Alex Jones Visits Florida Preacher Who First Predicted the Great Awakening

Over A Billion People Awaken To The Lies Of Big Pharma: Globalist Gremlin Peter Hotez Has Sunk The NWO Ship

X22 Report: Nobody Is Above The Law, Military-Civilian Alliance, Treasonous Crimes, Blind Justice

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SG Anon Situation Update #54: RED-RED Confirmed,South Africa/WW Blackouts Coming,The Storm is Coming

And We Know: Distractions galore, Predictive programming, Disclosure on many levels. PRAY!

Ken O’Keefe Reveals the Biggest Scam in the World (Recommended)



Sub Psyop Saves Biden ReeEEeE Stream 06-23-23

They lost control of the timeline!

Woman Learns Why She Had ‘A Miserable Life’ During Near-Death Experience – Mysteries of Life

–shorter videos–

Was the Sinking of the Titanic Planned?

The Deception of the Titanic

Special Counsel Durham Throws Down

Let’s Try Another Round of Lockdowns For the Hell of it Yall!

Popular reply/comments to this online starts with a capital F.

You Got to Look Deep to Find the Deep Things

XRP is a Monster

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We Will When if things go Kinetic w/ Hunters & Veterans Alone!

Gruesome Details About Some of the Operations Tim Ballard Has Seen Rescuing Children Around the World (The Red Door!)

The Real Meaning of the Colors of the LGBTQRSTUVAI+ BS Flag

RFK Jr. At 2am This Morning I Visited the Border

Proof Life Happens AT Conception (interesting!)

Nuremberg 2.0 – Starting in New Zealand the Maori VS Plandemic

NON GMO and Organic DO NOT Mean the Same Thing!

Mel is Exposing the Pedo Elites

Mark Dice Explains the Truth about Pride Month at a City Council Meeting (funny)

Lying Shifty Schiff!

Lebanese Man Rips Pride Month and Flag to Pieces in Town Hall Meeting

Kash Patel Discusses the DJT Indictment

Fat Boy Wants to Control You Completely! CBDC

Dr. Zelenko in Plandemic 3 the Great Awakening

Crypto is Here to Stay

Blacks Legal Dictionary Words YOU SHOULD KNOW!

Biden is Confronted About the FBI DOCS Implicating Him in a Treasonous Bribery Scheme

And this is the Green Transportations They’re Pushing US ALL to use!

A lot of Opportunity to Create Value with XRP

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What They Really Mean When They Yell “This Is a Threat to OUR Democracy”

How to Properly Fast and Detox

Touch the Earth, You’ll Immediately Feel Better!

This Will Be the END of the Pharmaceutical Industry!

There Goes Billions of Dollars Worth of Taxpayer Dollars Wasted on Ammunition Sent to Ukraine

There are 777 Books of the Bible, We Only have 66 of Them!

The WHO and the Creation of a Global Government

The American Medical Association Sent an Official Request that Newborn Children Should NOT Be Assigned Gender

Social Media CAN BE FAKED!








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