Nutjobs at the World Economic Forum Declare New Crises Facing the World

More from DAVOS and the WEC. 

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The first thing the WEC wants to do is to stop free speech. They know they cannot exist if the truth is available to the people.  They have to prevent any chance that the truth might spread to the masses.

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This year at Davos gang is warning of a cyber nightmare.  This will be worse than COVID.

This is not new. The WEC has warned about a cyber nightmare before.

These people are crazy. They want us to appreciate their ideas of what is good and ignore our beliefs, culture, and history.

They also have plans to apparently destroy old cities and make new cities that crush millions in small areas.  Farmers and ranch owners should really like this.  Of course, those that are in the elite class will likely have ranches and farms and property.

The one thing that we don’t hear about in the WEC future that is noticeably missing is GOD.

These people are not so smart.

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