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X22 Report: Central Bank Is Now Self Destructing, Message Received

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My name is Dave and this is episode 2450. A n today’s date is April 12 2021. And the thought of the episode is central bank is now self destructing message received. Let’s talk about investing. Hey, it’s spring again. And it’s time for a clear out not just the house and garden stuff, but the finances as well. If you’ve been thinking about starting an IRA or 401k noble gold is giving away a genuine rare Carson City minted Morgan silver dollar with every qualifying IRA, or 401k this month. So give your investments a spring cleaning to and go to noble gold investments. com or call 877-646-5347 that’s 877-646-5347 or click the link in description. Let’s get into the economic collapse financial news. Now what we’re experiencing, we’re experiencing the complete exposure of the private Western central bank and their agenda. Remember the founding fathers, they never wanted corporations, private Western central banks to be in power. They didn’t want them controlling the economy, the founding fathers. They didn’t want taxes. They didn’t want what we have today. And what Trump the Patriots have done is they are showing the world exactly what the private Western central bank is exactly what their plan is. Now, if you look at what Trump has done, over the last four years, he went back to the founding fathers and what they wanted, with this economy, back to the Constitution. What we’re seeing today, we’re seeing that completely undone. We’re watching the private Western central make the big corporations takeover Trump with the Patriots, they wanted everyone to see this. With him, you get an economy that benefits the people with these, the corrupt politicians, the private was central bank, you get an economy that enslaves the people. It’s very, very different. I’ll give you an example. During the pandemic. We know a lot of small businesses they were shut down. Remember? How do you eliminate the small businesses and you just have the big corporations almost like the mainstream media? There are six corporations, I think, what maybe five right now that control it all. And once you can control it all, it means you can control the flow of information. The same thing with corporations, if you have the big corporations selling you everything. And then you take those corporations and you bring it down to 10 to nine to five to four, you have total control. But before you do that, what do you have to do you have to get rid of the small businesses. That pandemic allowed them to do this. A lot of small businesses went out of business, even though they were getting help, we can see there are certain states that still are telling their businesses to stay shut down while the large corporations, they’re allowed to be open. This is all part of the plan. Now during the pandemic, we see that corporate CEOs they receive record compensation in 2020. Do you think the owners of the small businesses do you think they received record compensation? Absolutely not. And what’s very interesting is that the CEOs of the 322 largest US corporations saw their median pay increase from 12 point 8 million in 2019 to 13 point 7 million last year. Now, what’s interesting about this is that sales were plummeting during this period of time. Take for example, the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Lines. They had no cruises, but he was paid 36 point 4 million last year, double his 2019 pay. How is that possible? Because the company reported billions of losses and 80% revenue decline. There were no cruises. Yes, they were giving money from the government. Yes, they were subsidized. Does that mean they should get raises? No. This whole thing is a scam. It was a setup. And you can see that Trump the Patriots, they want people to see this. They want people to get pissed off. They’re allowing the people to see it all. Because you must be shown the truth. You must see it, experience it to once again fight for your freedom for your economic freedom. For your everyday freedom. You need to see it, you need to understand it. And this is exactly what is happening right now. Now, we know that Biden is pushing his infrastructure plan. And it’s really not an infrastructure plan, because about 6% of is really going to infrastructure, even though they’re calling everything infrastructure.

And Pete Buda judge, he was out there talking to Chris Wallace. And he was telling him that this infrastructure ban, which is only 6%, that is going to the actual infrastructure, the rest does not. He’s trying to tell everyone that this is going to create 19 million jobs. And actually, surprisingly, Chris Wallace came out and corrected him and said, No, this is not going to create 90 million jobs, actually, the economy will add 60 point 3 million jobs without the infrastructure plan. Why? Because Trump set it up. Everything starting to open up again. So jobs are coming back online. This has nothing to do with Biden. He said, the actual plan will create 2.7 million, I’m gonna say it’s a lot less than that. probably half of that. So Pete Buda judge, he had to admit that he lied about this. It’s almost like when he took a black SUV like we think it was a suburban a gas guzzler, decided to stop on a side street, take out the bike, then ride the bike, the rest of what 1000 feet to show that he rides his bike to work, and he’s saving on fuel, but the same vans followed him to work. So they use the same fuel, it makes no sense. It was a propaganda stunt. That’s all and it was caught on film. Now, the Biden ministration is planning to spend about 775 per child per day to house unaccompanied illegal minors. That includes in person education. Now think about that in person, education programs. Let’s talk about investing. Hey, it’s spring again. And it’s time for a clear out not just the house and garden stuff, but the finances as well. If you’ve been thinking about starting an IRA or 401k noble gold is giving away a genuine rare Carson City minted Morgan silver dollar with every qualifying IRA, or 401k this month. So give your investments a spring cleaning to and go to noble gold or call 877-646-5347. That’s 877-646-5347 or click the link in description. Can you imagine if we were doing this to every American child? And why do they get in person education while American children they have to learn via zoom? Does that make any sense? are they putting America first or America last? It’s America last under the corruption of the DS, the invisible enemy, the private Western central bank. Now what’s very interesting is that Jay Solomon, he tweeted this out and Mike Pompei or responded. So let me read the tweet. It says latest at IMF report on the Middle East and Central Asia estimates Iran’s accessible foreign exchange reserves plunged to 4.8 billion in 2020, from 123 billion in 2018. That’s a stunning collapse in the country’s wealth. Mike Pompeo responded to that and said, over 96% of Iran’s foreign exchange reserves had been wiped out since we left the disastrous jcpa. This is a direct result of our maximum pressure campaign. America is safer when the ayatollah can’t fund his nuclear program and proxy terror.

Now, Mike Pompeo, he’s letting us know, from this post, that they’re hitting the central bank very, very hard and hitting the regime very, very hard by removing the United States from the JCP. We know this was a complete and utter setup. But what’s very interesting about this post is that this post was put up at 136. And if you go back to post 136, this is November 11th 2017. Now there’s many posts that work with this post. And it’s about the private Western central bank and how there are private one central banks in each one of the countries. In this one, it gives us a list of all the different private Western central banks, starting with the Cayman Islands going all the way down to arann. The central bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now it’s very interesting that this post that pompeyo put out corresponds to a post that It has the Iranian central bank in it, because it is only mentioned one time, let is letting us know that the central banks around the world, they are in a self destruct mode right now, everything is overheating. Remember, they never expected it to be going on this long, they never expected this to be the way it is right now they thought we would be in a war, they thought they would have a cover up maybe with the pandemic, they never expected Trump to counter them with a vaccine and put everything into chaos. They thought they had complete and utter control. And now they have no cover story. It’s all falling apart on them. And they’re exposed. And they’re self destructing because the private Western central bank system, the one they developed, it’s not supposed to last that long, it only lasts around 45 to 50 years. And then it really starts to fall apart, it starts to implode, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it. And it continues on and on and on. And this is why the private wasn’t a domain likes a cover story like a war, because it allows them to cover up the economic implosion. Because if you have a war, there’s scarcity, there’s destruction, there’s loss of life. If we had the pandemic the way they wanted it, what will we have? We would have loss of life, we’d have the economic destruction caused by the pandemic. And this is is exactly what they wanted. But they’re not getting it because Trump countered them with the vaccine. And now there’s chaos, because you have the pharmaceutical companies on one side, you have the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, with the great reset on once on the other side, they want the pandemic, the pharmaceutical companies are trying to make the case that know their stuff works. The other side is saying No, it doesn’t. We have another variant. And they’re fighting against each other. And people are confused. But we need to remember that the founding fathers, they never wanted to have a private Western central bank, they never wanted. What we have today. And actually, if we go back to Thomas Jefferson, and by the way on April 13, this is going to be his 270/8 birthday. The founders did not penalize productivity through taxes. They had no internal revenue service. They believed in minimal taxation. Americans did not pay income taxes which were prohibited by the Constitution. They did not pay export taxes, which were also prohibited by the Constitution. But imports were taxed. Tariffs were used to fund governments to fund the state government to fund the federal government. What a Trump two. When he came into office, he placed tariffs on countries and gave these funds to the farmers and others. So the founding fathers believed in free trade within our own borders, and a system of tariffs on imported goods. And Thomas Jefferson, he said the following, it must be observed that our revenues are raised almost wholly on imported goods. Now, Jefferson, he never wanted the federal government to have this gigantic national debt. I think today, if he saw the debt, he’d be turning over in his grave.

When Jefferson was in his administration, and this is during his eight years of tenure in office, he reduced the national debt from 83 million to 57 million, despite America’s war with Barbary States during the same period, and the founding fathers knew that the people had to coin their own money. They had to create their own currency controlled their own currency. They were never supposed to borrow it from a private Western central bank, which is a private corporation. They were never supposed to borrow it with interest attached, where the country continually went into debt every single day. And it got worse because it’s compounded over time. And that’s why we’re at where we’re at, because they knew that this breeds corruption. This is why they never wanted any of this. And this is why when Trump was in his presidency, he was returning us to the Constitution. So people could see the way the founding fathers wanted the economy to be. And as you return to the Constitution, and as you return the economy, outside of the private was the central bank. You can see how great the economy can be now what Trump did, he took the economy, and he knew how to control the central bank illusion and he was able to push the Federal Reserve in there The area that the he wanted them to be. He wanted lower interest rates. He wanted stimulus. This way he could show the people that if I remove taxes or lower taxes, if I remove regulations, if I renegotiate the trade deals in place tariffs on countries, you can see what type of an economy we would have. Now, if he took this a step further, and got rid of the private Western central bank during this period of time, this would be an economy like we’ve never seen before. And I do believe he’s headed in that direction. And I do believe Mike Pompeo is sending us a signal that the central banks around the world are in a self destruct mode right now. Because everything is overheating. They were talking about overheating during Trump’s administration. Well, it’s overheating now. Actually, he set it up to overheat. He set it up. And there’s no way that Biden can get out of this right now. Now remember, at the same period of time right now, what do we have? What do we have? We have cryptocurrency we have golden silver, we have a system that can be used in a moment’s notice. Now, is it going to happen tomorrow? No, I think it’s going to happen over time. I think people are going to start to really understand what cryptocurrency is, people are going to start to realize that, yes, I need to hold gold and silver to protect my wealth. I think you need to have both. Personally I do. Because you never know what’s going to happen. And also, this allows you to be outside of the private Western central bank system. They don’t control cryptocurrencies. They don’t control physical gold and physical silver. And I don’t mean the paper stuff. I’m talking about actually holding it in your hands, either either silver coins, gold, and having cryptocurrency that is allowing you to be outside of their system. And as you build your wealth outside of their system, yes, you still going to have dollars because you need to survive today. You’re building your wealth outside of their system, which will allow you then to transition into the new system. When I do believe that new system is approaching very, very quickly. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.




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