With a Single Missile, Israel Decapitates Palestinian Terror Command

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The Israel Defense Force won a major victory in the Gaza Strip on Saturday night.

According to military officials, IDF killed a senior official in the terrorist group known as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

In addition to IDF, officials from PIJ confirmed the death on Saturday morning.

The official, Khaled Mansour, was “responsible for many rocket attacks on Israel,” The Times of Israel reported early Sunday morning.

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“This is Khaled Mansour. As the Islamic Jihad’s Southern Gaza Division Commander, he was responsible for dozens of terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians & soldiers,” a tweet posted to IDF’s official Twitter account on Saturday read.

“Last night, he was targeted & killed by IDF aircraft. We will continue to act against any threat to Israel.”

Mansour was not the only official IDF successfully eliminated this past week, however.

On Friday, a number of other PIJ officials were also eliminated by the IDF.

Speaking with The Times of Israel on Friday, Maj. Gen. Oded Basiuk, the head of IDF’s Operations Directorate, revealed as much.

Prior to the Friday attack, the PIJ attempted to “carry out a deadly attack against Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers” through the use of an anti-tank missile, according to Basiuik.

IDF forces retaliated in kind by killing “the entire top brass of the PIJ military wing in Gaza.”

“We hit and foiled the chain of command [who sought to] execute this attack,” Basiuik said.

According to the Times’s Sunday report, the IDF killed PIJ commander Tayseer Jabari, Khattab Amassi, PIJ’s “Rafah Brigade” and Ziad Madalal, Mansour’s deputy.

In addition, the IDF also arrested PIJ’s leader in the West Bank.

The PIJ would not back off its plans to attack Israel and it paid the price.

“The operation was launched after several days of closures and lockdowns in Israeli communities near the Strip due to the alert of an imminent attack, with the PIJ seeking to avenge the arrest of its West Bank leader earlier in the week,” The Times of Israel reported on Sunday.

“Israeli leaders said the operation was started because the PIJ had refused to back down from its plans to attack Israeli targets at the border.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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