April 14, 2021

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X22 Report: Bill Of Rights Under Attack, What Are Sealed? Are You Putting The Puzzle Together?

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X22 Report: Bill Of Rights Under Attack, What Are Sealed? Are You Putting The Puzzle Together?

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You’re listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2447 bn today’s date is April 7 2021. And the title of the episode is bill of rights under attack. What are sealed? Are you putting the puzzle together? Let’s talk about protecting yourself research into five G’s architecture reveals your mobile service could be maliciously used against you. new findings show 5g could be used to exploit your data and cause DDoS, which is distributed denial of service attacks through security flaws in the cellular networks. As with any disruptive technology, hackers and corporations will always look for ways to exploit it at the cost of you and your privacy. This is why I highly recommend virtual shield virtual shield is my favorite VPN because unlike typical VPNs, they have a strict no log policy and there’s no hidden fees. It’s fast, secure, and it’s easy to use. Even grandma can do it get virtual shield for 50% off today by going to virtual shield comm forward slash x 22. Or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now Mike Pompeo he tweeted out today, and we’ll be discussing this a little bit later in this report. But he did tweet out today that our bill of rights are under attack. And everything that we’re experiencing now, everything that we’re being put through is being done on purpose. And you say what, why do we have to go through this? Why do we need to have any of this? Because people in this country, they forgot what freedom was? Yes, they got used to it. Yes, they got lacks. And freedom. Freedom is not something that somebody says okay, now you can go to a July 4, barbecue, or you can spend a holiday with your family. Freedom is when you just do it. You don’t have a supreme ruler telling you that you can do it. You just do it. That is freedom. It’s almost like when the British came over to the US. And they said, you know something, we’re going to take control of the situation.

The Founding Fathers didn’t sit there and gung ho boy, they’re telling us they’re going to take control the situation and we’re going to have to wait for someone to tell us what to do. Should we do something where we stop them? Or should we just abide by them? What should we do know, the founding fathers at that time, they knew that they were going to have to fight for freedom. If you go for our guns, we will fight back. If you invade our homes, we will fight back. Because we are free. You can’t control us. The same thing is happening now. Biden telling everyone Hey, on this July 4, if you’re vaccinated, you can go and spend time with your families small gathering because you’re all vaccinated. That’s not freedom. That’s control. To take it back. To understand what freedom is, is you just do it. Because a free man or free woman doesn’t ask for permission. They don’t wait for someone to tell them that they can do these things. As an adult, and someone being free and having the right the Bill of Rights. You don’t wait for anybody. And that’s why we’re being put through this to wake people up. So they understand what real freedom is. And what it costs to have that freedom. If you’re sitting there and you’re waiting for something to magically happen to say, here are your freedoms back. You’re going to be waiting a very, very long time. Imagine if our founding fathers sat there and they just waited while I’m waiting for that person to tell me that we can have our freedoms. No, they went out and they died for their freedom. They lost their farms. They lost their homes, their family, for what? Freedom.

Today, people don’t understand what real freedom is. Yes, we’ve been living in a somewhat free society. But now when it’s starting to be ripped away from you, and people are starting to feel the pressure, people have a choice. Just like if you’re sitting there waiting for someone to tell you to remove your mask. Well, you’re going to be waiting. But if you’re free, you don’t wear your mask. You go into a supermarket, you go into a restaurant, and you parade around without the mask. Yes, they might ask you to leave. Yes, they might do that. See, but that is freedom. When you’re waiting for someone to give you permission, that is not freedom. And I do believe this is why Mike Pompeo is saying that our bill of rights are being attacked. And it’s not just with the First Amendment, which we see censorship across all the social media platforms. It’s not just because the press, it’s also because of the Second Amendment, and the Fourth Amendment. Because think about when you go into any type of an event, you’re being searched now. So now we’re being censored by corporations. We’re being searched by corporations. What’s next? Are corporations going to tell us that we need to inject something into our body to be free? Think about that for a second. We’ll be talking a lot more about this a little bit later. And I do believe that Trump, he is bringing the people to the precipice. So once again, just like with our founding fathers, they wake up, and they fight for freedom. Yes, he has other plans that are in the works. But this is part of it. And also, we are starting to see the Major League Baseball Association, coke Delta. Well, they’re starting to buckle under the pressure that didn’t take long did it? Well, guess what? Keep the pressure up. When people say what can I do? I can’t do anything. I’m just sitting in my home. Well, when you go ahead and you go shopping, or you’re watching something, or you’re doing anything, those companies because they’re part of the system, those are the companies you say I am no longer doing business with you. Because you don’t fit in with the Constitution of the United States. And we’re already starting to see this work. And we’ll be discussing that a little bit later. Now, what’s very interesting is that Biden he was being asked questions by different reporters, one of them being Peter doocy, from Fox, and he was talking about the possibility of China misleading the world concerning the Coronavirus, because, as we know, China did mislead the world. We know it came from the Wuhan Institute. This is why China stopped the who, from actually doing any type of investigation. And what’s very interesting is that Joe Biden spoke to Xi Jinping. And Peter doocy asked, Have you had a chance to speak to any of your international partners, especially as using ping? And this is, what does he said? President Jim, who I know you go way back with? Have you had a chance to ask him if these reports are true that China may be Miss led the world at the beginning? Biden said No, I have not had the conversation with President Jay. Thank you. But Biden did speak to him by phone on February 10. So should we make that call transparent just like they made the call with zelensky transparent Remember, the mainstream media call them out saying was a quid pro quo. They had all these whistle blowers ready to go. And Trump countered it with the transparent phone call. Shouldn’t the mainstream media be asking Joe Biden now to make that call transparent because remember, they were telling Trump we need more of these calls transparent. Well, why don’t we do that with Joe Biden now? Now what’s very interesting is that Kamala Harris Now remember, this is the first black woman Vice President and Joe and Kamala, they won by 81 million votes. Now they really cheated, but this is what the mainstream media wants you to believe. Well, Kamala was visiting her hometown of Oakland. For us for the first time since inauguration. Now, you would think that people would be lining the streets to welcome the first black woman vice president home while she arrived there,

and crickets. There was nobody there. Think about the greeting that Trump gets when he visits a state, not even his home. hometown 1000s upon 1000s come out to see him actually, he wasn’t even president. And he went to speak at sea pack. And there were 1000s upon 1000s of people lining the streets. That should tell you everything you need to know. Now, what’s very interesting is that this whole thing with Matt Gates is starting to heat up. And the New York Times, and the rest of the mainstream media outlets, they’re putting out fake stories. And I do believe this is a deep state hit. And they’re trying to put a lot of pressure on to Santas. They’re trying to put a lot of pressure on gates. And remember the Santas gates, there are supporters of Trump. And it seems that this whole entire thing that’s happening with gates right now, is bringing out what we call blackmail, so people can see it very, very clearly. But I think what’s going to happen with all of this, it’s going to backfire on them big time, that this whole entire show that they’re putting on talking about the deep state, the mainstream media, this whole thing is bringing blackmail out from the shadows and into the light. And Michelle Malkin, she decided to put this out now, let me read this to you. It starts off with what Israel blackmail a US Congressman, as she said, the answer is yes. Obviously. Yes, of course. Yes. Two things can be true one, gates may well have engaged in a vile behavior perhaps even worse and more sorted than what has been alleged so far and to Israel Mossad is at work using all of the involved beltway in Florida figures as a honeypot puppets on much grander, theatrical stage as they have done in the past, and continue to do in the present. I don’t know what specifically the aim is here, drawing the us into war with Iran, something to do with Ukraine, Russia, who the hell knows. But the most important takeaway is this isn’t what greatest allies was supposed to be doing to each other right? It is, however, what Russia and China and Israel and other sovereign nations intelligence apparatus is due to their rivals. Pattern recognition is fundamental. The second most important takeaway is to recruit and promote a better generation of upright discipline and blackmailed able American first politicians and leaders Otherwise, it’ll be business as usual in the spook infested American last one time for normie Republicans to open their eyes and decondition themselves from their reflexive stances on so many things. greatest ally, my ass, stop staring at the shadows inside the cave. Look behind you. And yes, this is a blackmail scheme. And what’s very interesting is that the New York Times is out there putting out fake information saying that Trump Well, he was asked to pardon gates and Gates was asking him to give him a blanket pardon. And Trump responded to this and said, Matt gates never asked him for a pardon. In response to another New York Times hit piece on the Florida lawmaker, Congressman Matt gates, has never asked me and must also be remembered that he has totally denied the accusations against him. Now, that’s very interesting that Trump said, we must remember that he totally denied it, which tells me that this is another deep state hit job. Which tells me that this is to bring out the blackmail angle of it all. Remember, what have we seen so far with everything we’ve seen? Nexium, Jeffrey Epstein. galane. Maxwell, this is all about crimes against humanity. What else have we seen? Well, we’ve seen insurrection. It was a real insurrection? No. But the mainstream media made sure they told everyone this is what insurrection looks like. Now people understand that. What else have we seen? we’re now seeing blackmail? what it looks like to blackmail a congressman. Why are people being introduced to all of this? Because when the time comes, what’s going to happen? People are going to understand what all of this is, things that they thought never really existed. They do exist. Now, it’s almost like the border when Trump said, you know something, there are human traffickers, that drug traffickers, Ms. 13 gangs coming over the board. And this is why we need a border wall. This is why people need to be vetted, because you just don’t want to bring in everyone. Yes.

This is the United States of America. It’s a melting pot. Yes, people come here to escape certain things. But you need to understand who those people are. Just like would you let anyone onto an airline Don’t you have to go through it. Back with an ID first. Yes. Would you let anyone into your home without vetting them? No, you would ask questions, you wouldn’t just let them sleep in your home. The same thing with United States? Why would we want an ms 13? gang member here? We wouldn’t why would we want a terrorist from Yemeni? We wouldn’t? Why would we want any of that. But now people can see this. Now people understand this. And people are seeing children being brought up by child traffickers. Yesterday, we showed a video of this child who was crying, he was abandoned by his child trafficker. He was out in the desert didn’t know what to do. Now we come to find out that the Del Rio sector Border Patrol agents, they found two more small children walking alone near the rio grande de border. And officials say human smugglers abandoned these children. I mean, this is a very dangerous situation right now. And it’s getting worse as time goes on. But again, what we’re experiencing right now is waking people up. Now, the border crisis might wake up this group of people, the economy might wake up this group of people, what the major league baseball team is doing, might wake up another group of people. This is about waking up the country. Now one thing is going to wake someone up, some people will be triggered on something that happens. And it might not be something that triggers you remember, you can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. This is why you must show them. You they must understand just like in the matrix, when Morpheus says I can open the door, but you have to make the choice to walk through it. Trump, the Patriots, they want people to see all of this. They want the anger to build. Now someone might be saying I don’t care about the border. People need to come into the country. I don’t care about that. But wait a minute, you’re hitting me with what a 50% income tax? That’s ridiculous. I can’t take this anymore. I’m barely making it as it is. See, each thing will wake a different a different group up. And that’s what we’re experiencing right now. And what’s very interesting is that with so many miners coming up from Central and South America, it’s between 18,000 miners that are in custody right now. Biden, he’s restarting the construction of the border wall. Now, that’s very interesting. Isn’t this what Trump was doing? But Biden decided not to do it? Now he decided to do it again. Why is there pushback? Of course there is. And now we have Joe Biden. He didn’t get the traction with all the mass shootings. The bills are just sitting there. They’re not really moving. And now he’s taking executive action action on gun control. That’s what we’re hearing right now. Now, has he done it as of yet? No. But it seems that he’s leaning towards this right now. Why? Because everything that they tried has not worked, actually, during Obama’s presidency. He tried and tried and tried and couldn’t get that UN arms treaty passed in the Senate, no matter how many mass shootings they had, no matter how many false flags they produced. Those that one bill would not budge. Yes, there were other bills. I could find Stein and everything else, but none of them budged. And now, Joe Biden, he’s left to doing the one thing that no one should be doing because it’s a complete and utter violation of the Second Amendment. Remember, the Second Amendment says, shall not be infringed upon. Now, once he writes this executive order, as a dictator, remember, Congress didn’t push this through, he decided to do it on his own. What do you think the people are going to? Do? You think this is going to wake them up? Yes, yes, it is. This is not going well, for the Biden administration for the puppet masters. Remember, they’re trying to push their agenda because they last for years, Trump reversed everything. And now they’re trying to just do whatever they possibly can to put it back to where it was. Look at Ukraine right now.

Trump had a very good relationship was Lenski. There was no war. Russia wasn’t getting involved. And now all of a sudden, we have Ukraine saying we want to be a part of NATO. And we’re hearing calls of Ukraine should go after Crimea and take it away from Russia. So zelinsky called on NATO to lay out a path for Ukraine to join the western military alliance. Now why are they doing this? They always wanted to do this, but it never happened. Again, this was part of their plan. Why? Because they want to put pressure on Russia. Having Ukraine as part of NATO puts a lot of pressure on Russia, where do they want all this to lead to war? We’re back to where we were before Trump. Does Trump want everyone to see this? Yes, this might wake people up, just like Trump. He created all those Middle Eastern peace deals. He wanted the troops to come out of Afghanistan. He wants people to see all of this. Now, it’s very interesting. And this is the first time Iranian state media acknowledges an Iranian ship in Red Sea is a Revolutionary Guard Base, and it is currently under attack. Israel has reportedly notified the us that it is responsible for the attack. Now that is very interesting. Why is this all happening? Because the us right now is prepared to lift the bans on Iran, even those inconsistent with the nuclear deal. Now, this is coming from a US State Department spokesperson.

Remember, Biden has to put everything back into place. And he’s doing it very, very quickly. He’s just listening to the puppet masters. Let’s talk about protecting yourself research into five G’s architecture reveals your mobile service could be maliciously used against you. new findings show 5g could be used to exploit your data and cause DDoS, which is distributed denial of service attacks through security flaws in the cellular networks. As with any disruptive technology, hackers and corporations will always look for ways to exploit it at the cost of you and your privacy. This is why I highly recommend virtual shield virtual shield is my favorite VPN because unlike typical VPN, they have a strict no log policy and there’s no hidden fees. It’s fast, secure, and it’s easy to use. Even grandma can do it. Get virtual shield for 50% off today by going to virtual shield comm forward slash x 22 or click the link in the description. Remember Trump, he got rid of that deal. And here we are once again. Now what’s very interesting is out in Jordan Prince hums us, he put out a video, a video message in which he said he was under house arrest and accused Jordans liters of incompetence and corruption. And then just two days later, he made an apparent U turn and pledge allegiance to King Abdullah after mediation by the royal family. Now the government has claimed that the prince had been conspiring with foreign parties to destabilize the Middle Eastern State, something that he completely denies. And now Jordan has banned social media users and all news outlets from publishing anything about the Kings half brother. So it’s complete and utter censorship. Well, it’s not the only place we’re seeing it. We’re seeing it here in the United States. But right now, with the pandemic, and we know that Trump has used the vaccine to counter this. Now it’s up to the people to decide if they want it or not. It’s up to the people to decide if they’re going to go along with their plan. Do we need the vaccine for something that has a cure rate of 99.99x? No, we don’t. When we look at the evidence, when we look at what is really going on, there was absolutely no reason for the vaccine. And if those people feel safer with it, that’s their choice in getting it. But Joe Biden, he announced that all adults in the US will be eligible for COVID 919 vaccine by April 19. And we need to remember that this wasn’t just for COVID, where Trump went ahead and countered it counted this entire pandemic, the pandemic was being used for the great reset. Remember, Trump robbed them of their war. All they had was the pandemic. This is why we see different factions fighting against each other. Remember, when Trump said, you know, a lot of companies, pharmaceutical companies gonna be very mad at me, and I’m gonna have to go away for a while. Well think about what’s happening. He put pharmaceutical companies up against the deep state players who want to usher in the great reset the great, the the deep state players, they don’t want the pandemic to go away. So they need to say that the vaccine isn’t working. But the pharmaceutical companies on the other side, they can’t have someone saying that the vaccines not working. They have to say it is working. So now they are divided and they’re fighting against each other. Biden had no choice here in the United States, because Trump introduced the vaccine in 2020. And what were they going to say? We don’t want to use it, it doesn’t work. Well, that would go up against the pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical companies are already fighting back against the CDC. That’s why you’re getting mixed messages. And they had no choice but to say, okay, we’re going to have to distribute the vaccine because people see the vaccine. We told everyone that without a vaccine, this will never go away and now we have a vaccine. So it’s about to go away. So he told everyone that by April, all adults will be eligible now. It’s very interesting. Let’s go back in time. Trump and this is coming from the Washington Post said, Trump says without evidence, every American will get Coronavirus vaccine by April. What he was right again, remember they thought when he said April, they thought he meant 2020. He never put a year on it. So they made fun of him. Now, Brian Stelter tweeted this out. Biden will now said every adult in the country will be eligible to be vaccinated by April 19. According to an admin official, originally deadline was May 1. Now, Royer Rory Cooper responded to this and said, Well, there are already states that are doing this. This is nothing new.

We have Arkansas, Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia. And it goes on to list many, many, many states. Nearly every state has already reached Biden’s new goal. It’s not like he did anything. Remember, Trump already put this into place. Biden tried to put in the government sponsored vaccination program, it failed. He had to revert back to Trump’s vaccination program. Remember, Trump is in business. He understands how things need to work. Biden, he’s not in business. He’s in government. He doesn’t know how anything works. But Trump did this on purpose because he knew he needed to counter the vaccine. Now, like we said in the beginning, Biden is out there, and he’s telling everyone that only vaccinated people can celebrate the Fourth of July, you’ll be able to get back to celebrations. You can go in your backyard with a small group of people, because you are all vaccinated. Well, guess what? You don’t have to be vaccinated to get into a group of people. Because those who are vaccinated, they’re protected, the ones that don’t want to be vaccinated. They’re not really worried about it. And why are we letting someone dictate to us what we can or cannot do? That is not freedom. Now, what’s very interesting is that anonymous Patriot, put this out on gab, and this is from the CDC, it says getting COVID-19 vaccine is an important tool to help stop the pandemic. More on how viral vector COVID-19 vaccines work shows a picture of this individual. Now, this individual is an NPC meme. It’s that drawing of the face with the two eyes and that triangle nose. And this is what an NPC meme looks. And that’s what that’s what they used in their graphic to basically mimic a human. So let me just read one an NPC meme is NPC each letter separately derived from non player character in video games and from role playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, is an internet meme that represents people who do not think for themselves or do not make their own decisions. Now think about this for a second. They’re telling us point blank of how what they think of us. Actually, anonymous patrons put this out. They have completely given up on hiding their agenda and what they truly think about the people. And this is absolutely true. And we can see that more and more governors right now. They’re objecting to a mandated vaccine passport. And the latest is Georgia governor Brian Kemp. And we’ve had many governors now sign on to this saying No, we are not going to do this. Now I just wanted to mention what is happening with the George Floyd trial here with everything that’s going on. Because no matter what happens, I do believe they’re gonna push riots and chaos and things like that. And Candace Owens put out something very interesting. And this is what she put out on Twitter and let me just read it for you right here. She said the following. It is now abundantly clear that a drug dealer killed George Floyd, the evidence at every level is overwhelming. People will write anyway because ignorant people never miss an opportunity to be ignorant. flat screen TVs at Target get ready for weeks of smash and grab. And remember one of the founders of BLM said Listen, if Derek Chavin is not put away We’re gonna burn the cities to the ground. So you can see they’re all prepared and ready for chaos. So we might be seeing this in many, many cities. And this is going to wake up additional people that was very interesting is that after Biden said, you know, something the Major League Baseball Association, they should move the all star game out of Georgia and move it someplace else. Now he’s pushing the idea that the Masters should move out of Georgia. Now, this is not going to well, for major league baseball, done delta and many other companies, Dan scavino, put this out. Embracing Cultural Marxism will only hasten mlbs downfall. The reason insidious injection of left wing politics into major league baseball is a major cultural tragedy, destroying one of America’s great institutions. Now, there was a poll done by Daley wire. And they found that at least 64% of Americans are less likely to support big businesses such as Major League Baseball, that take a public stance on political issues, like the new Georgia election reform laws.

So right there, people are not agreeing with this whatsoever. What does that tell you? So let’s just back up for a second. Remember, yesterday in the day before we said 75% of voters support ID. The people in Georgia support voter ID. Now the majority of voters do not support the GA boycott. This is not working out for them then. We had this come out. The Major League Baseball sources say owners were blindsided, at least by the timing of Rob. Man, Fred’s decision to pull the all star game from Atlanta, also said his decision came after speaking with Stacey Abrams, which is odd, since she has now said she’s against the boycott. So right now, there’s a backlash going on. People are confused. And we can see the white house is stepping away from this. It’s odd. She’s saying now that she had nothing to do with with what was going on. The people are not agreeing with this. Now, just think about in the last couple days, we had Delta Airlines cancel 100 flights in all different cities. There they they said this is because of a shortage of staff. All of a sudden, just on the same exact moment that Trump said the boycott, we have shelves in supermarkets where Coca Cola is on the shelves, and Pepsi is empty. This pressure, this push against the system is working. And more and more people need to keep this up to show the corporations that the people are in control and not the corporations. This is not going to work out well. For the Biden administration for these companies. In the end, it’s going to be a complete and utter disaster. Do you think Trump knew this? Absolutely. But in the meanwhile, what is Trump doing? He’s putting all the pieces to the puzzle in place. Remember, this is all part of the plan. He’s building something that is going to go up against the system and take over the old guard. That’s the whole point of this. At the same time, he’s Waking the people up. Now think about what he’s doing here. He’s endorsing certain candidates like mo Brooks. So he came out with a statement. And he went ahead and he said, I’m endorsing mo Brooks. And he’s done this to many other people. So there are certain people that are not seeking reelection. We have black mail being shown to the public. Matt Gates is in the middle of this. And I do believe this is going to spread. And we’re also seeing all the swing states. They have changed their election laws. And we have those same states where they’re trying to audit the elections because there were anomalies. There were problems. And out of Texas, we see the a taxi during a Texas Attorney General saying that election fraud as is at an all time high. He said the amount is higher than our historical average by a longshot. This is coming from Jonathan white. He’s the head of the election fraud agency within Texas. When asked by a state lawmaker, if there were trends in election for prosecutions. White said

I have 510 offenses pending against 43 defendants in court right now, saying it’s for several reasons. Probably and He said that about 80% of those pending cases involve alleged Malin ballot fraud and 60% of resolve cases involved mail in voting. So I thought there was no election fraud. I guess there is. And then we come to find out that a so called non for profit group. The protect democracy project is now involved. And it evolved itself in the Arizona senate audit of Maricopa County. This group is connected to Obama, Soros and China and Biden’s DOJ and are fighting to prevent an accurate count of the valid votes in the county. Some legal firms joined the non for profit, protect democracy project in threatening the auditor selected in Arizona by the Senate to audit the 2020 election results of Maricopa County. So we have Obama. We have Soros all in there trying to stop this. Is it going to work? I don’t believe so. So think about this, in a point t of the Democratic bide administration. serving in a senior position in the Department of Justice is an executive committee member of the nonprofit which is attempting to sabotage the Arizona senate attempt to simply determine the accuracy of the 2020 election in Maricopa County, by threatening the auditor is hired by the Arizona Senate to conduct the audit. The proper outcome of the election was apparently not the legitimate outcome. If it was these culprits wouldn’t be attempting to stop the valid and accurate recount in Maricopa County. Now, what’s very interesting is we talked about how Trump he removed himself from the optics of all of this, remember, if he was out there saying election for which he did, and he presented all his evidence, the mainstream media would have gone crazy, they would have said he was a sore loser. Look what they did with hydroxychloroquine. That was a test for him to see how they would react. They even created a fake report called The Lancet report and said it would kill you if you took hydroxychloroquine the frontline doctors came out and they were being harassed. Simone gold was fired from her job, they tried to take their medical licenses away. So Trump knew right there and then that he had to be removed from all of this, and let the legislature’s let the Lord do what it does best. And what has happened, the laws have been changed. You need voter ID, why do you think Biden is pushing so hard? He’s panicking right now. And I don’t mean just him talking about the puppet masters. Now they want to audit the elections, and they’re trying to stop that. But I do believe Trump has many different pathways to get back into power. Because once the elections are shown that there’s


and there are anomalies. And we don’t know if Biden is actually the president. Well, certain things are gonna start to happen. It means that the government of the United States is going to be incapacitated, they won’t be able to function properly. And what happens when the government can’t function properly? Well, another body has to step in to take control temporarily. That is the military. It doesn’t mean they’re going to be flying in with helicopters and arresting people, it means they’re just going to step in because the government cannot function right now. So the military needs to take control, temporarily, as like the middleman. Now, this can play out in two ways. The military can look at the fraud and say, yes, there’s definitely a fraud, this could be brought up to the Supreme Court, they can make a ruling. Or there’s another path that Trump might take. Remember, there’s not just one path. If there was just one path, what happens if that path is cut off? You need to make sure that you can go in all different directions, military planning at its finest. Now, what’s very interesting, there are certain articles out there talking about how Trump might come back as Speaker of the House. Now I find this very interesting, Ken, and the question is, can Trump come back as Speaker of the House? Well, when you look at Article One, Section two, clause five of the US Constitution, it states that the House of Representatives shall choose their speaker and other officers. And here are some of the key takeaways from this and how the speaker is selected. As the highest ranking member of the House, the speaker is elected by a vote of the members of the House. While it is not required, the speaker usually belongs to the majority political party. The Constitution does not require that the speaker be an elected member of Congress. However, no non member has ever been elected speaker as required by the Constitution. The speaker is elected by a roll call vote held on the first day of every new session of Congress, which begins in January following the November midterm election that’s held every two years. The speaker is elected to a two term to a two year term. So the speaker doesn’t have to be an elected official. Those who control the house, they can try, they can choose their speaker. Now, could this be another path of all else fails? Yes, because think about it. If you don’t release the election fraud until the midterms, and you allow everything that Trump has done, you allow the elections to move forward. And we need to remember that Trump changed, not him himself. But by presenting the cases they change the laws in certain states. All of a sudden, we see the house is now controlled by the Republicans. Now think about this for a second. Trump didn’t release the election fraud, he just had the laws changed. And now the Republicans control the house. Remember, Trump has been endorsing a lot of individuals. He’s building the base and a lot of people are not going to seek reelection. So if this is the case, they can actually bring in Trump as Speaker of the House. He doesn’t have to be an elected official. That’s interesting right there. What happens as Speaker of the House, the audits are completed. And it is shown that there’s election fraud. It shows that Biden cheated, that the signatures don’t match up, that the ballots are fake. Well, the elections are then called into question, right? The military steps in if Biden and Kamala are removed, who’s third in line? Oh, Trump. Now, am I saying this is going to happen? No, I’m saying it’s a different pathway. And I’m sure that Trump thought of this. Remember, he’s not depending on one path. You always have backup plans. But the outcome will be no matter which path he takes.

He’s returning. Remember, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Now, like we said, In the beginning, Mike Pompeo came out and he said, the Bill of Rights is under attack in nearly every on every front. We fought for it, and we will always fight for it. They called us disruptors and anti establishment. to that I say, you bet we are. And yes, that’s what our founding fathers were. They believed in freedom. They believed in rights, and they fought for it. Now, this was put out on April 7 2021, at 921. And this post is on March 10 2018. It’s very interesting as future proves past, which we’re now seeing. It also says revealed sessions has appointed someone outside of DC long ago. So that means there are other or another individual outside of DC. Yes, it could be Huber or it could be someone else. What are sealed, the indictments? reread drops pedesta. Huma, you have more than you know. Q. So it seems with Durham because there’s a lot of news coming out about Durham and how he’s going to destroy evidence. I do believe that there is a backup plan just in case now do I think this is actually happening? No, I think the mainstream media is putting this out there. I think they’re trying to say that he has nothing. This is why Trump mentioned Durham. He wanted the mainstream media to go out there and push information. I do believe that Trump and the Patriots are in complete control. Think about what Trump has done so far. The people are watching the country go down the tubes. Those people that say that it’s not soon there’ll be changing their mind as things get worse and worse. We’re also seeing that Trump is protecting the swing states with new election laws. He is also endorsing certain candidates. He is building the power base. He’s setting everything up. He’s putting all the puzzle pieces together. Because when the time is right, when it’s time to strike, Trump will play the trump card. Listen, everyone. Thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.