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X22 Report: Durham Will Soon Come Into Focus, The Military Is The Only Way Forward

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X22 Report: Durham Will Soon Come Into Focus, The Military Is The Only Way Forward

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Hi, and welcome to the X 22 report spotlight today we have a returning guest red pill 78 You can find all his work on rumble you can go to his website. He’s on telegram I’ll put all the links at the bottom of the video. And I like to welcome red pill back onto the X 22 report spotlight red pill. Welcome to the spotlight.

Dave, thank you so much for having me back. It’s a pleasure to be here. And I’m excited to talk about what’s going on in the world, the crazy mirror world that we seem to be living in.

Yeah, it feels like a mirror world. It’s absolutely crazy. I wanted to start off with what happened with the supreme court because I thought Lynn would Sidney Powell, they were very hopeful. They thought, okay, the Supreme Court, they’re gonna they listen to it, they’re going to take the cases up. And we’re gonna, you know, start moving on these cases, and we’re going to show election fraud. And it seemed like, you know, everything just started to fall apart. And it didn’t go the way they thought it was going to go. What do you think happened with the supreme court? Well,

I mean, I think it’s hard to look at it as anything, but like an utter betrayal of the American people. I mean, looking at each of the cases individually, I think that they all were fairly strong. But I mean, I felt like Pennsylvania had some particular strengths to it. And because I mean, it was brought by a state senator. All right. So I mean, he’s got direct access to the information, we’re talking about election officials changing the election laws unconstitutionally outside of the bounds of what they should be able to have in terms of their powers. And, you know, you’ve only got what Thomas Gorsuch and Alito dissenting Thomas’s dissent, I feel was pretty right on. Yeah, me too. But but by choosing to not take a look at it, I mean, they’re essentially cementing those powers, those extra constitutional powers that those election officials took in each of these states. And they’re ensuring that they’re going to be able to take those types of actions, again, unilateral action without going to the Senate without even asking them to play any part in it. And I feel like it’s it’s very, it’s really disappointing to see that that Cavanaugh and Barrett decided to go with the liberal justices. Because, I mean, if they if they would have went with the other conservatives, then I mean, clearly we’d be in a different place. I mean, what’s the what’s the harm and actually hearing the case? You know, I mean, in my mind, this is one of the biggest constitutional questions that we could be asking, you know, like, whose powers lie where, and how can they be used, especially in a circumstance like this, where these these actions that these people took, they, I mean, it determined the outcome, the public outcome of the election, and if it’s allowed to happen, again, who knows how far they’re gonna take it? I think the one thing that we can be certain of is that these people definitely will continue to take it farther. I mean, I can imagine the democrats believing that, that they’ve, you know, gained all this power, you know, and I guess maybe the Cabal in a larger sense, feeling that they’ve gotten to the point where they’re almost holding the world in its iron grasp fully, that they’re going to walk it back and say, You know what, okay, maybe we’re taking too much power. I think that they’re only going to go for broke. So I think it’s a complete betrayal on behalf of these justices. And yeah, what what Thomas had to say? I mean, you know, that’s it in a nutshell.

Yeah, I agree with that. Do you find it strange that Trump said absolutely nothing about it?

Well, you know, I mean, he had his own things to take care of today, what with the stuff in New York, but I mean, these cases weren’t specifically brought by Trump. So they were other people. So, you know, maybe he just didn’t have an opinion on it. I find that kind of difficult to believe, to be honest with you. But But yeah, I mean, I guess I was expecting President Trump to say something. But just because he hasn’t said it yet doesn’t mean that he won’t, you know, like I said, he was dealing with this stuff in New York, he definitely made a comment about that. And I think that if he was to put out two major statements like that in a day, it’s possible one or the other would have been buried. So perhaps we’ll hear from him in the next, you know, 24 hours or something. I mean, how do you feel about it?

I feel that the Supreme Court was never going to actually really look at the cases. I think we’ve known for a very long time that all these cases were being moved through the lower courts to the upper courts, then eventually to the Supreme Court. And I know that Trump, Sidney Powell, Lynwood, they all want to follow the rule of law. They want to, you know, do everything by the book. But again, we’re in a system today, where it’s not by the book anymore. They’re not really following the rule of law. I mean, if I don’t know if you listen to the individual who is now on the hot seat, where Biden nominated, the Attorney General of the garland garland Merrick Garland, and they were asking him questions. I mean, the question is, you know, do you think if if somebody attacked a building out in Seattle, a federal courthouse, do you think it’s domestic domestic terrorism? And he’s like, well, nobody’s in it. And it’s after hours? No, it’s not? Well, that doesn’t make any doesn’t matter when, if there’s a janitor in there, if something if a session is going on. So if you attack the Capitol buildings, nobody in there, if you had attacked the White House and burned to the ground, that’s not domestic terrorism. That’s, it makes no sense. So I think the rule of law is kind of being muddied right now. And I don’t think going through all these courts going through all of these different processes is going to work. And I think we’ve known that from the very beginning. Yeah, that, that? Yes, you have to go through it. But it won’t work. And the other thing you were talking about is the taxes for President Trump, where the Supreme Court, of course, ruled in favor of the Attorney General in New York, getting his tax returns, I think, for the last five years. Yeah. And, you know, Trump has been fighting this all throughout his presidency. And now they’re going to be looking through his taxes. You think this is going to be a problem for him? Or do you think he expected eventually this was going to happen?

I think he totally expected it was going to happen. I think that he he was in opposition to it based on principle. I mean, there’s no reason for them to look at his tags. But what I would hope would happen is that it would end up boomeranging on the Democrats, and they would be the ones who would be open to exposure, because, you know, if it’s, if it’s, this, this precedent has now been set, that we can go ahead and, you know, take a look at the tax records of you know, a former president, or you know, anybody who’s a politician for the last five years, you know, I mean, I would love to take a look at the tax records of a large number of these politicians in Washington, I think that President Trump is going to be squeaky clean, and there is nothing for him to worry about. They’re going to take a look, it’s just going to be another waste of time. But then, you know, I mean, who knows what comes after that. I mean, we’ve got a lot of people who are on the take in Washington, DC, and I think it would be super interesting to see exactly what kind of money is coming into their accounts and going back out again, you know, or even just to know how much money they’re they’re making in general, you know, because, I mean, how do you how do you justify being a civil servant, and you’re supposed to make, you know, maybe 100 $125,000 a year, and you’re just bringing in millions and millions and millions of dollars, and I have to believe that there’s some extremely interesting connections in there to be made.

Yeah, I feel like everything that we’re seeing right now, is a lot of and I’ll go back to the Q posts, a lot of the things that q told us about like voter id About auditing, government officials, tax returns, or auditing their families, impeachment, many other things. It feels like all of that is happening now. Not when Trump was president. But it’s happening. Because look, they they set a precedent where you can impeach a president that’s no longer president. He’s out of office, you can’t remove him from office, they just set a precedent where you can get taxes for no apparent reason and look through them. And I mean, all of a sudden, they’re starting to set all these precedents. And we’re seeing it all come to life now. And if you really look at Biden, he’s in the white house with a special counsel, investigating his son, and him and many others. Trump was in the white house with a special counsel, investigating him, they were telling him that he cheated in the election, he was working with a foreign nation, which isn’t true. Biden is in the White House, and Trump is there saying the system’s rigged, you will working with a foreign nation, you cheated to get into the White House, and he has proof of this. So it feels like he’s turned the tables on them. And he’s allowing them to do all these things that he can use against them. Are you seeing it that way? Or am I just

No, absolutely. I mean, that’s part of the reason why I said we’re in the mirror world, because it’s like the exact same circumstances are taking place right now. And the Biden ministration is the only thing that’s missing is the attacks from the media. You know, we’ve got this stuff set up. And Joe Biden actually did get help from foreign nations. I mean, he actually did do work with Ukraine. He we’ve got evidence of, you know, massive corruption. And yes, his son is under investigation by the FBI. And I think the IRS is in there as well. You know, the question is, I mean, who is going to be the one enforcing it? You know, it, if john Durham does bring charges against Joe Biden or, you know, other people in the administration, you know, who’s going to be willing to to actually bring that case forward? That’s my concern is is who is left in the administration that might be you know, sympathetic to Trump or a holdover that cares about the rule of law. And so my, my line of thinking is that, at this point, the rule of law appears to be just completely gone. I mean, it’s not even just muddied. I mean, they’ve trampled on it. And although they’ve set up all of these instances, where they’ve opened themselves up to the exact same kind of treatment that they gave to President Trump, I don’t know that we’re in a position where anyone is going to be willing to enforce it or do anything about it, because they’re all beholden to Biden, or they’re beholden to the the puppet masters that are, are working behind him, you know, at which point, the question is who could do something about it? You know, and we come back to the military, I mean, the military would be it. I, you know, if military is the only way, then the only way I can see us getting to that point is if Joe Biden and his cronies allow the United States to just crumble under the weight of their corruption. And it seems to me like they, it’s gotta be getting to the point where people who have taken an oath to the Constitution are going to take a look around and say, you know, this is not what I signed up for. And we might need to do something about it. You know, Case in point, today, I just reported on, was it Trump, Trump voter.org, or something like that. It’s a website where you can go and inform upon your neighbors and your family members or your co workers. It reports somebody for having been a supporter of President Trump. I mean, this is like we’re living in in Stalin’s Russia. Yeah. When they go around, and they ask, you know, have you you know, have your neighbors, you know, had any anti communist views? Or, you know, are are they talking about capitalism, you know, are they not sympathetic to the state? You know, it’s, it’s getting scary out there for a lot of people. But it’s just, it’s, it’s shocking to me, how, how little, like, hindsight, these people have, I mean, we’ve gone through this in a number of different countries, and it’s never ended up good. You know, I mean, the end result is always, you know, like, categorizing and rounding up of dissidents, political persecution, mass killings, and then a totalitarian regime that destroys the country and and then eventually people wake up and they want nothing to do with it anymore. You know, I certainly hope that that’s not what we’re gonna see here in America and I truthfully don’t believe it because you know, a couple different things. We have this Second Amendment, so everybody still has their firearms. And there are a, you know, a lot of good people in the military, just massive numbers of men and women who I believe they have to be aware of what’s going on, they have to be seeing this. And if we’re to, you know, to take the posts at their word, then there there definitely are people who were part of this and perhaps, who have a contingency plan or who must have a contingency plan. You know, I mean, like, I can’t think of anything closer to a precipice than where we’re at right now. But I do feel like it’s gonna get worse before it gets better, which is just a scary, scary thought,

well, the precipice depends on the person, because everyone has their a different level of when they reach that point where they say, I had enough, I can’t take it anymore. So it I don’t think it’s it’s an even playing field with everyone, you know, when you when you talk about the military, and I think this is a lot of people discussing the military, because we know in the Q post, you know, military is the only way forward, and we saw I mean more where the military stepped in and said, okay, you know, something, there was election fraud, and we’re going to control the situation, do you still think the military is going to step in the way it happened in May and more? Or do you think that the military is going to be used in a different way?

I really don’t know. Dave, that’s the thing. I, I can I can see it going either way. You know, I was talking about political persecution earlier. And, you know, I mean, the trajectory that I see, you know, I could, I could see a future where, you know, the Biden administration, orders troops to, like, round up people to go after Trump supporters calling us domestic terrorists, calling us, you know, a threat to our nation. And I think that if that were to happen, then I think that that could force the military themselves to really take a step back and say, you know, this is definitely not what I stood stand. This is not what I signed up for. And I can’t support something like that. Because we’re not Communist China. You know, we’re not Nazi Germany. We’re not Stalinist Russia. But that’s what they’re pushing us towards. Now, with regards to a full on military coup, like there was in Burma. You know, I mean, I think that it’s possible, but I think that there would also definitely be some factions within the military who perhaps, you know, would go along with it, or who would stay loyal to, like, you know, just the regular chain of command. I mean, clearly, the the new Secretary of Defense is, you know, very loyal to Biden, or whoever his puppet masters are, and certainly does not care for Trump. And they’re, they’re doing everything they can to purge the military of supporters of President Trump right now, which is, you know, distressing in and of itself. But, you know, I, I don’t know, I really honestly don’t know, I could see it going a couple of different ways. But, you know, at the end of the day, if military is the only way I think that there would have to be some type of revolt or, you know, maybe soft coup. I, you know, can you imagine if, if maybe the National Guard in Washington, DC, turned around, walked into the Capitol Building, walked into the White House and just put Joe Biden under arrest. I mean, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and everybody in the Pentagon who is the new brass, I’m sure that they would pretty much freak out. Yeah, I would said they would send all their troops in there to stop it from happening. So I yeah, truthfully, I just I don’t know for certain

Yeah, I don’t think that’s Trump’s style. I don’t think he wants bloodshed. I think he tries to avoid bloodshed where Americans are fighting Americans that be I don’t think that’s his goal here. I think. I mean, from everything that that that q has said, and everything that we see from Trump, he wants America to come together. He doesn’t want America divided. He doesn’t want, you know, people fighting against each other. He wants them pointing at the enemy. And that is the invisible enemy, those people that hide behind the curtain that pull the puppet strings. But we still have Durham that is still investigating in the background. And he’s been investigating for a very long time now. And like you said, Where does he go? Well, he is a special counsel. He does have the power like Muller to indict. He can make arrests. So I mean, at this point, wouldn’t you think that Durham at some point would have to start to do something?

Yeah, yeah, I definitely think Durham needs to do something. So here’s one scenario that I’ve been thinking about, you know, obviously President Trump, you know, he loves America. For him, it’s not about left to right, you know, it’s good and evil. So we need Americans to come together, we’ve already got these massive red pills from Biden, you know, destroying America, just undoing everything President Trump has done. So let’s say we have a world where Biden continues to just wither away everything that’s good here in this country, unemployment increases the stock market crashes, we’ve got massive unrest in the streets for a number of different reasons. And they’re still trying to keep the country locked down because of COVID. And people really start to get frustrated, even more so than we are right now. And that is a unifying action that brings people together at that point, then Dirham releases all of the data that he’s got from his reports, maybe calls a press conference, and it’s broadcast on a number of different platforms, television, internet, all of it. And he reveals the crimes of the people who are now currently in office or even people who have left office. And that becomes an even more galvanizing force. And people say, you know, oh, my God, it’s it’s not Trump, it was Pelosi, it was Biden. It was Hunter, it was all of these other people the entire time. And and then the people rise up, and then the military is still there in DC. So then the military backs the people and then we do have a bloodless revolution.

Well, that’s interesting. Yeah. I mean, there’s just so many different ways to play this. And I feel like Trump, everything that he does, he it’s not like he’s coming out and forcing the issue. I feel like he likes it to come to him. Like, he doesn’t want to push it. He wants it to occur naturally, where it looks like he’s not really doing much. And if you what I’ve noticed is that since he moved, removed himself from the presidency, I mean, look how many executive orders Biden signed, just to reverse everything that Trump has done. And some of the things don’t even make sense sense. Like, you know, the insulin, getting that cheaper, why would you reverse that? I mean, except you’re beholden to the pharmaceutical companies. I mean, why would you take that away from the people? Why would you shut down the pipeline during a pandemic, where everyone needs a job, then? I mean, I think Trump knew that they were going to go to the extreme in reversing everything he did. And when I look back, at his four years as president, and what he did during those four years, he, he pretty much undid the globalist system, here in America where he changed the trade deals, he pretty much reversed everything. I don’t know if it was truly to make the economy better at that point, or was he setting it up? So he can put these individuals in the spotlight and show everyone? Okay, I made it better for the American people. Now, I’m no longer president. Everything’s accelerated now. And you can see what they’re really planning to do. Actually, it’s funny because during Biden’s inauguration, right after that, we had a couple of states saying, okay, no more lockdowns, we’re gonna start opening up things. We’re gonna start having kids go back to school, the who came out and said, Okay, we’re getting a lot of false positives on the pan on the PCR test. So we’re gonna recalibrate that. And now we’re seeing cases drop. I know, yes, they’re still fearmongering and stuff like that, because they just can’t snap a finger and say, it’s gone. It will look kind of suspicious. But I feel like with him stepping back, he can see who was against him who was for him. I think he wants maybe them to clear the playing field of this pandemic. I don’t think they would ever let the pandemic disappear with him in his presidency, I think they would have kept it. Yeah. I don’t think those states like California, New York and all that other stuff. I don’t think those states would have opened up. So I feel that everything that he did, he did to remove a lot and show people at the same time. I don’t know. I’m, I’m just trying to look at it from 1000 foot view here of what he’s really trying to do here.

I mean, I completely agree with you. I mean, it’s twofold. I mean, obviously he loves America. He wants America to be successful, so he puts into place a bunch have policies and a bunch of changes which allow that to happen. You know, who ever would have guessed that we could have made America so much better in just a short time? I mean, we’ve been on just this slow decline for decades now. President Trump comes into office and he really changes the game there in Washington DC, cuts, all of the red tape creates just 10s of 1000s of jobs makes everything good. And so what do they do? Well, I mean, I think that they had to implement this. The lockdowns and the plan demick, because they probably had a good idea that once they got somebody else into office, it would become quite quite clear quite quickly.

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how bad the leadership is because of course, they have to change everything so that they can start paying off the people that they’re beholden to, so that they can make you know, the pharmaceutical companies happy. You know, they never would have done that, or they never would have had to do that. If it was under the the role of Hillary Clinton because things would have just continued on that slow and steady decline. President Trump was a major roadblock to that he came into office and he immediately turned the train around. And he showed that it’s quite easy in Washington DC to fix things if you want. But they don’t want to fix them. You know, I mean, they have a plan to destroy America. And of course, they have a plan to siphon off as much money as possible. So by fixing everything, President Trump was able to give us a demonstrable, you know, image of what America could be if people were willing to actually go ahead and do the work. Now, with Joe Biden in office, he’s he’s back to the same old tricks, the same old game that we had before. And I think that people are like, just they’re in shock.

You know, I

mean, like, all of us knew how this was gonna go. I mean, in terms of, you know, what Biden was capable of what what his administration might be willing to do. But I don’t really think that the left thought that things were just going to go straight down the tubes quite so quickly. So you know, we talked about this before. I mean, there’s buyer’s remorse, people are upset about it. People are losing everything. And it’s very, very quick. You know, so now it’s quite clear that, you know, what’s the one thing that’s different here? While it was President Trump, he’s the one constant that was changed. The President is somebody else. his administration is made up of different people. Yes, they’re, they’re ending the COVID lockdowns, they’re, they’re making the virus disappear. So you know, that’ll be one less thing on people’s backs. But it won’t change the fact that everything else is falling apart. And you only have to look one place to understand why that is.

Not Trump. I agree with you, and then throw in Cuomo. Yeah, with this whole nursing home scandal here. Now, we knew about Cuomo about him being investigated a long time ago. I mean, look how, look, this is why when people say, well, nothing’s happening, nothing’s happening. Well, the wheels of justice, they take a very long time. And you know, just because you know, something a year ago, and now it’s a year has passed, and all of a sudden you see it happen. Look how long look how much time it took for an investigation to actually ramp up and the information that come out. Why do you think the mainstream media hasn’t protected him? or Why do you think de Blasio is going after him? Are they turning on him?

I think that they are turning on him because President Trump is no longer there. They see before anytime they needed to attack someone. President Trump was a very easy target. It was nonstop coverage. You know, Trump bad everybody else good. Well, now Trump’s gone. The informations come out, we have this recording of his aid admitting it to other Democrats in the state. It’s pretty easy to verify you’ve got a lot of dead elderly people, and you have this policy of putting COVID positive patients into nursing homes. So if they didn’t, if they didn’t stop protecting him, and they didn’t get honest about what happened here, you know, they would have nobody to blame. And I think that this is too fresh, they’ve put too much attention on COVID for so long. And now, people have a legitimate gripe, they have something that they’re complaining about. And you know, it’s it’s a tragedy, so many dead people. So I don’t think they can cover it up. And I think that if they had tried to then it would just have been, you know, a PR nightmare, even more than it already is. So they sacrifice Cuomo and and then they can move somebody else into his place. Maybe then de Blasio is going to run for governor of New York, and then they can move, you know, AOC to be mayor of New York City. That’d be pretty easy.

But if Cuomo goes down, what do you think, is gonna happen to the other governors who did the same exact thing? Because there were five governors that shoved sick people into nursing homes? Do you think this is going to spread to those individuals?

I would hope that it would, you know, I mean, I’ve seen people angry in each of these states. I think that it’s just been the most public in New York, because it’s also the most hypocritical you know, Cuomo won an Emmy. And he was on he was on TV every friggin day. You know, I mean, he was daytime television for like a year. So it you know, Gretchen Whitmer from Michigan. I mean, she didn’t spend as much time in front of the cameras touting her success. She didn’t write a book, selling book, you know, Cuomo, just he put himself out there too much. So there’s the possibility that they could focus all of the ire onto Cuomo, and then hope that everybody forgets about these other states. But I mean, the truth is, I think that it will be forgotten unless people in each of those states are willing to you know, make a lot of noise and say something about it. But it may take Cuomo getting in trouble first for then those dominoes to start falling. So you can say, Okay, well, Andrew Cuomo had the policy of putting elderly people with COVID positive patients into nursing homes. The same thing happened in my home state of Michigan, or the same thing happened in you know, California, wherever it was. And and now we need to look into that here.

And what’s amazing is that Fauci he held him up as like, the gold standard of how you handle the pandemic.

golden calf.

Yeah. But we also see Newsome. I mean, he has, you know, the recall, were there. Well, now he wants them to verify the signatures. That’s funny. They don’t want verification of signatures during a presidential election. But a recall we have to verify everyone’s signature. Yeah. I mean, do you think he’s going to be recalled?

I think you will be recalled. Because they’ve got more than enough signatures. I believe they had to have 1.5 million I heard last that they had like 1.7 million approaching 1.8 million. And I think they were looking to have their margin of error be about 500 to 800,000 signatures. So they’re continuing to collect. They’ve recently had massive influxes of money from some big donors. They’re in the state of California, and I would you know, probably guess that people outside of California are also contributing to it. But yeah, I think that it’s time’s up for for Newsome. I mean, they’ve tried this a couple of times and Newsome has stood in the way. I know that they’ve learned from the mistakes that they made in, you know, the first and the second time that they tried this. I i would i would bet that they’ve already made sure as they were gathering the signatures to ensure that those people were truthfully like, you know, lawfully registered to vote in the state of California, and that they’re all their information is correct, because people have been working on it for a long time. And I’ve seen, you know, I’ve been talking to, you know, numerous people who are involved throughout these multiple attempts to recall him. And, you know, I mean, it’s a big letdown when you get that far. And then they go ahead and shoot it down. But it is incredibly ironic that he wants to verify all the signatures now. I mean, what why couldn’t we have done that in November? Why was it not important enough to do that for the most important presidential election of our lifetime? And I hope that you somebody in California is, is paying attention to this stuff. You know, I mean, if this is going to go before a judge, and I’m sorry, is that what’s going to happen? Is it is it being decided that they’re going to have to verify signatures or not, or is it or is Newsome just decreeing that.

I think they’re verifying them right now. Actually, I think they’re 80% verified. so far. Okay. All right.

So So even if they’re even if they’ve 80% verified there. 80% are good, then they’ve still got enough signatures because they’ve counted. or excuse me, they’ve gathered over and above. I think I think that’s it for Gavin Newsome. I’m interested to see what’s going to happen there in California and how much things can change for the better with somebody else in leadership

there. And when we’re talking about like Whitmer, we’re talking about Cuomo, we’re talking about Newsome. Again, when you look at a, an aerial view of this whole thing of what Trump did during the pandemic, they wanted him to be a dictator. He wanted, you know, to say, okay, the country has to stay locked down. That’s what they really want. They want him to dictate all these rules to these individuals. But instead, he let the governors and mayors do it on their own. And I think once again, I think he did this on purpose because he wanted to show the people who the real dictators are, who the real criminals are. And with Cuomo, with Newsome, and I think it’s going to hit Whitmer. I think it’s going to hit Murphy, I think it’s going to hit the rest of them. I think people notice this. And they’re saying, you know, something, these people are not good for our state. And that’s why they’re reacting and trying to get rid of these individuals.

I agree with you, you know, the whole time. President Trump was hands off. I mean, honestly, it was up to the governors, it should have been up to the governors, and you know, even down to the local level, like, was it? Garcetti is that the la mayor Garcia? Yeah,

you know, so I mean, all of their, their, you know, for all of the lockdowns, it didn’t do anything to curb the number of cases. I mean, you still had, you know, just, you know, exponentially rising cases on a daily basis. But yeah, I during the entire pandemic, I mean, people were paying attention. I mean, everybody was on online, comparing notes, you know, like, Hey, I’m down here in Florida. desantis is the boss. He’s not making us wear masks, we can go to the beach. But then you look at California, and you know, people walk on the sand and they get arrested. So, yeah, I agree with you there. I think that President Trump did that one on purpose for sure. Yeah, I

think so too. So where, where do you think we are headed now? Because we talked about Biden, we talked about Cuomo, and Trump. I mean, I think we have Lara Trump saying, Oh, yeah, he’s gonna be running in 2024. A lot of people say, Oh, yeah, 2024? I mean, do you even think it’s possible for Trump to run in 2024?

I think that it is possible. I know that in 2024, he’s going to be as old as Biden is now basically. But he’s also a lot healthier is a lot more vital. You know, you’ll I mean, he’s put on a couple of years, obviously, since he’s been in the presidency, I don’t think that it had the same toll on him that it did, to just about everybody else who’s ever been president. I mean, like Obama came in, and then he left, he looked 20 years older. But, you know, Trump basically looks the same. I mean, just he’s definitely a couple years older, but nothing like anything we’ve seen before. So I think that Trump is probably taking really good care of himself, I think that he always has taken really good care of himself and think there’s something to be said for not smoking or drinking alcohol. That’s probably been really good for him. So it is entirely possible for him to run again in 2024. I know a lot of people, I see it in the comments, you know, they’re like, you know, f 2024. We need him right now. If we wait until 2024, then it’s all going to be lost. There’s nothing we can do. You know, I don’t know that there is a path now that the Supreme Court has shot this down. I don’t know that there is a path to get him in there in any other way without running again in 2024. And let’s be honest, I mean, if he decides to run in 2024, I think he’s going to start campaigning probably next year. So we’re going to be seeing a lot of President Trump and guaranteed he’s going to be campaigning for local candidates, you know, I mean, right now, they’re in the midst of putting together candidates all over the country. I mean, people who are guaranteed maga, America first. You know, I just talked about Adam kinzinger. Today. I mean, that guy is not long for this world in terms of politics. There are I would say every single senator and Representative that went against President Trump and supported impeachment. They’re on the chopping block right now. And all President Trump, I mean, he, he campaigned the entire term of his presidency, he never stopped. You know, I remember thinking at the beginning, you know, okay, well, when is he going to take it easy? When’s he just kind of hanging out in Washington DC? And at a certain point, I was like, I guess he isn’t, he’s never gonna stop. You know, I mean, that man has vitality. He has energy that is unparalleled, especially when you hold him up against Joe Biden. He’s, you know, he’s gonna whip him down every time. All President Trump needs to do is show up in it. No event, say, this guy’s a patriot or this lady’s a patriot, make sure you vote for them, we need to take out this Rhino over here. And people will do it. Because everyone is just starved for that good old maga feeling we need that Trump ness back in Washington, DC and so anybody that President Trump suggests is going to be a good candidate, I think is going to be guaranteed to get into office. And, you know, probably at larger margins than we even saw in this past election, because you’re also going to have all of these people who are upset that Joe Biden has been president, maybe they voted for him. Maybe they didn’t vote for him, but they didn’t vote for Trump, and they know they screwed up. I think that you’re gonna have a lot more people voting for people that President Trump, you know, supports, and there’s no way there’s not there’s not a single person in the Democrat Party, who has the power, the charisma, the star power as President Trump. You know, if Hillary Clinton shows up in an event for somebody, it’s the kiss of death. You know, it Obama, you know, he might get it might get a small crowd, Joe Biden probably wouldn’t draw anybody. Jim, you know, or john kerry, he shows up, people will be heckling him for taking a private jet. Yeah, there’s just there’s no equivalent on the democrat side.

The only thing that people I think are worried about is what happened with this election, and that is the cheating the fraud. So if he decides to run in 2024, number one they’re afraid about, they’re afraid of what Biden and his puppet masters, you know, Obama sitting in the basement, talking to Joe Biden telling them what to do. They’re afraid what they’re going to do to America second, with election fraud, and with the legislation that they’re trying to pass with, oh, you can bring in mail in ballots, 10 days after the election, they’ll modify the Dominion machines, people are saying, well, it’s going to be completely impossible for him to run in 2024. Because look, what happened this time, it’s going to be 10 times worse, in 2024. So something has to happen in the middle. Two,

I agree. Yeah. You know, and I think that maybe the the midterms that we’re gonna see here in, in 2022, that’s that that’s the next opportunity. We have to put good people into office in Washington, DC. And, you know, who knows what can happen between now and then? I mean, obviously, Durham is still out there, all of those indictments are still out there, I really hope that we get a return on that maga promise, specifically. But yeah, I mean, that’s definitely something that I’m worried about, too. One thing that I know that will be different is I don’t think that there’s going to be any Republicans who are going to be willing to put up with the bullying that we saw in this last election. You know, people were afraid to be called racist, they were afraid to, you know, break COVID protocols. COVID is not going to be here in this next election. And another mistake that I think that the republicans made, was just not being aggressive with the support that they gave at the local polling places. Democrats had lawyers and representatives at every single voting location, they were ready to challenge any challenge to a vote to a poll worker. And, you know, they trained them really well, to make us feel like there was something wrong with what we were doing, you know, you’re standing too close to me get back, you know, you’re racist, take off that shirt. And people got kicked out. You know, I think that in this next election, like I, if the Republican Party wants to have any hope for survival past, you know, this this most recent election, then they have to play the exact same way that the Democrats have chosen to play. And that means they have to support their people at the local levels. And it also means that they’re probably going to have to support President Trump in 2024. Because there is no one else in the republican party that I can think of as long as Trump is willing to run, that would even you know, come close. Now, the other thing that could be going on is that there are still good people in the intelligence community and in the NSA, we’ve got spaceforce Okay. I mean, spaceforce rarely gets talked about, but I think we understand the importance of it. You know, I think that spaceforce could play an integral integral role. I mean, making sure that, you know, cheating from a distance, let’s say, is unable to happen. You know, I, we’ve got to look at every single place that these people can cheat. And, you know, one of the big problems that, you know, we heard from the the TCF center is that there was there was no following the election laws with regards to the adjudication, you know, so a lot of times they had two democrats sitting at a table. So every single ballot, oh, yeah, that’s Joe Biden. Oh, yeah. That’s Joe Biden. And they Just push it through, you know, if we ensure that people are there and they’re actually looking at everything, well, you know, then we have a much better chance of ensuring that the votes are actually correct in their legal. And I would hope that people in Washington DC would value the idea of signature verification and everything that didn’t happen this time. And I don’t know that they’re going to keep these these voter rules that they put into place now that COVID is going to be gone. But if they try then then, you know, we need to stand up. We need to stand up. And we need to say something about it. I mean, we if it happens again, and it goes the exact same way. Yeah, we’re done. I can’t see a way out of that. I think they cheated. Yeah.

I think you mentioned spaceforce. And I think Trump started spaceforce for many different reasons, but one of them was the cyber realm. And I have a very funny feeling that the spaceforce they were monitoring the elections, because Trump always said, Oh, we need the real vote count, we need the real vote count. And I think spaceforce what they did was they captured the real votes up to the point where then they paused the election, because they had to stop the election, to see how many votes they needed to catch up. So at that point, I have a very funny feeling. spaceforce was monitoring everything that was going on, and they have the true count. I don’t know how Trump is going to bring this out, because I don’t think he’s just gonna say, hey, by the way, spaceforce has it and here it is. And now, you know, I want and that’s that I think he’s going to have them pull it out, in a certain way. Where, just like, with impeachment with I mean, look at the impeachment, for example. They were gonna call in witnesses. Why did they back off? What were they afraid of?

What’s gonna be too damaging? It was, yeah,

because Trump wasn’t bringing that information out. They were pulling it out of him. That’s why I think his attorney said, Listen, we have 301 witnesses, we want Nancy Pelosi, I think the same thing is going to happen with the space force, the numbers they have, in a certain way, I think they’re gonna they’re gonna pull it out of him. And it’s going to be presented in some way. I don’t know how exactly it’s going to happen. But that’s my feeling about that.

Well, yeah, I mean, it could easily be an extension of what Durham’s looking into I mean, the, the the con the coup to remove him, I don’t I mean, it never ended. I mean, just because we had spy gate spy gate was just, you know, the beginning of him, but then it extended all throughout President Trump’s time in office. And obviously, the the election was just that final deathblow that they they pulled out at the end. So yeah, I definitely think that spaceforce was paying attention. And I think that, you know, with their access to, you know, total information awareness in terms of satellites and intelligence, yeah, it would be very, very easy for them to have gotten that information. And, you know, if we take a go back and think about that story that came out from from Italy, with Leonardo, and I mean, their use of satellites, to upload vote totals to a variety of different election machines all over the world, and then of course, the servers in Germany. You know, I mean, that that that information has to be somewhere. And that could very easily be something that gets brought out, you know, if things do get bad enough, where somebody in a position of leadership decides that they need to stand up and they need to do something, because otherwise, Biden’s gonna flush America down the toilet.

Yeah, I agree with you. He will. Yeah. Well, Zach, thank you very much for being on the X 22 report spotlight. Once again, how can people see your work and where are you uploading today?

Yeah, I upload every day to rumble bit shoot Odyssey gab TV, and I think that’s it, but you can find everything at red pill 78 news.com I have a telegram channel you can subscribe to that there. All of the links are there. I post everyday on gab and I think that’s it, you know i parlors up now, so I just started posting on parlour again. But you can also support me and subscribe star. Also on Patreon. Still there. I don’t know how that’s happening. But also directly on my website, red pill 78 news.com forward slash donate. Great. I’ll

put all the links at the bottom of the video. Once again, red pill. Thank you very much for being on the spotlight. I really appreciate it.

Thanks for having me again.