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X22 Report: Comms, Trump Is Now In The Process Of Rearranging The Playing Board

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X22 Report: Comms, Trump Is Now In The Process Of Rearranging The Playing Board

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Hi, and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2415 bn today’s date is February 28 2021. And the title of the episode is comes Trump is now in the process of rearranging the playing board. Let’s talk about our health new studies revealed that tumeric might be the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth. If you don’t know what tumeric is, it’s a plant that was revered in ancient times in Egypt and India for its anti aging properties. Many modern day health experts now agree that consuming tumeric is as crucial as it gets to renew and revitalize how you look and feel the problem however, you need to consume the right types of tumeric. to experience these anti aging benefits. Easier said than done. This is difficult, if not downright impossible with the average diet or typical supplements. This is why I recommend ageless body ageless body uses the right type of tumeric. That’s 46 times more effective than that typically found on store shelves with ages body, you can experience all the anti aging benefits of tumeric without having the problems on how to get it into your diet get ages body today for 51% off by going to age with x 20 two.com. Or click the link below. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now Trump, the Patriots, they’ve been strategizing they’ve been planning since Trump got into office actually before that. And he’s been looking at the swamp. He’s been telling us over and over that the swamp is deep and wide. And he needed a way to figure out who was with the swamp. And who was against this one because you know, politicians, they’ll smile at you while they’re stabbing you in the back. So he knew that he couldn’t just believe people, he knew there needed to be another way to figure out who was with him and who was against him. Now, when he was younger, he told us that he would like to lose everything so he could see who was actually with Him and who was against him. And I do believe this is what he did. During this election. He decided to lose. And there’s other reasons why he did this. But one of the reasons was to see the playing field, who was out there, who was part of the swamp, who wasn’t who was with me who was against me. Trump figured that out. Since he figured that out, what else can he do? Well, since he knew who the swamp creatures were, he started to rearrange the board, the playing board, and he started to replace those individuals. Remember, the people want Trump, he has a lot of power right now. He tells people, this is the person we need. The people go ahead and they say yes, this is the person we need. So now that he knows who the swamp creatures are, he can start replacing the swamp with those people that are going to work for the people that not that are not part of the swamp. And this is what Trump is doing right now that that’s where we’re at. He is now draining the swamp. And he’s replacing these individuals, with people that are going to work for We the People. Now at the same time. Trump right now is showing the world how disastrous Biden is. And yes, he’s speaking at sea pack today. And he’s making his speech letting everyone know that Biden is a disaster. This was done on purpose. He put everything into place because he knew that the foreign entities, the different foreign governments, were going to work with Biden to undo almost everything that he did everything that the people wanted. And now the people are seeing this because Biden is anti everything. Actually, it’s not him. He’s a puppet. Those that are telling him what to do like Obama, and those people who are non elected beyond


who hide behind the curtain in the shadows. They’re telling him exactly what they did what to do, and they don’t care if he does it very quickly, because they need it done. They need it done now. I mean, look, what Look what else Biden did. He revoked an executive order by Trump that made classical architecture, the default style for new federal buildings. Think about all the executive orders and all the different things that Trump did and look what Look what Biden is doing. He is undoing all of it, he doesn’t care what they are. He’s just listening to the puppet masters and say, get rid of it, get rid of it, get rid of it. And like we said, Trump is now bringing in his people, not his people personally, but the people that are going to work for we the people. So Trump is now endorsing many individuals. The latest is Max Miller for Congress. And he’s going to be going up against Gonzales. Anthony Gonzales. He voted to impeach Trump, part of the swamp. So Trump is endorsing Miller. He’s changing the players. He can see it clearly now. He knows who’s with him, who’s against him. How else do you drain the swamp? This is the entire process of knowing who to trust and who not to trust. And at the same time this is going on. We have the spotlight on certain governors. We have new election laws coming into play in certain states. And we have judge’s ruling. In cases like Arizona, where they’re saying, you know something, we need to audit the 2.1 million ballots. So in Maricopa County, a judge has ruled that the Arizona senate subpoenas demand in the 2020 election ballots and voting machines for audit are valid. So in the ruling, the judge wrote, the court finds that the subpoenas are legal and enforceable. There is no question that the senators have the power to issue legislative subpoenas. The subpoenas comply with statutory requirements for legislative subpoenas. The Senate also has broad constitutional power to oversee elections. So the Arizona legislature clearly has the power to investigate and examine election reform matters. And they are pushing this. And if you look at many of these states, like Georgia and others, they’re bringing in voter ID. They’re changing the laws, not the governor, not the Attorney General. But the legislators all at the same exact time. Trump is replacing the swamp creatures. The people are watching all of this. Trump is in complete and utter control. Who else is in the spotlight? Cuomo, Newsome, Whitmer. We’ll be talking about them a little bit later. But let’s talk about Rick Grinnell right now. Because he’s out and he while he was at sea pack, and he was talking to the audience, and he was letting everyone know that Newsome is in trouble. He faces a potential recall as we know he, we have enough signatures now to go after him to get rid of him. And also Grinnell says something else that was very interesting, he was talking about, we should be really looking at term limits for our elected officials. Now, that’s very interesting. So now we have states passing voter ID, we have term limits for that which is brought up. And we have certain individuals in the spotlight that killed many people during the pandemic. Now out in the UK, which is very interesting. The UK is going to introduce a bill to mandate voter ID. Now, of course, we have the US civil rights group, they’re warning that the bill will result in voter suppression, erode faith in the democratic process. But we know from queue, we know from everything else that you need an ID for this is all fake information. You need an ID to get welfare, food stamps, any type of government assistance, you need an ID to purchase a weapon. You need an ID to book a hotel room, you need an ID for almost everything. So why not voting for the president? They just bring this up to scare everyone. But we know this now. Why? Because the people are awake. Now what’s very interesting is that US Attorney Durham, he announced that he was going to be leaving his district of Connecticut law office because he was the US Attorney for the district of Connecticut. Does this mean he’s resigning as special counsel? No. Yes, we’ve

had a lot of individuals that have departed like Huber. But Durham is still a special counsel. He still has the ability to bring on prosecutors. He still has the ability to indict and arrest and I do believe he’ll be presenting certain information when the time is right. Is the time right right now. No, remember the Patriots are in complete control. Trump. He’s already decided when he was going to strike. The military left it up to him. And I do believe this is all part of his plan. This plan is one week People up trapping the deep state with this sting operation, just like we talked about on Thursday, about all the other sting operations he was involved with, in Atlantic City with Rudy Giuliani going after the crime families. He’s doing the same thing here. This is just on a larger scale. Remember, the swamp is deep and wide. But you can see that all these swamp creatures, they are pulling out everything they possibly can right now, remember Khashoggi when President Trump when he was president, and we had the intelligence agencies, the former intelligence agency, like john brennan come out and say, Oh, look, Khashoggi was murdered. Trump needs to do something. Well, that was a setup. They wanted Trump to do something. And Trump didn’t go along with it. He didn’t go along with that intelligence. So now they brought it up. And they said, Yes, Saudi Arabia, they were responsible. The king was responsible. And this is how it went down. Now, Biden, did he do anything? No. He hasn’t done anything as of yet. But Jordan schach tell. He tweeted this out. Khashoggi was a foreign agent and not a journalist. A byline at the Washington Post. He didn’t write his own pieces, does not change this reality. A binladin confident who was wholly invested in attempting to ignite Islamist insurgencies in the Middle East. Don’t shed a tear over this guy. By the way, no one really cares about Khashoggi who was one of millions of casualties of the Middle East turf wars. Khashoggi is a front for a regional spat, that people who are emotionally invested in this cycle are simple suckers for a foreign agenda. Khashoggi is nothing more than an Islamic coalition formation operation that is being leveraged to damage traditional us allies in the Middle East. And the long standing standing us ties with these countries. It’s most mostly being run by Qatar, which is driving this route. The New York Times washington post in Congress. Khashoggi was an Islamist who openly advocated for jihadist uprisings. his fiance is an Islamist, who does the same. His entire network is Islamist dude was neck deep in fomenting insurgencies. He is not the person the media, or Congress tells you he was, it’s all garbage. The goal of this information operation is to undermine the Saudi royal family and grip more power to a power block that is more fun, friendly to the global jihadist. It’s a regime change effort, which, if successful, what sort of unbelievable kinetic madness in the region. And this is what they tried to do before, but it didn’t work. And then the other day, we had Biden, who decided to bomb Syria. Now why did he do this? It’s a sovereign nation. Was he going after the terrorists? No, Trump got rid of the terrorists? What would be the reason for Joe Biden to go ahead and bomb Syria? Because, once again, what are they trying to do? They’re trying to get back to where they were. Who do they want out?


What did Obama do? during his term? He called the shots told the military where to bomb. Why it allowed the terrorists to expand. Was Biden really going after the Iranian militia? No, absolutely not. Was he sending them a message? No. That wasn’t the point of all this. This was to bring everything back online. Remember, Putin came in, Trump came in and they destroyed the entire ISIS force that was growing and growing under Obama, because Obama picked out the targets. They told the military where to drop the bombs. It wasn’t to destroy the Islamic State. It was to make them grow. And that’s what happened. They grew and they grew and they grew until Trump and Putin stepped in and stopped it. Now, you can see the media. They report very, very differently. On the bombings. Remember, when Trump came into office, what did he do? He shot missiles into Syria. He bombed Syria. What was that for? Was that to help the Islamic State? No, it was to destroy them. But look what they wrote back then. If Trump strikes Syria, without congressional approval, his Syrian policy will be both the imprudent and unconstitutional. This is the same guy. This is David French, and this is what he wrote about Biden, good. targeting our troops should carry a consequence. So right there, you can see that it’s okay if Biden goes ahead and bomb Syria, but not if Trump does it. So the question is why Trump wasn’t hitting the right targets. Biden, he was, what are those targets? The targets were to allow the terrorists to come back Trump was getting rid of the terrorists to different things. And you can see the mainstream use, you can see which side the mainstream media is on. Now, what’s very interesting with this whole pandemic, we know that these governors mayors, where they’re telling people what to do, when to do it, when to go to church, when to go to temple, when you go to mosque, you can see they follow completely different rules. We know out in California, that most of the indoor dining is not happening. It’s not allowed. But Gavin Newsome. He was caught by somebody. And he was dining indoors with George Lopez. Now he has rules for the people. And he has a separate set of rules for himself. But what’s very interesting out in California, we’re watching California, New York now, the Supreme Court, they invalidated a California county ban on indoor religious services, ruling that Santa Clara County must allow five churches to hold indoor services. First of all, the Constitution is not suspended. The rights are not suspended. And everyone has the right to worship. We don’t need a Supreme Court to tell us when we can or can’t do it. We don’t need to depend on a governor to tell us when we can or cannot do it. Because the Constitution says we already have the right. And I think this is what the people need to start to do. We don’t need to wait for any of these individuals. We don’t need to have permission to do anything because free people don’t ask for permission. They just do it because they’re free. Now we know that the investigation into Cuomo is going on. And you can see the mainstream media, they don’t even want to report on it. And he’s in a lot of trouble right now. We knew this all the way back to May that he knowingly did this actually, we knew that many governors knowingly did this. And now we’re getting calls from the Michigan republican state legislators. They’re calling for an investigation into who governor Gretchen Whitmer over the Coronavirus desk at the nursing homes. This is starting to spread. Because once one of these governors goes down, the rest are going to follow because they did the same exact thing they knowingly put sick people who had the flu into the nursing homes to bring the death count up. Why do you think Trump brought in the ships into California, New York?

He set them up. What do you think he brought the Army Corps of Engineers to set up makeshift hospitals all over the place? Why do you think he created ventilators so quickly? He set them up. They never thought he would be able to do all of this. And hit there he had in New York and Cal and California. All these beds, same thing in Michigan all these beds ready to go. Go ahead, fill them up. And guess what they did? They shoved people into nursing homes. Now with Cuomo. We’re having women come out of the woodwork right now. And they’re pointing the finger at Cuomo saying that he went after them. And we’re not really hearing that much from the women remember Cavanaugh. We had Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, they were all coming out of the woodwork, the me to movement, everything believe the woman. Let’s talk about our health new studies reveal that tumeric might be the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth. If you don’t know what tumeric is. It’s a plan that was revered in ancient times in Egypt and India for its anti aging properties. Many modern day health experts now agree that consuming tumeric is as crucial as it gets to renew and revitalize how you look and feel the problem however, you need to consume the right types of tumeric to experience these anti aging benefits. Easier said than done. This is difficult, if not downright impossible with the average diet or typical supplements. This is why I recommend ageless body ageless body uses the right type of tumeric that’s 46 times more effective than that typically found on store shelves with ages body you can experience all the anti aging benefits of tumeric without having the problems on how to get it into your diet. Get ages body today for 51% off by going to age with x 20 two.com. Or click the link below. Well, where are they with these women? Have you heard anything from Kamala? No silence. How about Nancy? Anything? No. AOC? Not much. Elizabeth Warren kyrsten Gillibrand, Hillary Clinton. Anybody? Shouldn’t we be having protests? Shouldn’t they be out there? But we hear nothing. Was this whole political? Yes, yes, it was. Now it seems that Cuomo was trying to pick or appoint a judge to investigate his sexual harassment claims. And it’s very interesting that he was going to do this and it seems like He’s backing off now from appointing a former federal judge to investigate claims of sexual harassment against him. And he’s going to allow New York Attorney General Letitia James, and judge Janet to for a to choose someone to investigate the allegations. He should have no say in this whatsoever. But it seems that he’s trying to protect himself and he thinks he can call the shots. No, he can. And it seems that New York Attorney General Letitia James, she is ready to oversee an investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Governor Cuomo. This is not working out well for him. I do believe that he should resign. Remember, he was the golden child for the pandemic? He did it. All right. Everyone should have been following his model. Isn’t this what Fauci said? Then he won an Emmy. Did he get a book deal? Now it’s all coming down around him. But we knew this way, way back, we knew that they were going to go and investigate him. We knew this back in May. We’ll be talking about that in just a sec. But what’s very interesting is that the frontline doctors, they are now proposing a vaccine Bill of Rights. And they’re doing this to protect citizens from forced shots, which, yes, no one should force anyone to do anything. If those people are so scared of this fake virus, that is really just the common cold, they can go out and get the vaccine. They’re protected. But no one should force anyone else to get the vaccine. Because if you’re protected, don’t worry about anybody else. Everyone else needs to worry about themselves. And if you feel that you need to get this to protect yourself. Get it you’re protected. Yes, I know, the mainstream media is out there. let you know that if you get the vaccine, you’re not protected. You still have to wear a mask. That is just absolutely ridiculous. Because the whole point of the vaccine, it’s to protect you. And why? Why would you get it then? You wouldn’t need it. Because it was not going to protect you. It’s worthless.

But why would you need it anyhow, with a 99.9 X percent curable rate? Actually, when there’s cures out there like hydroxychloroquine, there’s absolutely no reason to get this because you can be cured with therapeutics, many other drugs, there’s no reason to do it. Now, what’s very interesting is that we know back in time, Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller thanked pence for personally overseeing the most complex operation in the history of the US military. And we know that they put certain things into place and I know a lot of people are saying, well, Pence is a trader pence. He’s not working with Trump. He went against Trump. No, this was part of the plan. Remember, we’re gonna find out that many people were acting. It had to be this way. People needed to believe what was happening, because this is part of this sting operation. Remember Trump? It’s not make America great again. His new slogan is save America. Why would you need to save it? Well, the entire plan was activated. When Trump lost the election. Yes, it was lost on purpose. He already told us that he was going to lose the election. He told us how they were going to do it. Actually. In post for 494. We were told how they were going to do it. It says is this about the virus or the election, manipulated polls meant to legitimize rigged election results. The election was not rigged. All the polls demonstrated Biden’s clearly across the country example. What happens if China successfully duplicates clones, selected ballots, battleground states? What happens if coordination exists with select states to deliver printing and paper ballot receipts? secrets to select foreign adversaries? Nothing to lose logical thinking. Then if you go back to Trump’s tweets, he said some interesting things about the election. Here’s one, it says the unsolicited mail in ballot scam is a major threat to our democracy. And the democrats know it. Almost all recent elections using this system, even though much smaller, and with far fewer balanced account have ended up being a disaster, large numbers of missing ballots and fraud. Here’s another one, sending out 80 million ballots to people who aren’t even asking for ballot is unfair and total fraud in the making. Look at what’s going on right now. And then he said next up the ballot hoax. He was letting everyone know, he knew he knew how they were doing it. He knew they were going to cheat. Q was letting us know that they were going to cheat. But this was all part of the plan. The plan was to capture these individuals in the act to set them up. Not by cheating by a little. They wanted them to cheat like they’ve never cheated before. Why do you think they had to shut everything down? Because they had to count how many votes they were losing by? How many ballots they were going to need. And they needed a lot. What do you think Trump used the spaceforce? For? They caught the real count. They have the actual numbers. Remember, the spaceforce is monitoring everything, everything that goes on? Do you really think Trump is doing nothing about this? No. This is about exposing the swamp. This is about seeing the board seeing the players. Trump right now he controls the GOP. Think about all those republicans that been there for a very long time. You think they’re in control? Now, Trump controls it. And this is exactly what he wanted. Because he’s changing the players now. Yes, he will get to the D party, because when everything is exposed, the D party will cease to exist the way it is now. It will be completely wiped clean. And it will take a very long for them long time for them to even come back. And think about what’s happening right now. Trump, he needed to clean everything out everything that they did, he needed to end it, especially the pandemic. He needed the pandemic in the beginning. He needed it for the plan. Now he needs them to get rid of it. This is why he said that the pandemic is going to start to disappear in April. He didn’t mean in 2020. He meant in 2021. Because we could see the who changed how they calculate the PCR test. And think what he has done so far. He’s the head of the GOP. He’s the leader. He can see the board. He’s swapping the players. And the pandemic

is disappearing. He had them change the testing and had the states open up and they’re opening up and continually opening up plus, he was able to put the spotlight on Cuomo, Newsome, Whitmer, and others. Remember, queue told us about this. Go back to post 4329. This was May 27th 2020. gave us some links Fox News, Cuomo. immunity nursing home campaign donation. And another Fox News, New York Health website delete comos orders on nursing home. And down below q says if elderly most at risk? No. As in brackets, knowingly that’s in brackets. Why order COVID-19 positive patients back into nursing homes. Hospital capacity. Us ns comfort capacity ignorant bracket a or deliberate be deliberate be accountability options outside other than ballot box. Q already told us what was happening. already told us that they knowingly did this that there was going to be an investigation. This was all the way back in May. And everything is being exposed right now. Think about what else is happening. The legislators now. Well, they’re passing laws to lock down the election. A lot of the states are looking at voter ID. A lot of the other states are saying you know something. We can have ballots coming in days after the election. Everything is starting to change. And Biden is doing everything the deep state the foreign governments want. Think about China around the invisible enemy. Biden is working very fast to do what they want and everyone is noticing it. He’s in the spotlight. Cuomo is in the spotlight. Whitmer is in the spotlight. Newsome is in the spotlight. Soon these individuals are going to be removed. Trumpton walk away. He’s reorganizing the board. He’s showing the people who the criminals are. He’s setting everything up to take the go to the next phase. Now what’s very interesting people have noticed that the plane that Biden flies on, now any plane can be Air Force One it doesn’t have to be the 747 that Trump fly flew on. It couldn’t be another plane and they can designate it Air Force One and I’m not looking at the plane Particularly, to say, Oh, that’s not Air Force One that one is because it’s just the callsign. Well, people have noticed is when they were tracking the planes that Biden was on, that they didn’t designate it as Air Force One. Now, we’ll have to follow this further to see if this happens over and over, maybe this was just a fluke. But if this happens over and over and over again, and it and we don’t see Air Force One flying with him on it, and they don’t designate it as Air Force One, I’m not talking about the type of plane then we know something’s up. So does this mean the military? If it’s not designated as Air Force One does this mean, the military does identify him as the president of the US? Maybe? Remember, the DS, they wanted to take the nuclear codes away from Biden? Why would they want to do this? Yes, the 25th amendment is going to come into play. But who is pushing for this? Was this foreign governments? Remember that post from cue about tracking the football? about tracking all of this? Yes, they’re monitoring all this. They want to see what happens. who really has the launch goes, actually the launch codes that Biden has, are they operational? Or does Trump still have the codes? That’s interesting. Now, what’s very interesting, we’re getting comms from all over the place here. Mike Pompeo tweeted this out. These four years will test us keep grinding, be a pipe hitter.

Now the question is what is a pipe hitter? Well, if you go to the Urban Dictionary, it tells you what it is.

A terminology often used to categorize the elite Special Operations direct action units of the United States military, Delta Force, kanak SEAL Team Six, the 75th Ranger Regiment, seals and some elements of special force groups. Green Berets, are all considered pipe fitters marine force recon kind of sort of falls in this category also, all these units are highly respectable, well trained top of the branch operators. So why is he saying keep grinding? Be a pipe hitter? Be a special force. Are there Special Forces going after certain individuals? Maybe, maybe not.

But let’s go

to post four because he says these four years will test us and this is what this says was October 29 2017. Some of us come here to drop crumbs, just crumbs POTUS is 100% insulated any discussion suggesting he’s even a target is false. POTUS will not be addressing nation on any of these issues as people begin to be indicted and must remain neutral for pure optical reasons to suggest this as the plan is false and should be common sense focus on military intelligence state secrets and why might that be used verse any three letter agency? What Supreme Court decision opened the door for a sitting president to activate what must be showed? What is POTUS surrounded by? Why is POTUS surrounded by generals? Again, there are a lot more good people than bad. So have faith. This was a hostile takeover from an evil corrupt network of players, not just Democrats. Don’t fool yourself into thinking Obama soars. Roth’s Clintons etc. have more power present day than POTUS Operation Mockingbird, Patriots are in control, sit back and enjoy the show. And then we had Dan scavino on February 26 2021. He put out a picture and it looks like it’s part of Mar a Lago, the flag is half staff. And this was put out at 106. So if we go to post 106, and at the bottom, it says the following. Nothing is a coincidence. We are at war, Saudi Arabia cut the strings. They are they are scrambling for cover and using any means necessary. out of their remaining power control. God bless. So it seems that the deep state, they’re panicking. This is why they behind fences. This is why they have the National Guard out they don’t know what Trump is going to do. And today Trump is giving a speech at sea pack. Yes, Trump is not going to come out and tell everyone Hey, by the way, we have all the election fraud. Yes, we’re gonna go after these people. Remember, this is a sting operation. Yes, they’re going to use that he’s going to be running in 2024 that he’ll be back. Let’s do this. While they push the other plan, and they move forward with the operation. Do you think when Trump was the informant with crime families, you think he came out and said by the way we’re investigating You know, he made everything seem normal you always do. And during his speech, Trump said this is far from being over. In the end, we will win and Mark Meadows put out a tweet saying Trump is planning his next administration. Now we know that Trump was planning another administration because we know from the post, it says version two of the Trump administration, remember to bring in people that you trust, to bring in those individuals that have the position that the swamp has now in need to get rid of the swamp. How do you know who’s part of the swamp? Well, you need some type of an event, you need some type of crisis. So you can see where people stand. Trump right now is rearranging everything. He’s bringing in the people that he wants. He’s getting rid of the swamp creatures. And during his speech,

he said already twice, that we won the election, that the Republican Party is becoming the party of love. People are seeing how bad it can be. And he’s letting everyone out. Think about what he’s doing right now. He allowed Biden to get into this position. He set them up. He wanted the country to see how bad it was going to be. He said they use COVID for cheating. That’s what happened. Yes, they use COVID for many things. He’s letting everyone see it all. This is why he spent the four years reversing as much as he possibly could. Because he knew that people would see the difference. And this would wake people up even the people that voted for Biden, and at the same time he can see the swamp. He could rearrange. He can put Cuomo Whitmer, Newsome in the spotlight for everything that they did. Actually, the people saw what they did. That’s why they’re recalling Newsome. This is all part of the plan. The Patriots are in total control. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.