GOP Lawmaker to Introduce Bill to Grant Asylum to Canadian Truckers Persecuted by Canada’s Trudeau Regime

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In February, just seven months ago, Justin Trudeau called in police on horseback to quash peaceful protests in downtown Ottawa. Trudeau was upset because the protesters did not agree with his ridiculous COVID policies.

At least one grandmother with a walker was trampled by the horses.

Justin Trudeau also locked down bank accounts of working-class Canadians who donated as little as $40 to the Freedom protesters.

They lost their banking privileges in the country because they disagreed with Justin.

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On Saturday Justin Trudeau tweeted out his support for the freedom protesters in Iran.

Tald about completely clueless!

This is the same guy who tramples seniors on horseback in the snow!

The people aren’t buying this clown’s virtue signaling.

The comments are lit!

Tyrant Trudeau needs to sit this one out.

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