Poll: Hispanic Approval for Biden Crashes to 38 Percent

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Joe Biden witnessed the greatest midterm election results of any first-term US president in over two decades.

Joe Biden and Democrats kept the US Senate and may build on their lead.

Joe Biden and Democrats only lost 8 seats so far and still make take control of the US House of Representatives.

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Joe Biden and Democrats are destroying America,
** Its borders,
** Its economy,
** Its foreign policy,
** Its energy sector
** Its global reputation
** Its traditions, history and culture

And the latest Ipsos poll shows just 39 percent of respondents approved of the job Biden is doing as president. Only 9 percent said they believe the country is heading in the right direction under Biden and Democratic leadership, with a whopping 74 percent saying America is on the wrong track.

And yet somehow, Joe Biden scored the greatest election victory of any Democrat in 40 years. It’s a miracle.

Or maybe our elections are fraudulent?

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