X22 Report: Deepstate Revealed How They Rigged The Election, Assets In Place, Wait For It..

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Hi and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2398 bn today’s date is February 7 2021. And the title of the episode is deep state revealed how they rigged the election assets in place. Wait for it. Let’s talk about protecting yourself the data of 2.3 million users have been leaked after a hacker managed to find a backdoor into the popular dating site meet mindful leak personal data includes names Facebook IDs, emails, birth dates, location data and a lot more. The data was then uploaded to a public hacking forum for anyone to download meet mindful says they have since patched the flow, but the damage is already done. If you want to prevent hackers or an attacks like this from happening to you, I highly recommend virtual shield virtual shield is the only VPN I’ll ever use because they have a strict no log policy and built their software from the ground up for privacy protection. Virtual shield service is compatible with all devices allows you to browse the web safely, securely and anonymously using their global network for servers and private IPS. It’s available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android or chrome. Go to virtual shield comm forward slash x 22 to get virtual shield for 50% off today by visiting the link below. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Trump in the Patriots, they have caught them all. They caught every single one of them. And now they’re allowing the enemy to do what they do best. Remember, this is not about a four year election. This is not about Trump winning and just being president for four years. This is not just about draining a couple people in government or arresting just Podesta and Clinton. This is about breaking their entire system. And the question is how do you break their system? You should just expose it now. And you let everyone see it. And you say, hey, there’s election fraud. Well try to do that I mentioned this before, go into Home Depot, go into Lowe’s, go into any store, like Walmart stand up and say hey, by the way, the virus isn’t deadly. It’s a 99.99% recovery rate. Depending on your age, you don’t have to wear masks. There’s no clinical trials, peer reviewed that show that mass work. And it’s safe. The mainstream media completely blew this out of proportion and H CQ works. Let me know how many people say oh my God, thank God, you told me that you’re right. You know, something we believe you know, most of America, even though they voted for Trump, they’re still in that fog of what should I believe? Who should I believe? Even though the ratings of mainstream media there can continually dropping and people are trusting them less and less and less. People still have a very difficult time accepting the truth. The truth is much harder to accept than propaganda. And truth takes a lot longer to rise up and to knock down propaganda. And the only way for Trump to move forward and I’m not just talking about Trump talking about the Patriots, everyone’s working with him to move forward is to get the people on the same page. People understand that there’s something wrong, they feel it, they just can’t put their finger on it. And if Trump just came out and said, Listen, is election fraud? Well, what was the mainstream media going to do? What was the social media companies going to do? Well, we saw what they did. And he won that counters the elections that say elections are fraudulent, they’re rigged. They take your account down, the mainstream media cuts away. They don’t let people see it. This allows them to fall right into the trap that the Patriots set. They’re knowingly doing this on purpose.

Remember, this is in different stages, to bring public opinion, to the point where they understand what is going on and Trump what he needed to do. He needed the enemy to bring it to the people’s attention. He doesn’t want to bring it to people’s attention, even though he’s filing the lawsuits. He’s won a lot of the lawsuits. People still don’t believe just like when he came up with hc Q. If people just believed him, they would have said we have nothing to worry about. I don’t need to wear a mask because hc q works. It can cure me. When they came out and said it was 99.9 x recoverable. People would say, Well, why do I have to do this? I don’t need a mask. The major population would just do this. Yes. We’re a rake. We understand And we see what’s going on. But Trump has to allow the enemy to bring this out. So he can play on it. And they can see it happen at the right moment. It’s, it’s like a sting operation. They wait. They collect the recordings. They let the transactions happen. They continue and they meet with other people, they record that they monitor that they allow them to make another deal, because why just make them make one deal when they can do many other things. And you can trap them in everything. This is what Trump and the Patriots have been doing. And soon, we’re going to see how this is all going to play out, actually, everything is going to start to turn in the opposite direction. And people are going to start to hear different things. They’re going to see proof of election fraud, how they rigged it actually, those individuals in the mainstream media, the corrupt politicians, I’m not talking about the deep state, remember, there’s different levels. They believe that they’re in control. They believe that they won, they got Biden in, and they used everything they possibly could use to alter the election results. They feel comfortable now. Why do you think that Time magazine article came out? explaining how they rigged the election? They came out with it because they feel safe. The Trump and the Patriots? Did they want them to do this? Yes. Because now it’s on record on what they’ve done. Can Trump use this? Yes, he can. This is about allowing the enemy to actually destroy themselves. Now remember, these are the people, the low level, troops of the deep state, the mainstream media time, MSNBC, CNN and all the rest, the corrupt politicians, where they think they’re empowered, and they have power over this entire situation, and nobody can touch them. And look what we can do. It’s almost like that video, during the protests, where john Sullivan was recording when he said he wasn’t and then he admitted he was recording and said he was going to delete it, which he didn’t their egos get in the way. And their ego say, wow, look what we did. Let’s record this, let let’s publish this and show everyone how great we are. Look what we’ve done. But does that help them in the end? No, look, what look what it did to john Sullivan. Look what it’s going to do to the deep state. We’ll be talking about all of this because I started to see that everything now is starting to come together and assets are being deployed. The battlefield is taking shape now. And Trump, the Patriots, they’re getting ready to move in for the kill. Now, what’s very interesting is that q has always told us to watch all the people that are resigning. And in the week prior to the Senate impeachment trial, we have CEOs of four major organizations that are announcing that they’re resigning. Now, they’re in control of everything. Why do they need to resign right now they wouldn’t. We have Jeff Zucker of CNN. We discussed that before Jeff Bezos of Amazon, which we discussed before Thomas Donohue, from the Chamber of Commerce. And we have Catherine mohar. from Wikipedia. They’re all stepping down. Why? Because something else is happening right now. They know it. The Deep State knows it. Actually, the deep state is panicking. They don’t know what Trump is up to. He’s not on social media. Yes, he does have an account on gab, which we think it says it’s it shows a blue checkmark which he’s Pro.

But he’s not really tweeting out there. He’s not really posting. And this makes them very, very nervous because they don’t know what he’s up to. He’s very, very silent about everything. And again, this is the art of war. Now, what’s very interesting, remember when Trump removed the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, and said this is not for the United States, this is not going to help the United States. This is a moneymaker for the elite. Well, it’s very interesting is that France, they’re guilty of failing to meet their own Paris Climate Agreement commitments. This is what a Paris court found. They’re there. It’s their agreement, but they’re not meeting the commitments. Well, it’s really about money. They were saying Setting up a Ponzi scheme, where the people of the world were going to pay for all this and they were going to profit. They were never going to make the world green and better. They don’t care about the world. They care about that themselves control greed. That’s all they care about. Now, Biden is out there. And he’s saying that he’s going to revive the Iran deal. and Iran is out there saying, Listen, you need to remove the sanctions from us. And Biden, he’s paying lip service and say, no, we’re not going to remove the sanctions. But we’ll have to see what happens. Because Biden, as we know, he doesn’t stick to his word, what politician actually does, none of them. They say something, and weeks later, they go back on it. And what’s very interesting is out in Myanmar, or Burma, the internet in the country was shut down. Now they’re saying it was done by the military. Now, what’s very interesting about this is that all the leaders around the world, were saying, This isn’t right. The people have the right, to hear to see things on the internet. This should not happen. And it seems that certain societies and certain governments around the world are saying that this is completely not democratic, and the people have the right to post they have the right to see things on the internet. And the military shouldn’t be doing this. Now. Again, this is what the mainstream media is reporting that the military has done this, but we don’t know exactly for sure who did this. But think about their message. This is going to be used against them later on. Because now they’re on record, saying that this shouldn’t happen. We shouldn’t see a communication blackout. Now what happens when Trump and Sidney Powell and the rest, Mike lyndale, they start to produce evidence that there’s election fraud, and the social media companies in the mainstream media decide to blackout? Well, once again, they’re on record. The government is on record, saying this shouldn’t be allowed. Trump is trapping them all over the place. Now, when you see the protests in Myanmar, you see that they have the same exact fists as Black Lives Matter. And remember, all these protests and everything that you’re seeing, they’re paid for by Soros. Remember, they want that person in power. And when that person is not in power, they have protests, which then turned into riots, which we’ve seen in many, many countries, where they try to overthrow the government. Now, what’s very interesting with this pandemic, more and more people are confused by it, because they’re getting so many different messages from the Biden administration, from the mainstream media. None of it’s starting to make sense anymore. Because remember, in the past, they told us that vaccines that will protect you, once you get the vaccine, you’re protected, you don’t have to worry. Well, if that is the case, then why is the administration out there saying that you still have to wear masks if you’re protected? Does that make any sense? Well, Thomas Massie he tweeted this out, if natural immunity doesn’t exempt Healthy People from wearing a mask, and if taking multiple doses of the vaccine doesn’t exempt Healthy People from wearing a mask? When exactly is it that Healthy People will no longer be required to wear a mask? Well, remember, they didn’t expect Trump to come up with the vaccine so soon. They didn’t want the vaccine yet.

They didn’t want everyone cured yet. But he came out with it ahead of schedule. Now they’re trying to make excuses where they tried to say, Oh, you need 123 masks, but that was shot down. Oh, you have to wear a mask if you have the vaccine. Now, again, why do you need the vaccine? If this is the common cold? Why do you need the MEK the vaccine, if it’s curable, and it has a 99.9 x curable rate, depending on your age, you don’t actually look around how many people are dropping dead from COVID. Actually, when you look at the cases Now, what’s happening for there drowned from last week 40%, they’re dropping very, very quickly. The death rate is dropping very quickly because the death rate was based on the testing. So if you died of a motorcycle accident, you had COVID-19. Or if you died of a heart attack, and you had COVID-19 when they did the test, they put you down as COVID-19. Why? Because the hospitals made money. But now when they change the cycles, which they did during the inauguration of Biden, people will no longer be put down as dying as COVID because it won’t show up as COVID anymore. So you’re going to see the cases of death dropping just like the cases of people having COVID dropping, that’s what we’re seeing right now. But the NFL was out there and they put out a letter saying listen, you can have our 30 footballs to have mass COVID vaccination sites? Well, once again, if you have h CQ and you have other therapeutics that cure you, and most of the people are not affected by it, why do you need a vaccine? Let’s talk about investing. Take a look at this a five ounce solid silver Apollo 11 coin like this could be yours free. It’s a silver month over at noble gold and things are changing with this new administration renewables needs solar panels, electric circuits and lots of those other gizmos that use you guessed it silver with a projected 2 trillion investment. There’s never been a better time to profit from the future with your silver IRA. Visit noble gold investments calm that is noble gold investments.com or click the link in the description. You really don’t. Now what’s very interesting is that California where governor Newsome he’s having a little bit of trouble because it looks like the recall vote is gaining speed here. And it’s he’s just a hair away from being recalled. We see that California tried to shut down those churches, temples, mosques from holding religious ceremonies. And this is completely unconstitutional. Now the US Supreme Court, they have ruled 63 that houses of worship in California can hold services at 25% capacity. So now, they’re saying yeah, this is unconstitutional. And you can have this I mean, a lot is happening out in California. Now what’s very interesting is that an Tifa they’re now marching in Washington, DC. And last night, they were threatening to burn down the city. I thought this was all going to go away once Biden was in office. I thought and Tifa was gonna just calm down and everything was going to be okay. But it doesn’t seem that way. You know why? Because the deep state, the invisible enemy, they have different plans. They want full control over the United States.

Now, what’s very interesting is that Trump, he has been off of social media, since they took him down on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. He hasn’t been posting anything, really. And this makes the deep state a little nervous. It makes mainstream media a little bit nervous because he just like, disappeared. He’s not really attacking, he’s not going after them. And they’re confused. They don’t know what’s going on here. They want him to post. Actually, they don’t even know where he is. They think he’s at Mar a Lago. But is he? I don’t think he is. But Jason Miller, a senior adviser to Trump revealed that Trump is considering launching his own social media platform in the not too distant future. He said, I would expect that we will see the president reemerge in social media, Trump plans to do this. But what is he exactly going to do? Well, he’s saying that he doesn’t know if he’s going to be joining an existing platform or creating his new platform. He says there are a number of different options and a number of different meetings that they’ve been having on the front. Nothing is imminent on that. And that reminds me of post 2793 where it says zero day, countermeasures in place example. Think Emergency Alert System. Think White House controlled new RT news website, think White House controlled new video stream platform, think here should this occur, immediate steps will be taken to classify each as a public utility, essential public services to gain appropriate government regulation control. So it seems that Trump is putting out that message or his advisors putting out that message that something might be in the works. Now this was told to us back in February 18 2019. So I believe that this is already completed. And they’re just coming out with this information now. Now we know the impeachment is coming up very very soon, which is Tuesday. I do believe it starts and Trump’s lead impeachment defense attorney Bruce Castor said he’s going to be using video clips of top democrats inciting violence during the coming impeachment trial. Now there’s a lot to choose from because they have been pushing violence for a very long time. Here’s a couple of clips of these individuals pushing violence on the American people.

Because they’re not gonna stop it is gonna they’re not gonna stop before election day November and they’re not going to stop after election day. And that should be everyone should take note of that on both levels that this isn’t they’re not going to let up and they should not. And we should.

You’re in the rain. Now. You got to be ready to take a punch and you got to be ready to throw a punch for the children. And if you see anybody from that cabinet, in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station,

You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for what you care about.

And I do believe they’re gonna have a lot more. And we’re going to hear a lot about this because they’re going to compare it to what Trump said, and to what they have said because Trump, they’re going to have a very difficult time trying to find a clip or him saying anything where he’s saying go attack the Capitol, it’s not going to happen. This is why the impeachment is not going to happen. Actually, if you look at Q’s posts, q has told us way back that Trump, he is insulated from being impeached, there is zero risk of him being impeached. Remember, he was vindicated in the first go around? The Senate did not impeach him. The Senate was always the target. And here we are again. At the Senate for the second impeachment the Senate was always the target the target to do what just to get out of the impeachment or the target to present evidence. Remember, they opened the front door. And remember q has been telling us that all three movies are going to be playing at the same time. And we the media put this out. It’s a graphic of the mood of movie posters, and it shows all three movies in theater 456 The first one is guardian of the pedophiles then panic in DC and Pfizer gate and shows a wall street article saying Pfizer court shamefully protects the swamp that is Pfizer gate. Senior anti Trump republican staffer rested for running pedophilia ring that is guardians of pedophile. And then Lindsey Graham has a bizarre warning about opening Pandora’s box with impeachment witnesses. That is panic in DC. So it seems that we’re having all three movies play at the same time. Now what’s very interesting, which we reported on last report, Trump has won a lot of these election lawsuits. Yes, the mainstream media is not reporting on it. They don’t want anyone to know. But we know that there’s a date that is coming up, which is February 19, where the US Supreme Court is scheduled several high profile contest of election lawsuits, including ones brought by Sidney Powell, Lynwood and the Trump campaign for consideration at its February 19 conference. Now, when we start to look at all of this, we can see that the dates are starting to line up. Remember, Flynn came out. And he was telling us telling us a story or telling us about a quote that George Washington put out to his troops and give me 30 days. And this was done on December 31 2020. People were saying, well give me 30 days. That’s the end of January. If you go back to the reports and what we discussed, I thought it really had to do with the inauguration of Joe Biden. From that point to now now we see this date at February 19. This is 30 days. Trump’s impeachment trial is starting on the ninth. We have the Supreme Court taking up the case on a 19th. So we have 30 days. So if we go back to post 4770 this is September 25 2020. It’s an anon on the board says free Flynn that was from March 27 2018. q responded done in 30 housecleaning White House secured final stage. So this is according to these posts, the final stage but under this it says something very interesting. What is the over and under done in 30 months, March 27 2018. And then under this it says what is the over under Sullivan retires steps down by March 2021 based on public info are a possible coordinated efforts with sc Mueller. Now, that’s interesting, because isn’t Sullivan retiring? He’s stepping down by March 2021. We’re in February now 2021. Cuba has already told us that he would be stepping down and he just retired. Now remember Trump, he has never conceded the election.

Trump still has viable court cases regarding the election. Trump has won court cases regarding the election, the deep state DC they’re panicking right now, because Trump is doing nothing. At least that’s what they think Trump is still a major threat to them. They can’t make heads or tails of what he’s trying to do. And we know from cue that the Super Bowl is the beginning of all this. This is when the fun begins and forecasts For 32 put out this post on gab where we have the NFL. And under it, it says Department of Defense. It’s almost time for the big game. American Forces Network will broadcast Superbowl 55 for US military personnel stationed overseas. Now remember in Q’s posts, he said the Super Bowl is going to look like a puppy show. So we have Superbowl 55. And we have puppy Bowl 17. Coincidence? I think not. So in this puppy bowl, who do we have? Well, it seems that Joe Biden, she will be hosting or involved in puppy bowl because they’re going to have the first dogs in the puppy bowl. And she’s also going to be launching a public service announcement about mask wearing during the event during the Superbowl, why do they’re going to tell everyone to wear masks, because remember, the World Health Organization, they already dropped the number of cycles, they’re going to make it seem like wearing a mask helped. If we all do our part, and we all wear the mask, that there’s no proof that it works because we have no proof. We can beat this. But in the meantime, behind the scenes, all we did was drop the number of cycles. So now the cases are going to drop and the number of deaths of COVID-19 are going to drop because they’re not going to test positive anymore. But they’re going to make everyone think that he’s curing the population by wearing masks. Remember, they don’t want to really count the vaccine that helped this out because this is something that Trump did. They never expected the vaccine. Their plan was to say, Listen, you do what we say. And we’ll make everything better. And that was where you must do what we say. Now remember, the fun begins directly after the Super Bowl. So what’s very interesting is that this Super Bowl is 55. And if you go to post 55 you know what that post says? Look to Twitter. exactly this. My fellow Americans The storm is upon us. God bless. Now what’s very interesting is that we’re gonna have bombers, stealth bombers fly over the Superbowl and the Department of Defense put this out. Watch this guys on your TVs tonight, as US Air Force Captain Sarah kasuba leads the Super Bowl 55 flyover meet the rest of the crew. Now, George news also put up the stealth bomber. So it seems the stealth bomber is no longer stealth, and people can see it. What does that mean? Well, I think it means that Trump is no longer stealth, everything that they’ve been working on is no longer going to be stealth. And now they’re gonna make it visible to the American people. Now remember, time put out that article. And they explained how they were able to cheat in the elections. And the person that wrote the story was Molly ball. So the question is, why did they choose to come out and let everyone know what they did and how they stole the elections. Of course, they’re saying they fortify the elections. But they really rigged the elections. Because they feel that they’re in control. Remember, there’s different levels. There’s the mainstream media, the corrupt politicians, the low level, soldiers like an Tifa, all the way up to the invisible enemy. They feel and they’re very confident that nobody can touch them. Now, we did what we had to do. And now we can tell people just like john Sullivan, when they recorded what they were doing and how they were bringing people into the cat bowl, and they couldn’t believe they were doing this. They had to show everyone. This is what happens when your ego gets in the way. They believe that mission has been accomplished. And it was all for the good. So we can now brag about it, and show everyone what we did. We beat him at his own game. Now think about what they’ve done here. They fell right into the trap. They are now on record admitting what they have done. They knowingly rigged the election.

They fell right into the trap. Now what’s very interesting is that Dan scavino on Facebook. He put this up and this is from the matrix. This is Lisa Crowley on telegram and it says one year ago today below wouldn’t have ever imagined in a million years that we’d have to go through it all over again a year later, as a private citizens. But there we are. And Trump is holding up the newspaper it says acquitted Now that’s very interesting. Now the timestamp on this is 1303. So if you go to post 1303, it says all assets deployed. Now think about what Trump has done here. He stayed low. We have the stealth bomber, where everyone will be able to see the stealth bomber, so it’s no longer stealth, so it’s visible. They admitted how they rigged the election. They explained it thoroughly in the Time Magazine, so they’re on record. They open the front door for the impeachment where they discussed election fraud. Now Trump has the ability to defend himself. And he used the space force to capture the real votes. Remember, they paused the election, because they needed to count the real votes. They needed to know how many votes they needed to win. So they have the count of the real votes. Basically, what’s happening right now, the battlefield is now shaping up. Trump, I do believe is ready to strike. Everything is coming together. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.


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