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We are a multi-sourced verified news archive.

We are a group of individuals helping to spread censored material farther across the web. We have several syndicated profiles as well  where we automatically syndicate the content from this website. Most of the content on this site is from other news sources which will be sourced, and we’ll admit right now that we are not perfect and we’ll be the first ones to say that, if we find anything is truly refuted we’ll make retractions.

With that said, please note we’ll do our best to uncover certain news to be as truthful as possible. Many of the places we get our content from is already leading sources for news to-date! We’ll refrain from posting anything from #fakenews stations such as CNN and Buzzfeed (and many more), although we will end up posting to them at times because certain things demand we do so.

If you have any news websites/syndication/podcast etc you’d like us to pick up and can prove their legitimizes then please contact us.

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