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X22 Report: [DS] Is In The Process Of Destroying Itself, History Has Taught Us That People Will Rise

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X22 Report: [DS] Is In The Process Of Destroying Itself, History Has Taught Us That People Will Rise

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Hi and welcome you listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 2418 bn today’s date is March 3 2021. And the title of the episode is deep state is in the process of destroying itself. History has taught us that people will rise. Let’s talk about protecting yourself online a vice reporter who used tik tok but never create an account sent a GDPR request to the app, he wanted to find out what data they had on him. To his surprise Tick Tock stored his IP addresses what he searched for what videos he watched when he watched them and his devices, digital fingerprints. But this data was shared with third parties like Facebook, staying anonymous online, so corporations can’t track you is more important than ever. And the first step to doing so is to use a VPN. This is why I highly recommend virtual shield virtual shield is the only VPN I trust for myself and my family. I never use the internet without it. So go to virtual shield comm forward slash x 22 or click the link in the description to get virtual shield today for 50% off and free for 30 days. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now Trump and the Patriots, they always knew that the only way forward was with the people. Without the people the country cannot move forward. And the people they must understand they must see it. And they must realize that throughout these many, many years, they’ve been lied to that the system is corrupt, that you do not have a choice in an election. That the deep state the mainstream media, the corrupt politicians, non elected leaders, the invisible enemy, they control the country. Trump in the Patriots, they knew they had a wake up America any way they possibly can, yes. If you’re listening to this, you are awake. But think about all those other individuals who are not awake. The process has not stopped. Yes, this is not going to be over with a snap of a finger. Trump and the Patriots, they’ve been planning this for a very long time. We’ve always known that the only way forward is through truth, transparency. And the people. The people must take back the country, the people must realize and understand. Forget about yourself. You’re you’ve woken up, you understand this? Yes, we’ve been given a incredible look into the plan into what the Patriots are trying to do. Now, again, a lot of it is cryptic, a lot of it was done this way. So the deep state players wouldn’t know. But they needed to transfer this information out to the public realm. So we would understand that all is not lost. That’s why we got this special glimpse into what is going to happen. And yes, there are certain times when we see it happen, and other times we’re waiting. And this is why people become impatient. People hate to wait. People want things done now. But to destroy an entire system to reset the entire system, and have the people join in on this. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it most likely will not happen the way we think it’s going to happen. Look what’s happened already. Do you think Trump is more powerful now with the people or when he was president? Do you think Trump is more powerful now with the deep state, the corrupt politicians pushing their agendas where everyone can see it? Because he actually forced them to speed up their 16 year plan to push everything that they wanted to do because he reversed it. Do you think he’s more powerful now? Do you think the people see a lot more now even those people that voted for Biden, you think they see a lot more now? Absolutely. That’s what this is all about. It’s about allowing the deep state to destroy themselves. Because why interfere with them? They’re doing exactly what Trump of the Patriots want. In the meantime, what is Trump doing? He’s building his next administration. He’s building his next powerhouse of republicans think about all the people he’s endorsing Now, think about his approach. He has the free time to work In the shadows, Shadow president to build up everything that he needs to go after these people. Now, let’s take this in stages here. In the beginning, when Trump was first president in 2016, he got rid of a lot of the FBI. He got rid of the Muller case, he put certain things into motion, he reversed a lot of things the globalist were doing. He reversed a lot of things that the Deep State was doing, because he wanted to show the people that, look, we can make the country great. It’s not that hard.

All we need to do is get rid of all the crap that the globalists, the elite were doing, get rid of what the corrupt politicians were doing. And we can make this country great. This is why in his first part of his presidency, he said, Let’s make America great again. So what did he do think about this for a second. He took everything that they had and reversed it. Obama said you can’t bring manufacturing back. Trump said, okay, watch me got a magic wand here. I’m going to bring it back. You can’t make the GDP numbers move up. Oh, wait, hold on, watch us. I’m gonna make the GDP numbers go up. You can’t make the unemployment numbers go down a just a minute. I’m going to make them go down. You can’t make the stock market move up. Oh, hold on. I’m gonna make the stock market move up. Oh, wait, you can have businesses come back to the United States and expand? Well, I’m going to remove regulations here and replace tariffs on China. Actually, I’m going to recreate those dead industries and bring them back. He removed us from the Who? He question NATO. Why are we paying for all of this? And what did we see America do this before the pandemic? All of a sudden, everything started to do well, while the deep state, the corrupt politicians, the central bank, they didn’t like this. They didn’t want America great again. Because they were showing people and I’m talking about the deep state, the central bank, they were showing people that this is your new normal. Don’t expect the country to get better. Trump was showing people, yes, I’m making it great. And let me know if you like it, because I’m going to remove some taxes for you, and put money back in your pocket. I’m going to bring oil prices down, and I’m going to put money back in your pocket. Actually, I’m gonna make the United States energy independent. Think about what he did. And then expand this out into the Middle East. He stopped the endless wars. He brought troops home, he created peace deals in the Middle East. Is this something that each state wanted? No. So during his first four years, he was showing everyone how you can make America great again. With these easy steps, that’s all he did. And he did it. No problem. And people saw it. Then he lost the election, or did he lose the election? Actually, the election was stolen. He knew this. He knew exactly what they were actually he told us q told us they everyone told us we knew exactly what was going to happen. And he wanted them to steal the election. Because now he gets to work in the background. No, he’s not finished. No, he’s not waiting until 2024. He’s preparing everything. During this period of time. He needed the people to see exactly what was going on. This is why he changed. From Make America Great Again, which he showed you he could do to save America. He’s going to save America now. And with the people behind him from the deep state from the central bank. Everything is being put into place right now. Everything is getting prepared for that moment. When will that moment be? Well, once again, when do you play the trump card? When is the right moment. Now I know that Christopher rea, he was in front of the Senate. He was very neutral on everything. But he did mention one thing that was very important. domestic terrorism didn’t really pin it on any type of group. But this should not be allowed in this country goes against the rule of law. This was setting the groundwork because we know what’s coming. Do I think Trump is going to march in with the military? No, I think the military is going to be used for defense. I think he’s going to use it for when the information starts to come out. He’s going to use the military to protect the country from who the deep state. Q has told us for a very long time about insurrection.

This is a setup, from the very beginning. Everything that we’re witnessing everything that we’re seeing everything that we’re experiencing, Trump, the Patriots, they’ve been setting up the deep state. Deep State is not in control. Trump is. If they were in control, and they had control over the people, they wouldn’t need three layers of fence. They wouldn’t need the National Guard. They wouldn’t need to censor. They wouldn’t need to do any of these things. Because they wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t even go after q anon. Actually, by the way, there is no such thing as Q and on. That’s the mainstream media saying it. There’s Q and then there’s anons. They wouldn’t be worried about all of this. The reason why they keep harping on it is because they’re panicking. That’s why they’re afraid. Trump, his group, they have him, there is no escape. There is nothing they can do. And they keep on digging that hole deeper and deeper and deeper. Yes, the mainstream media. Yes. The corrupt politicians. Yes, the deep state. They’re always going to try to push back. But who knows their playbook? Trump does. He’s prepared and ready for all of us. Look how the January six protests, look how that’s falling apart. Look how it’s not going the way they thought. We’ll be discussing that a little bit. We’ll also be discussing how Trump set this whole thing up. He is becoming more and more powerful by the day. And nothing can stop this. Nothing. When you told us to enjoy the show, q actually meant enjoy the show. You’re watching in real time. You’re watching the take down of the Deep State. You’re watching the draining of the swamp. You’re watching all of this in real time. And since you’re watching it in real time, it takes time. Yes. When you look back, and you look back in history, you can say, and you tell the story. Look what happened here. People think that this happened very, very quickly. Go back to World War Two. Go back to World War One when people told stories about what happened. Yes, it seemed like it happened very, very quickly. And then the war was over. Do you think when the war was over, you think it just ended and it just stopped? No. But it sounds like it when you go back in history. Since you’re experiencing it. It takes time. But when you tell the story later on, it’s going to seem like wow, that happened really fast when you’re telling someone else telling your children, your grandchildren. Just like when you tell people about the depression. If anyone ever remembers the depression. People say, Wow, that was unbelievable. But when you were experiencing the depression, we had no place to live, you weren’t earning money. It felt like it lasted forever. Same thing with the war. It felt like it lasted forever. Five years was forever. Trump and the Patriots right now. They’re following their plan. They know the deep states playbook. They know the mainstream media, what they’re going to do. They know what the corrupt politicians are going to do. They know what Joe Biden is going to do. They’re counting on all of this. Now, what’s very interesting is that during c pack, we can see that a lot of individuals were making a really big deal about the stage and how it mimic Nazi Germany symbolism. But we’ve come to find out. And this is from disclosed TV from Mel Q, she put this out on telegram and it showed the C pack stage and the symbol from Nazi Germany to Nazi design. And people are like us a Trump’s a Nazi. Look, the republicans are Nazis. But then we’ve come to find out that design foundry, a design firm from Maryland has taken responsibility for the Nazi design of the C pac stage. They provide services to Google msnbc target and others. 90% 98% of the company’s political donations have gone to Democrats. So that kind of explains the whole thing. And as we know, symbolism is going to be their downfall. Like we said before, Trump now is building this incredible team.

An incredible team of politicians that are going to work for the American people, not the swamp team, not the rhinos, not these neo-cons not these individuals. He’s building a team that will work for the people. Remember, all this needed to happen because he needed to see the playing field He needed to understand who was on his side, who was not on his side, who was the swamp who wasn’t the swamp. And now he can see it. He understands it. So we went ahead and he endorsed Senator Tim Scott, for the Senate reelection bid. And we’re gonna see Trump do this quite a bit as time goes on, because he’s building a force that will be able to go through anything. Because this is part of the plan, right? Get rid of the swamp, drain the swamp, get rid of those people and and get the good people in endorse the good people, that will make a difference. Now, what’s very interesting is that Jim Jordan is out there. And he said in the next two weeks, House Democrats will try to radically change election laws, police laws, gun laws, and immigration laws. Yes. Everything that Trump put into place, they’re going to try to reverse. Do you think the people are with them? You think that people want this changed? No, they don’t. They don’t want any of this. Now, what’s very interesting is that with the elections, we know that the deep state, the corrupt politicians, they committed election fraud. Yes, they’re going to pretend that it never happened. This is why the social media companies, the mainstream media companies, this is why they needed to censor anyone that was showing evidence of election fraud. Because you can’t allow people to see the truth. And the only way to hide the truth is to censor people. This is just the beginning. This was phase one of their plan. Yes. They’re going to ban books, we see this already. Yes, they’re going to move this to the next phase. Because once information starts to come out, like treason, sedition crimes against humanity. When they see election fraud, they’re going to be banning people left and right. Now think about what Trump has done here. Think about what all these individuals that got banned. What do they know now that people have learned how to survive this, that people understand what measures they need to take, just in case, and most of us have plan after plan after plan to make sure that they can’t take us down. So this was a learning experience for most of us. And this goes against everything, the social media, the mainstream media, the corrupt politicians wanted. And during this time, we know that Trump has been building his own platform. Why is he building his own platform? Why hasn’t he released it yet? Why is he waiting? There’s a reason for this, because he knows the first phase where they got rid of him and many others. He knows that’s not the only face. He knows Moore’s coming. Yes, he’s going to introduce it. When the next wave comes, all of a sudden, it will be ready, ready to use, and people will join up like crazy. Now back to the elections. We know that there was election fraud. And what’s very interesting is that out out in Mississippi, a judge ruled in favor of a new election following overwhelming evidence of mail and ballot fraud. In the in a 64 page order judge Jeff, while not only calls for a new election, but also finds evidence of fraud and criminal activity, and how absentee ballots were handled, how votes were counted, and the actions by some at the polling place. The racing question, which we’re talking about right now, occurred in Ward Ward one, or Aberdeen, Mississippi for the position of Aldermen between candidates, Robert Duvall and Nicholas Holliday. So now, because of election fraud, absentee ballot fraud

and counting fraud, they’re going to do a redo. Hmm, that’s very interesting how this is all coming out. Now. Let’s take this a step further. What happens if election fraud is proven in the presidential election? Will there be a do over? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll have to see how that all plays out. Do you think the deep state will just go along with that? No. This is when we’re going to see the real insurrection. This is when we’re going to see censorship like you’ve never seen censorship before. When this information starts to come out, it’s going to be zero day and we know that zero day is coming. Now, what’s very interesting is that we know that Durham has been working as a special counsel investigating the crimes of trees sedition crimes against humanity. And if you notice, there’s absolutely no leaks. The mainstream media has nothing to report on. They have no idea what’s going on. Now, I do believe that this is going to change what’s going to trigger it, we’ll have to see, it could be the new attorney, Attorney General that starts to probe or wants to see what he’s working on or try to shut it down. We’ll have to see what the trigger actually is. Now, like I said, we are now seeing the immigration policies completely reversed from what Trump has done, Trump built the wall, he put the border security in place. And he was keeping that safe. illegals, they had to go to the point of entry, they had to be vetted. And it was very calm at the border. And I don’t mean calm where nothing was happening. What I mean was, there wasn’t a rush of people trying to get into this country like we see today. But what’s very interesting about all of this is that about 108 illegal immigrants, they were released from border patrol in Texas. And they pause and they tested positive for COVID-19. They’re saying, well, we have no method of keeping them here. And they’re letting the people come into the country. Well, aren’t we in a dark winter, a deadly pandemic. And Joe Biden, the President of the United States, he doesn’t he’s not worried about these individuals coming in and infecting people. I mean, think about he’s sitting there telling us to wear masks to wear double masks, telling us to stay separated, but they’re allowing illegals who tested positive to come into the country. Well, the American people, they said, We have to shut down the schools. You can’t go to church can’t open your businesses. Everything has to be at minimum capacity. All the citizens have to wear a mask. And if not, we will find you will, will arrest you if we have to. But illegals coming over the border who are testing positive, they can just waltz into the country. That’s very interesting. People are seeing that. And what else is very interesting is that gave Trump a very tough time in the detention centers that Obama created. Biden, he’s using COVID as an excuse, because he will not allow the mainstream media down there to take pictures. Why? Because he’s doing the same thing that Obama did the same thing that Trump did, keeping people in detention centers. He doesn’t want the press to see any of this. Because Jen Sakhi would have to circle back then. Let’s talk about protecting yourself online. A vice reporter, he used Tick Tock but never create an account sent a GDPR request to the app, he wanted to find out what data they had on him. To his surprise Tick Tock stored his IP addresses what he searched for what videos he watched when he watched them, and his devices, digital fingerprints, but this data was shared with third parties like Facebook, staying anonymous online so corporations can track you is more important than ever. And the first step to doing so is to use a VPN. This is why I highly recommend virtual shield virtual shield is the only VPN I trust for myself and my family. I never use the internet without it. So go to virtual shield comm forward slash x 22 or click the link in the description to get virtual shield today for 50% off and free for 30 days.

We know that he’s using COVID as an excuse, he used COVID not to have rallies, he used COVID. So he wouldn’t have to speak in public. He’s using COVID to stop people from taking pictures in the detention centers. But the word is getting out. information will get out they will not be able to control this. And like we said yesterday, we’re starting to see a lot of news that’s coming out about these individuals that they’re arresting that have to do with children, the missing children. And we’re getting reports of a lot more of this in Tennessee. The Bureau of Investigation reported 150 missing children from Tennessee had been recovered. During a month long collaborative effort between the state and federal agencies. It was called Operation volunteer strong. So we’re seeing a lot of these operations. This operation was started back in 2020. And I do believe the Patriots, they were pushing for all of this and we’re starting to see a lot of children that have been rescued and a lot of individuals that are being arrested. We also are seeing that in the church. Were out in France, the French Catholic Church since the 1950s. At least 10,000 children were sexually molested. I mean, this was a very long investigation. And this is what they’re saying. So the commission that they created, this was 22 legal professionals made up of doctors, historians, sociologists, etc. They were looking into this and in June of 2020. It said that the number of children abused at the hands of the Catholic Church in France might amount to 3000. It has also revealed that at least 1500 clergy and church officials were involved in the abuse over the decades. So there’s saying that this number might go up to 10,000. And we’ll have to wait to see how this all plays out. But we’re starting to see a lot of these arrests, we’re starting to see a lot of these investigations. And a lot of information is coming out. Now we can see that the corrupt politicians, the deep state, the invisible enemy, they are panicking like we’ve never seen before. Why? Because like we said yesterday, the Texas Governor, the Mississippi governor, they ended the mask mandate and said all businesses must open up at 100%. Now AOC is out there. And she is flipping out over this not just her, but many other people, the mainstream media, you name it. And she said that the state just endured one disaster worsened by selfishness, and denial of basic science. And now conditions are being set for another. Well, let’s look at the basic science, she needs to show the people that mass work. Actually, if you go back to 1970 1918, mass didn’t work. This is why they’ve never used them again. Because they did not work. It didn’t stop anything. Mass surgical mass are used when doctors are operating when there’s an open wound. So if a doctor coughs, if a spit should be released from their mouth, it doesn’t go into the open wound. It wasn’t to protect them from a virus. So people wearing socks around their head, shirts around their head, surgical masks around their head, it does not stop a virus. Look at the size of a virus. Look at the size of a bacteria. Look at the size of the openings in the mask. The virus gets through. Yes, there is science that shows all of this. The science shows that masks don’t work. This is why they never wanted to show anyone the science. This is why they keep saying, well, the science has spoken. Well. Yeah, it has but in the other way. Now what’s very interesting is that the CDC they just announced that Americans with COVID-19 vaccine can gather indoors without masks. Do we really need their permission, we could always do this mask don’t work. They’ve never proven to us that six feet apart works. They’d never proved proven to us that masks work or two masks or three masks. This is all unproven science. They just made it up out of thin air, just like the central bank makes up currency out of thin air. Same thing. So they have no proof of anything. And we don’t need permission to gather.

So what happens when Texas and Mississippi, what happens when their cases and deaths drop without masks? Without the mass mandate? What happens when people go back to work? And they gather together and everything starts to fall decline. And those states that have strict mass mandates that have the strict keep your businesses at a minimum of 25%. What happens when those states don’t do as well, you see this is poking a hole in their narrative. They don’t like this. This is why they went off on Florida. They hate Florida, because Governor desantis is doing it right. He’s proving to everyone that everything that they did did not work. And yes, according to a march 2, Center for Disease Control and Prevention data, Florida reported 24.7 cases of the virus per 100,000 in the last seven days. Do you know that’s lower than New York? much lower because New York has reported 31.4 cases per 100,000 in the level in the last seven days. So why are we wearing masks. Actually, if you look at Sweden, they’re not wearing masks. And their cases have dropped. Actually, we all know that this is done by Statistics by how they look at the test the PCR tests, they run them up to 40 cycles. Now since Biden was inaugurated the who announced that they’re changing the test. And they’re lowering the number of cycles, which means that cases are going to drop, which means the death count is going to drop. Which means we’re going to see it drop all over the place masks, no masks, it doesn’t make a difference. Which means we never needed to wear a mask in the first place. But this whole thing with Mississippi, Texas and Florida. This is going to poke a hole in their narrative because their narrative is listen to what we say everyone wear a mask and we can get rid of this. Because if we just do that, we can get rid of it. But now these three states are not following along. Actually South Dakota is not following the law actually North Dakota not following along. And this is going to poke a hole in their entire fake story. And that’s what they’re worried about. Now everything that we’re seeing with Cuomo with the sexual harassment, this is all smoke and mirrors. Yes, they brought this out. Why? Because they wanted to hide the real crime. What is the real crime, the nursing homes, all the people that he shoved in there, all the people that he killed, they’re trying to distract with other things to keep these other things in the news. But Andrew Cuomo, he already said he’s not going to resign, by the way.

But he hired Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer to protect him against the federal investigators. That really worked out well for Harvey, not really. But we can see that he is in a lot of trouble. And they’re trying to use distraction right now. The same thing with Whitmer. Actually, there’s a journalist now who’s going to be suing governor Whitmer because he wants all the information that has to do with the COVID nursing home data. Now, who is this individual? This individual is journalist Charlie Lloyd Duff, and he’s teaming teaming up with Mackinac center. And he is going after Whitmer. They’re preparing a lawsuit right now they want the information. Like I said, this is going to spread to every single one of these governors, and this whole sexual harassment. This is a distraction for the real case, which is the nursing homes. Now let’s take this a step further with Fauci because, remember, Fauci was like, Hey, you know something Cuomo, he is the Golden Child of how you’re supposed to handle a pandemic. While that’s all falling apart, and Judicial Watch, they just released a press statement about Fauci outlining his focus on being in compliance with the Chinese Communist Party, and their demands on the US for COVID restrictions. These new emails show who and Fauci is NIH, special accommodations, the Chinese Communist efforts to control information about COVID-19 and Judicial Watch, they put out this 301 pages of emails and other records of Fauci, Dr. Clifford lane from the US Department of Health and Human Services, showing the National Institutes of Health officials tailored confidentiality forms to China’s terms, and that the World Health Organization conducted an unreleased, strictly confidential COVID-19 epidemiological analysis in January of 2020. So it seems like the information about Fauci is now coming out, and he’s going to be in trouble. When everything is said and done. Actually, if you look at what’s going on here, all those cue posts a lot of them that we’ve been talking about, they’re all starting to come true. Now, with the investigations into Cuomo into Whitmer, and many other individuals, I think we’re going to see a lot more come out. Like I said, in the beginning, is Trump more powerful now? Or when he was president? It seems that he’s more powerful now. Why? Because he’s shadowing all of them. Now, we know that Christopher Ray, he was testifying in front of the Senate. And I know a lot of people are upset because he didn’t come out. And he just didn’t say, hey, it was an Tifa. Hey, we found this evidence, if you notice, he stayed very, very neutral, which I find very interesting, because if he was a blackhat, he would have just come out and said yes. Q anon. That’s a terrorist group. Yes, proud boys. They are a terrorist group. Yes, Trump. He incited this, yes, these individuals did it. But he didn’t, which I find very interesting. He seems he staying very neutral. And he’s staying within the idea that this is domestic terrorism. And I believe he is doing this. And we know from Q’s posts, that he could be a sleeper for the white hats. He is doing this because the next phase that is coming, we know once the information starts to come out, once election fraud information starts to come out, once treason starts to come out. I do believe the deep state, they’re going to try to do something. And this won’t be a fake insurrection. This will be a real insurrection. I do believe they’re setting up the optics for all of this. And yes, I know there’s tons and tons of proof that there were individuals that were dressed up as Trump supporters that john Sullivan, he was at john Sullivan. He was orchestrating a lot of this and he was taking orders from other individuals. But what’s very interesting that came out of these hearings is that their entire narrative about what happened is completely falling apart. So Senator Johnson as the FBI official at hearing how many firearms were confiscated from suspects arrested at Capital unrest on January 6, you know, Speaker Pelosi, the mainstream media, the corrupt politicians, they all called it an armed insurrection. So they answered that question, how many firearms Did you confiscate? And this individual Jill sandborn answered the

question. To my knowledge. We have not recovered any firearms on that day from any of the arrests at the scene at this point. So Jonathan said, How many shots were fired that we know of? She said, the only shots fired were the ones resulted in the death of one lady, Ashley Babbitt, a protester who was shot and killed by Capitol Police officers during heightened tensions inside the building. So during this armed insurrection, nobody was armed. They were carrying flags, and Tifa. Yes, had bats. But nobody was armed. They were armed with phones. They were armed with flags. But nobody had firearms, nobody shot anything. So how is this a armed insurrection? Because this is not an insurrection, if nothing happens, most of the people were just touring the building. So all of this is starting to fall apart on them, which they don’t like. And then we come to find out that the National Guard, they received a stand down order. And this was National Guard commander Walker, he was testifying on January 6, so everything is starting to fall apart. And we know that what this was whole thing was pre planned. Now, what’s very interesting is that the US Capitol Police, they’re saying that something is going to happen on March 4, they identified militia groups, and they’re coming to DC on March 4. Now, of course, they’re saying this is q anon. They’re saying that March 4 is the date of Trump’s true inauguration, that Trump will be there, he’s going to get inaugurated. And they’re saying that problems are going to happen. Now, I do believe that this is a complete setup. I don’t even know who said March 4, was a date anyhow. But this is not a date. This is a false flag. This is a setup by the deep state to try to trap people in all this. So do not do anything. There is no inauguration. There is no March 4 date. There’s nothing like that whatsoever. It was made up by the mainstream media and many others. And Mel q pointed out on post 3598 that this is a trap, and she’s put a square around March 4. under it, it says trap. Now we know that the Patriots, they know the playbook of the Deep State, they know exactly what they’re going to do. And we can see that they’re always prepared for this letting us know that these are traps. Well, we knew it anyhow, because we knew that this was not in any of the posts. We knew that this was never mentioned. People just made this up out of thin air and then the mainstream media, from those individuals, whoever made it up, they just started to spread it because they wanted something to happen on March 4. Well, once again, they’re going to be sitting there, and they’re going to be waiting for people and the people are not going to show up maybe their false flag agent provocateurs will show up. But the actual people, the Patriots, they’re not showing up. So they’re going to be disappointed in this whole thing is going to completely fall apart on them. So once again, this is not something that you should go to this is a trap, by the deep state by the mainstream media, by the corrupt politicians by the invisible enemy. Now, a lot of people they find it hard to believe, or, or even impossible to grasp that, that Trump is allowing the enemy to do what they do best. Letting them think that they won, that they’re in control. Now remember Trump, he can do a lot of damage. When he’s out of the spotlight. He can do a lot of things while he shadowing think about what Obama has done when he was shadowing Trump. Trump now just turn the whole thing around. And we’re seeing a nationwide revolt against the democrats against the left. Remember, there was a post that says when this is all said and done, the DS will cease to exist. What they’re doing right now there’s, they’re, they’re exposing all of this. Everyone needs to be shown once and for all, that they and they alone are responsible for their fate. The voters, the people, they must see that the deep state, the invisible enemy, they stole their right to make a choice of voting for a president.

And look what’s happened so far, people are seeing everything that the left is trying to do. And they do not agree with this. The majority of Americans do not agree with what they’re trying to do, but they keep pushing. Because sometimes, you have to walk through the darkness to get to the light, you must see this firsthand to understand it. And I don’t mean, the people that are already woken up, I’m talking about those people that are seeing it for the first time who are outraged by it. Trump had to do this, he had to let them win. And letting them win, they actually killed themselves politically. This is all about exposing the corruption, everything. And Trump has the ability to move in and out of places now without being detected. Compared to when he was president. Most of the time, they knew where he was. Sometimes they didn’t. But now he has the ability to hide in the shadows, to move around to do certain things. And we still have to answer this question. Why is Biden’s aircraft? Why is it never called Air Force One. Because the military doesn’t see him as the president. There are certain things that are happening now behind the scenes that we’re not fully privy to. But when you start to look at it, you can see what’s happening. Now what’s very interesting, I want to go back to three years ago. This is March 3 2018, a three year Delta, this is post a 28. It says stay strong, be strong, get organized, be heard, fight the censorship, you the people have all the power, you simply forgot how to play together, you are invincible. They want you divided they want you to silence make noise. We are with you make it rain, because in the month of April, it rains. Post 833. This is March 3 2018. It says reality is labeled as conspiracy. You’re made to feel crazy. You are told to obey your sheep to them. pawns to be sacrificed. Remember, we are winning. Do not trust what you read. Mind warfare up is down left is right. Boom. And actually if you look at things today, up is down. Left is right. They’re confusing the people. It’s mind warfare. And then we move to post 2936. This is a two year Delta March 3. And it says at what stage in the game? Do you play the trump card? Well, I do believe that Trump, he’s preparing everything he has been for a very long time. Yes, sometimes plans take a long time. It’s almost like if you want to sell your house, you put it up for sale. You know it’s going to sell eventually, you just don’t know the date. Sometimes you wait a month. Sometimes you wait three months. Sometimes you have to wait a year. But the one thing you do know is that the house is going to sell eventually, you will get that buyer in there that will purchase might not be the price you want. But eventually it will happen. You just don’t know the date. We’re watching a plan and fold right now. We know what the plan is. We’ve been told what the plan is. We just don’t know the exact dates. But we can see how the plan is unfolding. How Trump, how he’s moving forward with his mission, how the posts are coming true from different times. how things are happening that we were told way back doesn’t mean that the plan is not working. It just means we don’t know the actual time and date when everything is supposed to happen. All we know is that yes, these things will happen. And we’re seeing it happen. What remember we’re watching a plan unfold in real time. Trump is gaining more and more power. A lot of the people are having buyer’s remorse. They voted for Biden, they’re saying this is a disaster. This is not what we wanted. And everything that Trump did when he was president like reading off the stimulus package, we have ron johnson he’s going to be reading the stimulus package gonna take him like 10 hours. He wants the people to hear the truth of where all of this money is going. It has begun. When will trump play the trump card? When he’s ready, remember, the military left the timing up to him. And I do believe he knows exactly when it’s going to happen. And when it does, we will all know. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.