French Imperialism in its Place
  • Gavin Newsom Found – Took “Personal Trip” to Sunny Baja California, Mexico While Snowed-In Californians Are Freezing to Death
  • NBA Team Forced to Apologize for Sin of Suggesting Only Women Can Have Babies
  • Business Leader Kevin O’Leary: Blue States Are Becoming ‘Uninvestable’
  • 31-Year-Old Colorado Woman Pregnant By 13-Year-Old Boy Faces No Jail Time
  • Union Fights Back Against Biden’s New “Pronoun Policy” For Federal Workers

Health Headlines:

  • Biden Administration Prevents World’s Top Tennis Player from Entering Country Because He Refuses to Take COVID Vaccine
  • UK Health Minister’s leaked messages reveal Truman Show-like psychological terrorism campaign involving RELEASING variants to maximize fear and lockdown compliance
  • Top docs question need to ‘medicate’ millions of ‘ADHD’ kids: ‘What if the scientific consensus is wrong?’
  • EPA Chief Warns Ohio Parents: “I Would Not” Let My Children Play in East Palestine Creeks or Streams
  • East Palestine resident develops “Mickey Mouse” helium-like voice following train derailment chemical exposure
  • Actor Woody Harrelson doubles down, says “absurd” COVID mandates must end
  • Justin Bieber cancels entire world tour for 2023 due to post-covid “vaccine” facial paralysis
  • Merck’s call to lower the age for Gardasil HPV vaccine ‘just another marketing ploy,’ critic says
  • “The Greatest Perpetrator of Misinformation During the Pandemic has been the United States Government.” Dr. Marty Makary

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