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The flailing Disney Corporation is still digging that woke hole to bury itself in and its latest Christmas movie aimed at teens is just another example of its continuing obsession to jam radical LGBT themes in every movie and TV show it makes for kids.

If you thought you might be tuning in to see its newest holiday flick, “The Naughty Nine,” to see a fun Christmas romp, you’ll instead be confronted with a family headed by a pair of gay dads and another scene where two young boys are confiding in each other about who they think is a male “hottie.”

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“The Naughty Nine” was release on Nov. 22 on the Disney Channel and features the story of nine young kids who ended up on Santa’s naughty list and who venture to the North Pole to steal back the gifts that they missed on Christmas.

The film is supposed to be a funny film in the heist-style of films about scheming, oddball kids who set out to rob Santa, but learn some lessons along the way.

However, instead of lighthearted fare, viewers are once again treated to Disney’s political agenda and its need to pump the gay lifestyle into every project. And this particular film is rated TV-PG!

Indeed, the film only gets about 12 minutes in before viewers are treated to a family with “two dads” as kids sit around the Christmas tree opening gifts on Christmas morning, The Federalist reported.

Naturally, the two-dad family is treated as perfectly normal. But that is only the first LGBT agenda-driven segment because only ten minutes later two of the boys in the movie are seen talking about “hot” guys.

One of the characters named Jon (Deric McCabe), who is portrayed as exhibiting obvious gay characteristics, is talking with another boy about his own line of clothing. The character then tells his friend he offered his sell his designs to a boy, and says, “I told that hottie over there I’d sell it to him for $200.”

In Disney’s new Christmas movie, “The Naughty Nine,” (TV-PG) a boy calls another male “hottie.” pic.twitter.com/S4eQFGM7l4

— Eleanor Bartow (Ellie) (@elliebartow) November 28, 2023

There is at least one more scene with gay sexual content when Jon describes yet another boy as “cute.”

The Federalist’s Eleanor Bartow notes that the film does not pinpoint what age Jon is supposed to be in the film, but he is palling around with fifth-graders and some of the kids in the film are even younger.

The star of the film, Winslow Fegley who portrays the precocious character “Andy,” is called a “Mischievous fifth grader” in Disney’s summation of the movie.

So, what we have here is Disney once again sexualizing kids under 11 years of age.

It should not be a surprise, as tedious and dangerous as it is, because Disney has been doing this for years. And it has lost untold millions in the process as parents have stopped patronizing the company which was once known for its wholesome, family entertainment.

Last year, for instance, Disney jammed LGBT content into the animated film “Strange World,” a film it hoped would be a big hit for them over the Thanksgiving holiday season. Unsurprisingly, the movie tanked.

“Strange World” was far from the only woke box office bomb that Disney has landed with a thud in theaters over the last few years.

The House of Mouse also lost tall dollars with “Lightyear” in 2022, a film that also leaned hard on its inclusion of gay characters.

It should not be surprising that these flops, among others — including the animated “Wish,” which only debuted two weeks ago and has already tanked — is being foisted on kids via Disney programming and films. After all, in 2022 we were all forewarned that Disney’s producers, writers, animators, and directors have made it their goal to purposefully stuff as much radical gay and transgender content as they can into Disney’s products when videos emerged showing these people admitting to their agenda.

Disney deserves to lose millions. And it has and continues to. In fact, in a disclosure filing with the federal government, Disney admitted it knows full well that it’s far-left, anti-family political agenda is costing it millions. And apparently, they don’t care.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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