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Now that we see all this scientific evidence, we can summarize why the pandemic is indeed nothing short of the worst crime against humanity ever committed, just as Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his international network of lawyers have rightly stated. THE

THE PCR TEST IS FRAUD The whole pandemic is based on a completely unreliable PCR test that produces high percentages of false positives and is not able to accurately detect any kind of infection. All the lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccines are based on this fraud.

CURES ARE HIDDEN Governments and health institutions are hiding the cures for Covid from humanity. Millions have died because of this. Nobody needed to die. Not a single person. Every physician who treats Covid patients with one of these medicines virtually has a 100% success rate. Hiding these cures from the world is a crime of immense proportions.

MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS A rushed, untested, dangerous experimental gene therapy, which is falsely labeled as a ‘vaccine’, has been imposed on humanity, in direct violation of the Nuremberg code and several other international agreements. This has already resulted in tens of thousands of deaths, and countless more people who are severely damaged for life. Experts say many millions will die from this experimental product in the next 2-3 years…

PROOF OF PLANNED PANDEMIC This in-depth report lists dozens of facts that show how the pandemic has been prepared and announced for decades. No one with an honest heart who sees this information can deny that a criminal agenda is being worked out.

MASS MURDER Patients have been murdered in several hospitals to inflate death rates. The World Health Organization has murdered more than a thousand people during a fraudulent HCQ trial, so they could tell the world there is no cure for Covid. Physicians testify how hospitals receive large sums of money to register every patient as a Covid patient and every death as a covid death. Suddenly all flu deaths have vanished because everyone with a fever, cough or headache is registered as ’covid’. Tens of thousands of people around the world have testified on social media how they have been falsely registered as Covid patients when they went to the clinic for issues that were unrelated to Covid. Funeral directors have exclaimed how they saw that literally every dead person was labeled as Covid, while they knew it wasn’t true. And there is so much more. You can see the evidence for all this in the full report.

POLICE VIOLENCE All over the world, there is a sudden eruption of uncommon police violence against innocent, law-abiding citizens. In the Netherlands, police officers testify before the Extraparliamentary Investigative Committee how they are ordered by supervisors to use maximum violence and beat up the people as much as they can. This is contradictory to their training, in which they were taught to always avoid violence. Law enforcement is forced to betray their oath to protect the people, and are ordered to become the enemy of the people.

LAWS VIOLATED Many universal human rights, constitutions, medical codes, oaths, national laws and international agreements are being violated by the authorities. There is extreme lawlessness and criminal behavior by those who have sworn to serve and protect these very laws.

BRIBERY OF POLITICIANS Testimonies of bribery are coming to light from politicians. The president of Belarus, for example, said that he was offered almost a billion dollars to lock down his country. See the evidence for bribery in the full report.

CENSORSHIP Respected medical experts and leading scientists all over the world are being censored because they speak out about cures for Covid, the destructive lockdowns, the fraudulent PCR tests, and other basic scientific truths. Examples of censorship.

MEDIA MIND CONTROL Mainstream media is used to spread dangerous and life-threatening misinformation, resulting in millions of deaths. The news media and Big Tech steer people away from cures for Covid and brainwash humanity to believe that only an experimental gene therapy can save them. . . .

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and lawyers around the world are correct: these are the worst crimes against humanity ever committed.

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