Clay Clark: Monkey Pox Scheduled and Released as Planned

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X22 Report: “We’re Going To Take Back, Very Soon, Our Country”, The World Is Watching

Juan O Savin & Cliff High “The Real President Will Be Back”

And We Know: The [DS] CULT want our Children. [email protected]/Trump/ Real Leaders stand in their way. PRAY!

“UH…WHAT?!” What’s up with 2024 Republican Nat’l Convention?

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Simon Parkes: 07-23 Connecting Consciousness Update

Backup video on rumble.

Mike Adams: EXCLUSIVE: Self-assembling vaccine clot biostructures harvest conductive metals from your blood

I’ve been saying since I started Survive the News to look into Uropathy for those who have been poisoned/vaccinated and it was great to see that Dr. Group has also taken that position, and recently I’ve been talking about donating blood to lower ones iron levels. It will also lower other metals as well, although I recommend still looking into chelating to remove it from tissues and other parts of the body. Most of our food is loaded with iron filing, from the research it seems most of our ailments from obesity to diabetes, MS, heart/cardiovascular system issues and even gout can be made worse (if not created by) by iron consumption.

Drinking green tea (natural chelating drink), red wine and black tea with your meals is one thing you can do right now to hinder absorption of iron. Avoid anything that says “Enriched” and obviously remove supplements with iron in it. Of course I suggest getting a CBC from your doctor to know where you are at. But the best way to get rid of it is by donating it! If you have “normal” iron levels, you no doubt probably have dangerous levels of iron which you can learn more about by reading “Dumping Iron by: P.D Mangan“.

Monkey Aids ReeEEeE Stream 07-24-22 (Language/NSFW)

Cold fusion (LENR) commercial breakthrough could END food and energy scarcity around the world

Progress – John Rich


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Ds: “We Have to Smash the Black Family”

They are Using Climate Change Agenda to Undergo Geoengineering Operations to Depopulate

They Are ONLY Banning Names of Guns Not REAL Weapons of War

There is NO SARS Cov 3 There is No Covid-19 and There Are NO Variants

The Elites Are Scared Too Many Are Waking Up Too Fast

The Dutch Government is Out of Control and the People Know It

Steve Bannon We’ve Destroyed the Middle Class

Russia Told America They Would Conquer Through Communism Over Time

Russell Brand Exposes the Truth About Dutch Farmer Protest

Retard with Whistle Tries to Blow Steve Bannon Away During Speech

Italians are DONE with the BS

Human Trafficking Chain Exposed

Global Warming and Manipulation Caught on Tape

Demons Love Pushing Garbage on Children

Continued Accumulation of WIV Genetic Code and Spike Protein from Vax Will Cause Disease, Disability and Death in Large Numbers of People

Contagion Predictive Programming Social Distancing

CNN Gets Owned by Guy Who Created the Weather Channel About Global Warming

CNN Gets Exposed by Project Vertias: “We’re Going to Beat to Death Climate Change”

Chemtrails Being Exposed on the News

Canadian Covid-Assclown Pushing Fake Laws

Australia Continues to Push Covid Scare to Remask and Control its Citizens

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