White House: Lifting Title 42 “Does Not Mean the Border Is Open” – Anyone Who Suggests Otherwise Is “Doing the Work of Smugglers and Spreading Misinformation”

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Five million illegal aliens have crossed the US southern border since Joe Biden was inaugurated less than two years ago.

President Trump’s Title 42 executive order is set to expire on December 21- in four days.

Joe Biden ended the Trump order that allowed the rapid expulsion of migrants at the US-Mexican border.

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Border Patrol expects the number of illegals to surge next week as Title 42 is ended.

This is national suicide we are witnessing in real-time.

Record numbers of illegal aliens are already surging across the US border.

On Saturday when the Biden regime was asked about the hordes of illegal migrants gathering at the border the had choice words for those that who want to preserve the country for their children and grandchildren.

Biden White House, via reporter Jacqui Heinrich: “To be clear: the lifting of the Title 42 public health order does not mean the border is open. Anyone who suggests otherwise is doing the work of smugglers spreading misinformation to make a quick buck off of vulnerable migrants.”

They’re not even pretending to care about this country anymore.

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