WTH! Instagram Censors Interview With American Pulled Out of Israel by Rep. Cory Mills - Claims Post "Could Encourage VIOLENCE and Lead to Risk of Physical Harm, or a Direct Threat to Public Safety." | The Gateway Pundit

Rep. Cory Mills saves 32 Americans from war-torn Israel.

After helping organize a rescue mission for 32 stranded Americans trapped in Israel with violent Hamas terrorists, Knox Strategies President Erica Knight was surprised and upset to discover that her story was censored by Instagram, citing “violence and incitement.”

Israel invasion survivor Silver Prout described the chaos for Americans in Israel, telling journalists the State Department advised Americans to find their own way home. This was before Congressman Cory Mills, a United States Army 82nd Airborne Division veteran, stepped up to the plate and did the Executive Branch’s job, traveling to Israel on a daring rescue mission.

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And where was Joe Biden, the so-called Commander in Chief? He was reportedly throwing a barbeque with live music as innocent Israelis were slaughtered and Americans were in grave danger.

When Knight attempted to share her story on social media, her post was removed twice!

“Your post goes against our guidelines on violence and incitement,” reads the message from Instagram explaining why Knight’s post was removed. The notification continues, “We don’t allow people to share things that could encourage violence and lead to risk of physical harm, or a direct threat to public safety.”

So, Knight took to TRUTH Social, the only platform that is truly pro-free speech:


I joined Newsmax to discuss my work with Rep. Cory Mills to rescue my employee from Israel. I went to post the segment on Instagram- and they claim it’s inciting violence and blocked it?? Absolutely unreal.

Once again, big tech is covering for the Bidens and the Democrats leading up to a Presidential Election. Prosecuting Trump isn’t enough to steal the election again.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the interview in question. Silver Prout and Erica Knight told Newsmax hosts about their frustration with the Biden Regime and the State Department for leaving Americans in a war zone. In the most critical statement from the interview, Prout says, “Meanwhile, we have Biden, who is throwing a barbecue at the White House, who quite frankly could care less about American citizens, in my opinion, on the ground in Israel.” Nothing even remotely controversial was said.

WATCH: “Meanwhile, We Have Biden Throwing a BBQ at The White House” – American Survivor Left Stranded in Israel Discusses “Incredibly Frustrating” Response From Biden Regime After Rep. Cory Mills Brought Her Home

Additionally, Knight’s Washington Examiner article, mentioned in her deleted posts, gives no calls for violence. Joe Biden is only mentioned once in the story.

This begs the question: is Instagram covering for Biden and the Democrats or Hamas?


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