Welcome to America: In First Two Months in NYC, Illegal Arrested at Least 6 Times for 14 Crimes | The Gateway Pundit

Daniel Hernandez Martinez, 29, an illegal from Venezuela that arrived in New York City two months ago, is making himself at home in the Big Apple.

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He arrived on June 27 and allegedly committed his first crime on June 28.

In his first two months, Martinez has been arrested at least six times on 14 different charges. The charges include randomly attacking at least three strangers and two police officers.

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A NYC officer with more than 20 years on the job told The New York Post, “He’s been wreaking havoc. This is not an isolated incident. These migrants are getting arrested quite often here, and we really don’t know who they are. They really don’t have ID. They’re not being vetted properly, but some of them are committing some of the most violent crimes here.”

The New York Post reported on Martinez’s alleged crime spree which includes:

  • June 28- Petty larceny at a Cosco.
  • July 6- Shoplifting at a Duane Reade in Columbus Circle in Manhattan where he pulled a knife on an undercover officer.
  • July 31- Martinez attacked a man out of the blue with a bike tire in front of the Row Hotel.
  • August 21- He violently attacked a woman in Midtown grabbing her by the hair and dragging her across the floor before kicking her and smashing her phone. 
  • August 24- He threatened a stranger with a weapon and was arrested for menacing.
  • August 28- He was arrested again for using a large metal pipe to break locks to steal bicycles in Times Square. 

Additionally, when he requested medical attention after the most recent incident,  he assaulted a police officer at Beth Israel Hospital who was trying to change his handcuffs.

In a bail application on Martinez, Assistant District Attorney Jared Hotchkiss wrote that he “has been arrested five times in less than two months for charges of harm nearly every time.”

Although prosecutors requested a $10,000 bail, with a $10,000 bond for the assault case on a police officer charge, the judge set bail at $5,000.

Martinez is

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