May 5, 2021

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X22 Report: Central Bank Has Been Exposed, The People Are Waking Up

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X22 Report: Central Bank Has Been Exposed, The People Are Waking Up

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2398. A and today’s date is February 7 2021. And the top of the episode is central bank has been exposed, the people are waking up. Let’s talk about investing. Take a look at this a five ounce solid silver Apollo 11 coin like this could be yours free. It’s a silver month over at noble gold and things are changing with this new administration, renewables needs solar panels, electric circuits and lots of those other gizmos that use you guessed it silver with a projected 2 trillion investment, there’s never been a better time to profit from the future with your silver IRA. Visit noble gold investments calm that is noble gold Or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse financial news. Now the entire plan of Trump and the Patriots, their plan is to expose the entire system to the public. So they understand what this is all about. And remember, the system is just like the matrix. They created this illusionary economy. They created an illusionary mainstream media, they created an illusionary NFL, Hollywood, they’re all part of the system. The Deep State controls the system. And they control the economy. That’s how it all started with the central bank. The central bank infiltrated the United States. Back in 1913. Yes, there were two other private Western central banks that were here in the United States. But they were both removed one because their charter expired. The other one was Andrew Jackson, and Trump and the Patriots, their plan is to remove the third private Western central bank, which is called the Federal Reserve. Now the Federal Reserve, they have grown incredibly large. The private Western central bank establishment has grown since 1913, it’s not just here in the United States, it is World Wide compared to when we had the first private Western Central Bank and the second private Western central bank. What that means it’s going to take a lot more resources, a lot more countries, a lot more leaders to get rid of this private Western central bank. But I do believe that we are headed in that direction right now. And the people, they’re starting to wake up, the people are starting to realize what the private Western central bank is. And I do believe as more information comes out over time, they’re going to see a lot more. And people are going to realize that we are in an illusion, an economic illusion, since 1913. Yes, as time went on the central bank, they move very, very slowly, methodically, making sure people wouldn’t notice certain things. They use words like, well, this will be temporary, it will only affect the rich, you won’t have to worry about it. We’re removing the country from the gold standard because of speculators and this will be temporary. We’re not going to do quantitative easing forever. It will be temporary. This is an open and free market. Believe us. They’ve been using these words for a very long time. People are starting to realize this is not the fact they realize that the system is rigged. Look what happened with GameStop, AMC, you can see which sides the corrupt politicians took, you could see which sides the mainstream media took. And you can see who they were shutting down. Because they didn’t want this to go any further and hurt their system. So they shut down the everyday person Main Street from selling and buying the stock. And those corrupt politicians. They wanted to look into. Not the hedge funds, not Wall Street. But how the everyday person was able to manipulate their system that they’re manipulating. So they’re going after the everyday person just like they’re going after the everyday person after the protests, tells you everything you need to know. But what’s very interesting is we know the Super Bowl. Today, and it seems that Under Armour is now dumping the NFL licensing deals, it’s also dumping the Major League Baseball deals. And they’re also

cutting ties with the University of California, and UCLA. And those deals were 85 million. Actually, if you look at Major League Baseball, that deal is $50 million. But Under Armour has reaffirmed its contract with Super Bowl bound superstar, Tom Brady, but other athletes are reportedly reevaluating their individual deals with the company.

This is very interesting. They’re going in a completely different direction now. And I do believe this is the change that we’re about to see. Now, what’s very interesting is that we know that Janet Yellen, she is now in the position of the treasury secretary. She used to be the head of the Federal Reserve, and they needed her in that position, because Trump brought the Federal Reserve into the Treasury. And who better to have heading up the Treasury. Well, the person that headed up the Federal Reserve, and that is Janet Yellen. And yes, she is a corrupt individual. Now, what’s very interesting is that, Janet Yellen, she said that American workers who earn 60,000 per year should receive stimulus checks, as part of the White House proposed 1.9 trillion Coronavirus relief package. What about the people that receive 70,080 $5,000 a year that have a family of 234 or more? I mean, there are many families that are struggling because under Trump, those who made $75,000 or a combined total of 150,000. with children, why did they decrease it? That tells you a lot right there. Just like when they came out with the $600 stimulus check. And Trump had to step in and say well, wait a minute, why $600 you took months and months and months, and you’re giving them 600. But you’re sending billions of dollars, all over the world, Pakistan, gender training and many other things, but the American people get $600. And we can see that Biden’s having a problem pushing the 1400 which is going to be 1400 plus 600, which is supposed to be 2000. But it seems he’s having a difficult time with that too. Let’s talk about investing. Take a look at this a five ounce solid silver Apollo 11 coin like this could be yours free. It’s a silver month over at noble gold and things are changing with this new administration, renewables needs solar panels, electric circuits and lots of those other gizmos that use you guessed it’s silver with a projected 2 trillion investment. There’s never been a better time to profit from the future with your silver IRA. Visit noble gold investments calm that is noble gold or click the link in the description. Because they rather help the illegal immigrants coming into this country. Remember, he’s changed the policies now. It’s America last it’s not America first. And the American person? Well, their last everyone else is first. Now it seems that Biden he is following in the same economic footsteps as Jimmy Carter. Yes, we’re going to see inflation. Yes, everything that he’s doing is not to help the economy. Everything that he is doing is to help Wall Street to help the private Western central bank to help the deep state and to move us into the great reset. But what’s very interesting is that more and more people are starting to wake up and they’re starting to look at the private Western central bank system. We can see it as it began with GameStop. With AMC, we see gold and precious metals moving up, we see Bitcoin moving up, and people are questioning fiat currency. They have been for a long time, but now it’s starting to seem that it’s moving into mainstream actually, Kevin sorbo tweeted out the following. Just a reminder that when it was introduced, income tax was only supposed to be temporary. That brings us back to all the words the central bank, the deep state mainstream media likes to use. This will be temporary. Well, I didn’t know coming off the gold center for 51 years or plus is temporary income taxes. Were supposed to be temporary. And here we are today. We still have income taxes. Why? Because the private Western central bank made it permanent. How did they do that? But the 16th amendment. Let’s go back in time a little bit here. During Abraham Lincoln’s time, he signed into law the first income tax Why? Well, first of all, it was called the Revenue Act of 1862. And he appointed George S about well to the office of commissioner of the Internal Revenue. The Act was passed as an emergency and temporary measure to help fund the war and it was supposed to terminate in 1866. The first income tax taxes were also higher for wealthier Americans. In 1862, the rate was 3% on income between six and $10,000, and 5%, on income of over 10,000. In 1864, just two years later, the rate increased to 5% on income of 65,007 and a half percent on income of five to 10,010%. On income on 10,000. Plus, in 1870, to seven years after the war, lawmakers finally did allow the temporary Revenue Act to expire. However, the government continued to raise revenue through income taxes until the Supreme Court came along and said, well

wait a minute, this is completely unconstitutional, and declare the income tax of 1894 unconstitutional. And then it went away. And we had no income tax. And then all of a sudden, in 1913, what happened? The Federal Reserve Act was signed late at night. And it was activated. What also happened? Well, we had the 16th amendment in 1913, which granted power to Congress to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever sources derived. Now, why did they need to pass the 16th amendment? Now there’s a lot of questions about the 16th amendment saying it was never really ratified. And it was never passed by the number of states that they need it. But if you’re going to bring in the private Western central bank, what else do you need? You need a mechanism to collect income tax? No, this is not to fund the government, the income tax was to fund the interest on top of what the government was going to borrow. Remember, before the Federal Reserve in 1913, the government was creating their currency, it was backed by gold, there was no interest attached. Remember, the way that government was getting the currency to support the country was through terrorists, other countries, we’re paying for the government, we’re paying for all of this. But when you introduce the Federal Reserve, and they’re creating currency out of thin air back then it was a printing press. And the only cost was paper and ink and the print and to run the printing press. They charged interest. So now, the people, they were borrowing this money from this corporation, and who’s going to pay the interest? We’d discussed this before, if they loan the people $1. And there’s 10 cents worth of interest on it. And the dollar is the only existing dollar in the country. Where does the people where do they get the 10 cents? It doesn’t exists? So what do you have to do? You have to borrow more. Now you have to borrow another dollar. But you don’t get the full dollar, you only get 90 cents, because you have to pay the interest. But that dollar has interest on that. And this continues on over and over and over and who’s going to pay for the interest? Well, this is how you enslave people. And this is why they push this to make it permanent. This is completely unconstitutional. And this is not what the founding fathers wanted. This is how it all began. And people are starting to wake up and to question all of this. I believe this is going to be questioned as we move forward. As more information is being brought out into the public light. As we see more of these types of crisis’s, where all of a sudden, something happens. And then people watch it. And they say, Well, why they start stopping the little guy. The hedge funds, they’re the ones who are doing all this manipulation. We’ve already come to find out that everything else is rigged. So why wouldn’t this be rigged? The people are gonna see everything. And when this is all said and done, people are going to realize the Federal Reserve was put into place. And it was never a benefit to the people just like the people back during Andrew Jackson’s time and before that, they realize that the private Western central bank was not a benefit to the people. And soon when Trump of the Patriots make their move, yes, they’ll be going after the deep state but they’ll also be going after that private Western central bank. They’re taking down the entire system. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.