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X22 Report: Defcon 1, Fire & Fury, We Are Fighting For You, Message Received

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X22 Report: Defcon 1, Fire & Fury, We Are Fighting For You, Message Received


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Hi and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2420 bn today’s date is March 5 2021. And the title of the episode is DEF CON one fire and fury. We are fighting for you message received. Let’s talk about protecting yourself online a vice reporter he used Tick Tock but never create an account sent a GDPR request to the app, he wanted to find out what data they had on him. To his surprise Tick Tock stored his IP addresses what he searched for what videos he watched when he watched them and his devices, digital fingerprints. But this data was shared with third parties like Facebook, staying anonymous online so corporations can track you is more important than ever. And the first step to doing so is to use a VPN. This is why I highly recommend virtual shield virtual shield is the only VPN I trust for myself and my family. I never use the internet without it. So go to virtual shield comm forward slash x 22 or click the link in the description to get virtual shield today for 50% off and free for 30 days.

Let’s get

into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now Trump of the Patriots, he has been setting up the deep state from day one. And it doesn’t mean that he’s going to ride in with the military and round all these people up. He’s going to allow the deep state to do what they do best. They’re in the process of destroying themselves. Yes, optics are very important. He’s out of the picture. Yes, he’s publicly out there endorsing people. Yes, he’s pointing the finger at Biden and his policies. But he knows. Same with all those people that are working with him. He knows that he doesn’t have to do much with the deep state with the corrupt politicians. He knows that everything that they’re doing, because he knows the playbook. He knows that they’ll be Destroying Themselves. He’s counting on it. He knows their playbook and how they push their agenda. And he wants them to do this. He’s not going to interfere with them. Why? Because as every day passes, and every time they change something, every time they implement the deep states policies. The people are seeing this firsthand. They’re being called out on it. Trump is now calling them out on it. And Jen Sakhi is trying to field all of these questions. He’s allowing all of this to happen, because he knew that they would do this. And as they keep doing it, they keep digging the hole deeper and deeper and deeper.

Yes, he will strike. No, he’s not going to rush in with tanks and planes.

He won’t have to because when this is all said and done, these people will not be able to show their faces outside. Especially when everything else comes out. Now what’s very interesting is that Joe Biden, we can see, he is working very hard. I mean, his first 44 days, he spent opening the borders for illegal aliens. He spent more time doing that than opening schools for the American children. He spent more time reversing Trump’s policies than anything else, something that people wanted. And the people are watching this, the people observing all of this. Now, while this is going on Trump, he is calling out certain individuals. He’s endorsing certain individuals. And most recently, he called out karl rove, a Republican strategist. He says he’s a rhino of the highest order, saying that fox news should get rid of him. He said, never had much of a feeling for Carl, and that I disagreed with so many of the things he says he’s a pompous fool with bad advice and always has an agenda.

He added

he is always negative for those who know how to win. He certainly hasn’t helped Fox in the ratings department has he and he blamed Roe for the defeat of Kelly lafleur and David Perdue in the Georgia special election. For the US Senate in January. Well, there were other things that are happening there where they use the same Dominion machines the same in mail in ballots, and they cheated once again. Now, Trump, he unloaded on mitch mcconnell. I think mitch mcconnell’s days. They are numbered right now. And he put out a statement. And this is the first part of it. The Wall Street Journal editorial page continues knowingly, to fight for the globalist policies such as a bad trade deals, open borders, and endless wars that favor other countries and sell out our great American workers. And they fight for rhinos that have so badly hurt the Republican Party. That’s where they are. And that’s where they’re always be. Fortunately, nobody cares much about the Wall Street Journal editorial anymore. They have lost great credibility. And Trump reminded McConnell where he was in his Kentucky race before Trump stepped in and endorse them. McConnell, has been a huge never trumper and a disappointment to his base voters. And we can see that McConnell he’s already looking for his way out of this whole entire scene. Now, why would he leave? If they’re all in control? They’re not in control. The Patriots are in control. And then Trump came out and he endorsed senator john kennedy. Trump right now is building a power base. While the deep state is burying themselves. This is all happening at the same exact time. And yes, certain things are building right now. And they’re building and building and soon, we’re going to see something happen. That’s going to make everyone’s heads turn. Now what’s very interesting is that we know that big tech is a problem with censorship. It started off with, oh, look, some alternative media, channels or accounts, they were downed, started out in 2014 2015. And then it escalated in 2016 2017. People started to take notice. And then of course, when we hit 2018, moving forward, especially 2020. During the elections, people saw it all. They saw censorship for the first time. Yes, they heard about it. They said, Oh, yeah, it was a one account thing, or maybe this person said something wrong. But then they saw the president being taken down. And then they just saw accounts being taken down, just because they mentioned something about the election. And now we see states, they are now fighting back. Now, what’s very interesting about this, is that during the pandemic, Trump, he didn’t act like a dictator. I know that deep state, the corrupt politicians, they wanted him to dictate to all the states. So this way, everyone, so they could point back to Trump saying, Oh, look, he made us do this. But Trump, he said, No, no, no, I’m not going to tell the states what to do. They have governors, they have mayors for their cities, they will decide I will give them what they need. But they will decide in what to do. they’ll decide if they should open up the state, they should decide if they’re going to keep it locked down. But if they’re going to keep it locked down, they should produce the actual science to show that’s why they have to keep it locked down. It shouldn’t be political. So he let them do these things. Now, we see the states now fighting against censorship. Remember, the United States was built on a state level. That’s where the power comes from. And it seems that Trump is taking the power from the state and using it against everything. Now, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, announced that he’ll join Texas State Senator Brian Hughes, to discuss the proposed bill prohibiting far left social media companies from censoring viewpoints. Now, they’re going to sanction big tech think about the power of the states. Now, everyone was depending on the federal government to do this. Well, the federal government has to rescind section 230 The federal government has to do this, but the actual power comes from the States. This is the way the founding fathers actually created the country. Now think about this. If Texas, Mississippi, Florida, which we already see this happening, and many other states start to push against big tech. What happens? Well, and let’s say other states see it working. Other states will join in. Other states will say you know something, we need to do the same thing, because now we see it working. The states then will control big tech.

And what we’re seeing right now is governor Abbott, he’s following Ron de Santos, who was the governor of Florida. They’re going to be introducing legislation. And it will prevent Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Amazon and Apple from censoring content or selling users data. This has nothing to do with the federal government anymore. The people are taking back the power through the states. Look how all of this is happening right now. Now, what’s very interesting is that the co founder of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, he proposed a way to decentralize social media that could defang censorship and improve privacy. Now, he parted ways with Wikipedia almost two decades ago over the project’s direction. And he’s now working on a developing a technical standard that could strip power over social media from giant companies and give users more control over the content they produce and see. And we’ll have to see how this all plays out. Because it’s going to be a decentralized system. And we’ll have to say, I don’t know, maybe this is something that Trump the Patriots were talking about when they said they were going to be creating their own social media platform. Maybe this is their approach. Maybe this is what we’re going to see be pushed out to the people will have to wait and see how this all turns out. Now, going back to Texas, it seems that the Biden administration, they are asking Texas to help them with the illegals coming into the country. Now, Texas is out there saying we will not do their bidding. The governor is refusing Biden administration request to help test and potentially quarantine illegal immigrants for the Coronavirus. He said and this is coming from Greg Abbott. The federal government alone has the responsibility to test screen and quarantine illegal immigrants crossing our border who may have COVID. Instead of doing their job, the Biden ministration suggests it did not have the sufficient resources and remarkably as test Texas to assist them in aiding their illegal immigration program. Texas is refusing we will not aid a program that makes our country a magnet for illegal immigration. Biden has created chaos on the border and it is getting worse and worse. And actually, Trump came out and he hit back at Biden. He’s pointing the finger and saying this is awful. This is what he wrote in a statement. Our border is now totally out of control. Thanks to the disastrous leadership of Joe Biden, our great Border Patrol and ICE agents have been disrespected, demeaned and mocked by the by administration. A mass incursion in the country by people who should not be here is happening on an hourly basis, getting worse by the minute, many have criminal records and many others have had are spreading COVID interior enforcement has been shut down criminals that were once promptly removed by our administration are now being released back onto the street to commit heinous and violent crimes. Ice officers are desperate to remove the convicted criminals but Biden won’t let them. The spiraling tsunami at the border is overwhelming local communities depleting budgets, crowding hospitals and taking jobs from legal American workers. When I left office, we had achieved the most secure border in our country history. Under Biden, it will soon be worse, more dangerous and more out of control than ever before. He has violated his oath of office to uphold our constitution and enforce our laws. That’s a very powerful statement right there. Let me continue. There are never been a time on our southern border, like what is happening now. But more importantly, what is about to happen.

Now what’s about to happen, most likely the border is going to be overrun. And people are going to see this and it’s going to become very, very dangerous at the border. Let me continue. Now that Biden has implemented nationwide catch and release illegal immigrants from every corner of the earth will descend upon our border and never be returned. You can never have a secure border unless people who cross illegally are promptly removed. I had a great relationship with Mexico and it’s wonderful president. But all of that has been dissipated by the gross incompetence and radicalism of the people currently in charge. The remain in Mexico policy was incredible, but immediately abandoned by Biden probably because it works so well. Likewise, our safe third agreements in Central America were extraordinarily successful. So Biden foolishly ditch them too. We stopped payment of the hundreds of millions of dollars paid to them, and then developed an excellent relationship they made our country and their countries more secure. We put in place powerful rules and procedures to stop the smuggling and trafficking. But the by the ministration has abandoned those proven strategies instead, given the smugglers and traffickers effective control of our border, despite being delayed by years of litigation and politics by the Democrats, the wall is almost finished and can be quickly completed. Doing so will save 1000s of lives. The Biden ministration must act immediately to end the border nightmare that they have unleashed onto our nation, keep illegal immigration crime and the China virus out of the country. So Trump, he’s letting everyone know, look what we did during the four years, we built the wall. We had a secure border. We didn’t have any of these problems. Biden removed all of this. And look what’s happening. Something that people do not want. Now. What else is Biden doing? Well, the Biden White House, they just announced, they will open the migrant child care facilities on the southern border back to pre virus capacity levels, citing extraordinary circumstances. Now, let’s think about this for a second. Did he get the American kids back into school? No. Do we have to wear masks? Yes. Are all businesses across the country? Open? 100%? No. But he’s allowing the southern border facilities to go back to pre virus capacity. How is this safe during his dark winter? Do you think that people are seeing this? Absolutely. This is devastating for his administration right now. Now, what’s very interesting is that there was an individual that told us in April, the virus would just magically disappeared. Now, of course, the mainstream media, they thought they were he was talking about April 2020. But it seems he might have been talking about April 2021. And I do believe Trump removed himself from the situation so that people can go back to normal lives, businesses can go back to normal. Because as soon as Trump lost the election, because the other side cheated with election fraud, yes, there was election fraud. All of a sudden, they’re okay with opening everything up. You think Trump knew this? Do you think he knew that the who would reverse how the tests are performed? Do you think that he knew that the numbers were going to drop dramatically? Absolutely. What do we see happening right now? Well, first, they need a cover story. They just can’t say, hey, by the way, just all went away. They have to show that they did something to get rid of it. No, they’re not going to say hey, by the way, the who changed their PCR test, and that’s why it’s going away right now. No, that’s the part we’ll point to. But they’ll say the reason why that’s happening is because of double masks. Everyone should wear a mask and the vaccines. And then they’ll say see the cases are dropping. The deaths are dropping. So Newsome is out there. He’s saying yes, California is going to open up probably by April in full, as long as we were the double masks. Now then interesting. But we have a lot of other states that are opening up right now. It’s just amazing the timing of all this. We have West Virginia, restaurants, bars and Westerville, West Virginia will be moved to 100% of seating capacity, provided they can maintain social distancing. So they’re opening up and lifting the restrictions on small businesses, retail stores, bars, gyms, you name it. Then we have Connecticut. They’re going to lift all capacity limits on restaurants House of Worship gyms. But yes, you must still wear a mask. I think that’s going to end in April. Then we have Arizona businesses are reopening at 100% capacity.

I do believe by April, all the mass mandates gone by May, we’re going to see a whole different country. Now when we look at Andrew Cuomo, it seems that it’s getting a lot worse for him. And yes, they tried to use the sexual harassment to distract everyone from the real crime and that crime is sending the individuals into nursing homes and killing them to get the death rate up. Because the Trump think about what was happening at the time, Trump was holding back on the tests. Remember, Hillary Clinton was out there and everyone was out there. We must test we must test we need test test test test test. Trump held back on the test. So what do they do? They shove people into nursing homes to show that look, it’s killing people see they really wanted the test to show that everyone had it. Let’s talk about protecting yourself online. A vice reporter he used Tick Tock but never create an account sent a GDPR request to the app. He wanted to find out what data they had on him to his surprise Tick Tock stored his IP addresses what he searched for what videos he watched when he watched them and his devices digital fingerprints, but this data was shared with third parties like Facebook staying anonymous. line so corporations can’t track you is more important than ever. And the first step to doing so is to use a VPN. This is why I highly recommend virtual shield virtual shield is the only VPN I trust for myself and my family. I never use the internet without it. So go to virtual shield comm forward slash x 22 or click the link in the description to get virtual shield today for 50% off and free for 30 days. But instead, they needed to show the death rate because they didn’t have the test. So they shoved everyone in these five states into nursing homes. And the mainstream media said, Okay, we’re gonna broadcast this out there, and people are going to see that this is deadly. Now it’s coming back to haunt them. Because now we’ve come to find out that Cuomo is aid, they rewrote a report from the state health officials to hide 9250 deaths in the nursing homes and long term care facilities. So they took the reports, and they rewrote them. Why did they do this? Because they wanted to hide the numbers. Cuomo began hiding the truth about the numbers long before the Justice Department began their investigation in August. The June numbers show that the actual death toll nursing homes was roughly 50% higher than the numbers ultimately cited by the Cuomo administration. The actual number like we just said is 9250, they reported 6432. That’s more than a 40% increase. And this is spreading to other governors who did the same exact thing. Now in the New York Times article, it said something very interesting that said nursing home operators learning of the policy only after it was issued, immediately objected saying it would introduce the virus into their facilities. Quote, Cuomo knowingly did all of this. He knowingly took people that he knew was sick, and he shoved him into the nursing home. Now, we already knew this, didn’t we? We knew that Cuomo was going to be investigating that he knowingly did all of this. And remember, Trump brought in the hospital ships. He had the Army Corps of Engineers built these makeshift hospitals, they were empty. Do you think Trump trapped them in all of this? Of course he did. He had ventilators ready. He had the hospital ships ready. They never thought he’d be able to do those. All of this. They thought all of this would never happen. But it did. Now, what’s very interesting is that since Biden has become president since his inauguration, actually before the inauguration. Do you know DC has been under military occupation the entire time? Does anyone feel that’s a little strange? Of course it is. And they would like to keep that military occupation. Now, March 4 came and it passed. And there were no queue. People. They’re anons I should say. They were no Trump supporters, DC was completely empty. Their false flag failed. q anons. Trump supporters. They never said anything about March 4 date. This was created by the Deep State and the mainstream media. They thought they were going to have another scene in DC. Yes, they were going to have agent provocateurs mixed in with the people they thought were going to be there. It didn’t happen. And what’s very interesting is on March 4, Hillary Clinton tweeted this out. The party of freedom fries. Now freedom is capitalized, fries is capitalized, and it’s in quotes. We’d like you to know that. And this is in quotes, but not capitalized. canceled culture is a very serious problem. So let me read this again. The party of freedom fries, would like you to know that canceled culture is a very serious problem. Let me translate this for you. False Flag is now cancelled. No q or Trump supporter shown up in DC abort operation do not send in fake Q and Trump supporters. It’s a no go. So it completely failed. And remember their strategy is to get people rioting to point the finger at Trump

to make everyone see he’s dangerous. It’s not working. Plus they want the military say that they don’t want the fences coming down. And this is why the National Guard hasn’t left. We’ll be getting to that in just a second. But let me just go back to post 3127 this is March 20 2019. It says ask yourself a very simple question. With the fake news media and other controlled assets expend this amount of time and resource attacking attempt to discredit cast as conspiracy LARP. This movement if it did not pose signals threat danger. You attack those who threaten you the most logical thinking, why would they continue to attack attack you? Trump is no longer the president. What are they worried about? if q is just someone in the basement typing on a computer, why are they so nervous about this? Well think about all the things that QE has been right about. He was right about the wall being built and how it was going to be fun going to be funded, and who was going to build the wall. He was right about the Senate. The Senate was the target. He was right about the impeachment, that Trump was not going to be impeached. He had to impeachments and they said there’s no chance of Trump being impeached. She was right about Cuomo. He was going to be investigated about the nursing home scandal. He was right about hydroxychloroquine. It cures COVID, flu and many other things. He was right about the Obama gate. Mainstream media was wrong about everything. They’re the conspiracy theorists. Actually they used fake information to kind of try to counter all of this and it didn’t work. Now Catherine herridge she tweeted out something and she was always told us to follow the pen and this is what she tweeted out. New CBS News obtain national explosives Task Force quick look report on forensic analysis of two viable pipe bombs found outside the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee headquarters on evening of January 5, report says no evidence cell phone or other electronic timer as a secondary means of detonation. Both devices used kitchen timer. This mechanism suggests the devices if set were designed to go off the day before the riots. Also one of the nine volt batteries was low at 8.1. Scott ceto retired ATF and former Acting Director of T Dec. The FBI terrorist explosive device analytical center said the low voltage battery may have been a contributing factor explaining the failure to detonate as well as design flaws, FBI offering $100,000 reward for these for this individual. So this is very interesting that everything completely went wrong with the bombs that were supposed to go off where they stopped and away. We’ve seen this before. We’ve seen the White House step in and stop it. So they wouldn’t go off. Remember the guy in New York when he went ahead and he pushed the button and it was fireworks and it wasn’t explosives. seems very interesting at this point. But what else is very interesting is that the FBI has created a comprehensive list of all cell phone signals inside the US Capitol on January 6, including lawmakers staffers, police and riders. Now this is going to be very interesting if they’re on the up and up if they’re going to really show who was communicating with whom. Because I’m just going to throw out a guess here. I’m going to say there’s going to be a lot of people inside that we’re communicating with certain individuals on the outside that have to do with an Tifa and BLM and many others. Why do you think during the impeachment trial, they didn’t want Trump side to call the witnesses and Nancy Pelosi, because they knew their entire plan completely fall apart. And she’d be under oath. And other witnesses would be there. And it would be a total disaster for them. This is why they called it off at the last minute. Now, what’s very interesting is that representative Eric swalwell, we all know about him. He hooked up with Fang Fang, she was a spy from China. He’s still in his position, but he decided that he was going to file a federal lawsuit against Trump and several of Trumps allies like Rudy Giuliani, Mo Brooks, and many others. Now, this is very interesting, because what this What does this allow Trump and his allies to do? It allows them to discover it allows them to legally inject certain information, it allows them to legally inject and make public evidence. This is going to backfire on them. You have to remember, the deep state the invisible enemy.

They’re the higher ups, people like swalwell, Pelosi, Nadler and all the rest, their low level foot soldiers. They become very wealthy, because they’re doing the bidding of the Deep State. But most of them are idiots. They have no idea what they’re walking into. And they think they’re smart. And they think they have the answer. And they think well, if I sue Trump, we can get them without understanding that the deep state set this up. They might not even have this information. And they’re walking right into the trap. Now the National Guard they They’re completely surprised by the extension request. Because they’re saying there’s no threat here. Nothing happened. Why do we need to stay another 60 days? Well, I do believe that this was the plan from the very beginning. Cause a riot show that Trump was pushing this, have the mainstream media report it, show that it was a non show it was Trump supporters and show that they’re upset. And this way we can have the military, the fences stay up. Remember, they’re panicking. But it didn’t work. So the mainstream media, they decided, Okay, we’re gonna have to try this again. So now this is coming out of Newsweek, and we’ll probably be carried on every single mainstream media platform. They decided we’re going to switch the dates now. And they said anons theorists which date to march 20, after no Trump inauguration, call the fourth a false flag. No, we call the fourth a false flag because the deep state the mainstream media, were making these dates up. We never thought Trump was going to be inaugurated on March 4. This was made up by them. What’s the 20th? The 20th is another made update. This has nothing to do with a nones. It has nothing to do with Trump’s supporters. This has to do with the deep state. So let me go back to post 3124 again. And this says and this is from March 20 2019. I took this because they mentioned March 20. And it just so happens that this post two years ago says exactly what I was thinking. It says numbers do not always equate Today’s the face of a watch clock has multiple versions. Incorrect interpretations pushed a statements of fact often lead to pitfalls. stranglehold choke tactic used by attackers, increase in attacks, D platform, shill, infiltration, mainstream media, fake magga direct links to terrorism, acts of violence, only demonstrates validity and close proximate proximity to justice, pain, which means we’re very close it which means they’re doing this, because they know that Trump and the Patriots, they have it all. And they’re panicking about what Trump his allies what they’re going to do next. They have no clue. They’re in the dark. So let’s go back to 2018. This is March 6, today’s March 5, tomorrow is going to be March 6, this is a three year Delta. It says is the stage set for a drop of Hillary Clinton and a lot of pluses, radovid, five by five x Arvid 5774. We have it all. reread, reread our stage, the nail in many coffins, liberal undo impossible to defend toxics toxic to those connected, we must work together. We are only as strong as your voice. You must organize and be heard. This is why they keep you divided. And in the dark week. We are here to unite and provide truth dark to light evil surrounds us. We are fighting for you. Where we go on we go all the choice to know we’ll be yours. And so the first line is this the stage is this stage set for a drop of Hillary Clinton. And it says raw video five by five now we’ll talk about the videos in just a sec. But what’s very interesting is that bill clinton’s bagman, Doug ban. He’s providing evidence to the feds where they’re investigating ties to Epstein and galane Maxwell. So Bill Clinton’s former body man turned eight Doug ban has turned whistleblower in the federal sex trafficking investigation involving Glenn Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, and provided the Justice Department officials with evidence that could implicate his boss, Bill Clinton. So this individual is letting everyone know that yes, Bill Clinton flew down to Epstein Island. He’s confirming it, saying Yes, he did this. Now this is very interesting right now.

So let’s move on to post 868 and yes, this is March 6 2018. Three years ago, two three year Delta. Remember when cue told us here come the fake videos. Now that’s very interesting. Because here in 854, we have Hillary Clinton raw vid five by five, and then the next post or the next three posts down from that post. We have here come the fake videos and this is from the New York Times, showing how they can create deep fakes and under this it says try try as they might fail, they will nope free passes mainstream media. So today What came out? Well, out of NBC News, they had an article that says deep fake videos of Tom Cruise went viral. Their creator hopes they boost awareness to deep fakes and how they’re done. coincidence that they decided to put this out there are they projecting right now. And they’re showing you how the deep fake is done. So don’t believe what you see on the internet. Now remember, they do have the ability to determine if it’s a fake or not. But why would the mainstream media be coming out and letting everyone know about this? Because they know eventually, Trump of the Patriots, they’re going to be dropping the information, audio video documentation. Remember, the deep state, they used audio video documentation to blackmail many individuals. And some of these videos are horrific. I mean, we heard stories about anthony Weiner’s laptop. I think Sidney Powell was telling the story one time where police were looking at it and it was so awful. And these were hardened police. They threw up. So these videos, they will be coming out. And it seems that the mainstream media is now projecting out they’re trying to get ahead of this. Now, what’s very interesting is that Mike Pompeo, it seems that he is sending all of us messages. And this is what he tweeted out on March 5 2021. When I was meeting with Kim Jong Un preparing for the historic Singapore summit, we threatened fire and fury. We remembered fire and fury, not go to war, but to deter it. The result? Zero long range missile tests and zero nuclear tests. The world benefits when America is fearless, bold and strong. And this was put out today at 837. So let’s take fire and fury. Because he said that on purpose. That is post 500. This is January 7 2018. It says DEF CON one for 1020. I do believe those are Donald Trump’s initials. But those could also be dates. Or they could mean something else. It says fire and fury. nine states of classified ready to go live 34 commands live code command action non-nuclear one hour one. So it seems that something is ready to go live. Then if we go to 837, because he posted this at 837. It says the following this is March 4 2018. Listen carefully, trust we are fighting for you. God bless you all. So like I said from the very beginning, something is building here. And Trump, the Patriots, you can see they are now building their team. They’re getting rid of the swamp. They are putting the spotlight on Biden. And it’s getting worse for him. And the American people are seeing all of this and I just want to go to this post on telegram from Sidney Powell. I think it says that all this is from Leonardo da Vinci. It says there are three classes of people, those who see those who see when they are shown those who do not say and I do believe that what Trump is doing right now is that we all see, this is not for us right now. It’s for those people who only see when they’re shown. And q has already told us that there’s going to be about four to 10% of the population that will never see. And that’s what we’re going through right now. The Patriots are in control. Like Flynn, General Flynn said,

nothing’s going to happen on March 4. Nothing’s going to happen on March 20. That’s made up by the deep state. This is a process and over time, the people are going to take back their country. And it’s happening. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.

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