X22 Report: First Arrest Will Verify Action and Confirm Future Direction,Durham, [DS] Will Fight Back

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Hi and welcome you listening to the X 22 report My name is Dave and this episode 2429 bn today’s date is March 17 2021. And the title of the episode is first a restful verify action and confirm future direction duram deep state will fight back let’s talk about our health. A new study reveals that a tiny fish in the Amazon is able to survive Parana bites here’s how the three stripe Korea small catfish is able to survive multiple bites from Puranas completely unfazed. The secret lies inside at specialized scales. Scientists found that these fish are able to survive Parana bites due to their collagen and their unique scales. Just as collagen is the main protein that protects these fish. collagen is also possibly the most important protein inside as humans get multi collagen for 51% off today by going to help with x 22. Calm or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. The Deep State, the corrupt politicians, they are panicking right now. Think about what Trump the Patriots have done right now. And really think about what Trump has done in the last four years. He set everything in motion. Yes, we talked about how he reversed economic policies brought manufacturing back, made sure that companies would stay here in the United States, cut taxes, remove regulations, place tariffs on China, built the wall ended the Middle East wars.

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Stop illegals from coming into this country said America first. Americans get the jobs first. It’s America first. And Trump did all of this for a very specific reason. Because he knew if he reversed everything the deep state the corrupt politicians did. And they tried to reverse it back to the way it was. It would be like an avalanche it would be like a D five, where it would start off very slowly. And it would build over time. And it would bury the corrupt politicians, the deep state the invisible enemy. And that’s exactly what we are experiencing right now. Yes, when Biden first came in, it was like 50 something executive orders. I think it’s even higher than that. When he started to do that, people were looking at this thing, okay, it’s not that big of a deal. But now you’re seeing the border crisis? Yes, the mainstream meters. And Jen Psaki, they don’t really want to call it a crisis, but now they’re fessing up that yes, it is a crisis. Just like the riots, you know, the riots were a myth. They really didn’t exist. Well, now, it seems that there’s no way out of this. And they have to admit to it. People see this. And yes, they might say, Oh, no, it’s not that big of a deal. But when Biden starts to cancel jobs to like the x, the Keystone XL pipeline, or he decided to cancel the lease agreements in Louisiana, and hundreds of 1000s of people gonna be out of work. Well, more and more people realize what’s going on. And as this continues, it started off with, oh, just a small snowball coming down the hill, and it picked up speed. It’s getting worse and worse. And it’s not just going to disappear. It’s going to get worse and worse. And if you bring in transgender if you bring in what’s happening with Cuomo, what’s happening with Whitmer Murphy, and the rest of the governor’s Newsome if you add all of this in, this is an avalanche like we’ve never seen before. And it’s going to hit all these individuals. You think Trump in the Patriots, you think they plan this? You think they knew that this is going to happen? Yes. Trump was on Fox letting everyone know that this is going to get a lot worse. This is just the beginning stages. Yes, they wanted this pandemic to go on a much longer time. He countered their pandemic with a vaccine. I know a lot of people don’t like the vaccine, and there’s very good reason why you shouldn’t like the vaccine because COVID the Coronavirus, the China virus. It has a Your rate of 99.9x depending on your age, there’s no reason for a vaccine. And yes, Trump did mention the vaccine, but you have to remember, what’s hap, the entire picture of all of this what’s what’s happening here? There are certain individuals in this country well, they will only feel safe if they get the vaccine period. That’s it.

You can try to convince them, you can try to say no, it’s deadly. It will kill you waiting to see their response. I’ve tried it with many people. They only feel safe with the vaccine. Now remember, Trump is not just playing to the people that have woken up. He’s talking to the people that haven’t woken up. And maybe it’s not time for them to wake up. Because whatever is happening out there, it hasn’t hit them yet. They haven’t reached the precipice. Try going into Home Depot or Lowe’s or any other place and say listen, the Coronavirus. It’s not as deadly as they’re saying. They made it up it’s statistics. See how many people say yeah, you’re right, let’s take off our mass. We’re done with it. We don’t need the vaccine. But if you listen to what he said about the vaccine, he said something that we have our freedoms, our freedom to make the choice. He didn’t just say everyone should get in, it should be mandated. He told people, you have freedom of choice. We’ll be playing this a little bit later of what he said, If you listen closely, you can hear what he’s talking about. Because he understands he needs to get rid of this pandemic, for us to move forward. The Deep State they’re panicking. They never expected any of this. They never wanted this to happen. They had a different agenda. Remember Trump, the Patriots? They’re moving them in the direction they want them to move in? And yes, they’re setting them up. And yes, the deep state, they will try to fight back at every turn. Remember, q has told us about deep fakes where they create fake videos. And what’s very interesting is that this video came out about Biden, where reporters were asking him, Hey, are you going to visit the southern border? Because we have a crisis going on? And he says no. And he walked up to the reporters, and he put his hand out and his hand? Well, it goes over the microphone. And it looks like it’s a green screen. It could be it. Maybe it is maybe it isn’t. That’s unimportant. I do believe the deep state is trying to set the narrative because they know what’s coming just like they have the fences around the Capitol. Like they have the National Guard there. Because they don’t know what Trump’s next move is. They know that he has the videos. They know he has the audio. He they know that Durham which we’ll be talking about a little bit later in this report. He is a special counsel. He’s been investigating for a very long time. He knows they know that he controls the military. They don’t know which direction he’s coming from. So they’re trying to protect themselves. And yes, how do you muddy the water? How do you say Oh, yeah, this is a deep fake Look, they went ahead and they said Biden’s a deep fakes. So this other video of Hillary Clinton or anyone else, this is a deep fake too. I do believe they’re trying to set the narrative. But that’s really not important if he is or he isn’t. I do believe the deep state. They’re trying to control where this narrative goes, because they don’t know where Trump is going to hit next. They know he has a plan. They know he’s in control. They just don’t know what he’s going to do. And this is scaring them right now. Now, the American people are definitely waking up, and so is the mainstream media. And so as Jen Psaki and the Biden administration and the puppet masters, because it started off with the border that there was no crisis. People are just coming up because they just want to be in America. And Biden never told people to come up. But people, they’re looking at the situation, and they’re no longer believing in what the mainstream media what Biden is saying 73% of voters are concerned about Biden’s migrants are bringing COVID into this country. So there’s over 100,000 illegal migrants flooding across the US southern border in February. Thanks to Joe Biden’s new open border policies. There’s 13,000 alien children are now held in migrant camps. Thanks to Joe Biden. Hundreds of migrants have tested positive for COVID virus and 1000s of others. Were not even tested. And this poll from Ross mucin finds that 73% of Americans are concerned about Biden’s illegal migrants bringing COVID into this country. Now, that’s very interesting. People have woken up to that. And yes, they’re starting to see many other things actually, on CNN, john Avlon,

he’s out there saying that Joe Biden can’t afford to ignore the problem at the US southern border. They can no longer hide this, just like the riots during the during the BLM protests, where they said it was all peaceful, and it was a myth. Eventually, they had to say yes, okay, there are riots, the same thing is happening now, because there’s too many stories that are coming out from the southern border, videos, pictures. And now it’s reaching the point where they have to acknowledge it. Now, Biden, he is trying to counter all this right now, his administration is trying to counter all of this, because of how it built up so quickly. And he came out and he says, I can say quite clearly don’t come over, don’t leave your town or city or community don’t come to the United States. Now, again, words are very different than actions. We know back in 2019, Biden was out there. And he told people to come to America during the democratic debates. And Trump, he was doing an interview and on Fox, and he was warning that the migration crisis in the US is going to get much, much worse. He said, you’ll see the numbers of refugees expand and the level like you’ve never seen before. Take a listen to what he said.

People are coming in by the hundreds of 1000s young children are coming in and they leave their homes and they come up because they think it’s going to be so wonderful. And frankly, our country can handle it. It is a crisis like we’ve rarely had. And certainly we’ve never had on the border, but it’s going to get much worse. I mean, what you’re seeing now is very bad record numbers, but it’s going to get much much worse. With a little bit of time, you’ll see those numbers expand at a level like you’ve never seen before.

He knew this was going to happen. He knew that once Biden gotten into office, that this was going to happen. Remember everything that he did? He did it on purpose. He started the avalanche. And it’s happening right now. Now, what’s very interesting is that officials from the Department of Homeland Security, they warned Joe Biden his transition team that revoking Trump’s border policies would have catastrophic consequences. And this is coming from Stephen Miller. Biden’s transition team was warned by career DHS officials that terminating our proven border security measures would lead to catastrophic consequences. They ignored those warnings, and voluntarily unleashed chaos. So they were warned. They knew exactly what they were doing. And they went ahead and did it. Yes, this is going to get a lot worse. And what’s very interesting is that House Minority Leader, Republican Kevin McCarthy, he was out there, and he was talking to reporters in El Paso, Texas. And he said that the Border Patrol was arresting people from the terrorist watchlist originating from countries such as Yemen, Iran, Turkey. And of course, the mainstream media came out and they started to fact check him. And the media was out there saying that he was lying, saying that there are no reports of this. And they even went as far as saying that Republicans revive one of Trumps most notorious immigration lies. Ms. NBC or Ms. DNC allege that McCarthy may have gotten ahead of his talking points. Well, no, he didn’t. Because the Customs and Border Protection. They’ve arrested at least four people at the US Mexico border matching names listed in the FBI terrorist screening database since October 1 of last year. The agency confirmed to Congress on Tuesday. The arrest the arrestees were from Yemen, and one was from Serbia. So he wasn’t lying. He wasn’t getting ahead of his talking points. This is what’s really happening. They’re trying to cover all this up now. What else has the mainstream media been telling us that turned out to be complete lies? Well, Liz Wheeler breaks us down for us in a tweet. How about Cavanaugh? Russian collusion Mike Flinn Ukraine quid pro quo. Jessie small at bubba Wallace, BLM riots are peaceful, nothing to see on Hunter’s laptop, Georgia Secretary of State all lies. If you believe the mainstream media, you’re an idiot. Yes, they’ve been telling us lies from the very beginning. They’re the ones who push conspiracy theories. They’re the ones who are out there trying to control the narrative, not actually investigating. They’re creating the narrative out of thin air. Now, remember, during the elections, a call was leaked. And Trump was speaking to raffinose Berger, talking about the Georgia election, and an individual leaked information and decided not to take the real quotes, but create quotes and hand it over to the Washington Post. Who was that person? That was Jordan Fuchs. That was the anonymous source. Fuchs provided the washington post with a fraudulent Trump quote, just days before the Georgia senate run off. They planned to do it to damage Trump before January 5 runoff elections. And it was planned perfectly. Now think about this for a second. The Washington Post and check any of this, we had Fuchs creating fake quotes, just like Adam Schiff, created a fake call and read it out to the public about Ukraine. All these individuals are creating fake information. So the Washington Post’s accused Trump of a crime based on fabricated quotes. So think about this for a second. Should they be liable? I do believe so. They should be liable for all of this. And so should Fuchs because she lied. She lied to the paper.

Now, what’s very interesting is we’re starting to see a lot of things happen in the election arena with different states. In Michigan, a judge has ruled that the Michigan Secretary of State did in fact direct City Clerk’s to ignore signature matching law on absentee ballots in the 2020 election. And the Michigan court of claims Chief Judge Christopher Murray, has ruled that the Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson broke state law in issuing new election rules before the 2020 election. Now, of course, here we are after the elections. But again, this is coming out now. Are they going to be changing election laws through the legislature? Absolutely. We also have an update on what’s happening in Fulton County, Georgia. A judge in Georgia has granted a group of concerned citizens permission to inspect the votes in Fulton County, Georgia. And this is coming from the Georgia store news, a judge in Georgia, they have allowed the group to do this. Hopefully, they’re really looking at this looking at the signatures and verifying all of this. This is going to be huge when we start to get this information out there. Now, what’s interesting about this is a lot of states now, there are changing their laws. One of the swing states are changing their laws and they’re bringing in voter id remember, none of this is going to happen. Unless there’s some type of crisis. Now, we’ve known for a long time about voter ID. Q has told us about this. Now, they weren’t just going to say hey, let’s have voter id now. It has to be done. When there’s a crisis to push the bill through, because just telling people that we need voter id nobody understands it. Why? What’s the urgency? Why do we need it? Everything’s fine the way it is? Well, if there’s an event, and signatures aren’t verified, we have fake people voting. We have fake absentee ballots. Well, that makes the case for voter ID. And now Russ muse, and they did a poll and they indicate that 75% of Americans support voter ID laws that require voters to show a photo identification before voting. And this is including 60% of Democrats only 21% oppose these laws. Now let me bring you back to post 2855. This is February 21 2019. It says they will stop at nothing to regain power, time to adopt voter ID law. Now remember, these posts and what has been said in these posts are things that are going to happen in the future. Remember the future is going to prove the past. Now all of a sudden we see states taking on voter ID. If you go to post 2610, December 12 2018. What do we see happening? Well, an anon on the board said, well, voter fraud be exposed before January q says no 2019 push voter id based on verifiable Intel fraud. 2020 Plus, not 2020 2020 plus safeguarded?

So 2019 going into 2020, there was going to be verifiable Intel fraud. Yes, they’re going to bring it up from the 2018 election. We’re seeing it in the 2020 election. We have an event we have a crisis, we have to change the laws. And that’s what’s happening right now. Remember, voter id yesterday’s the mainstream media, the corrupt individuals are going to try to say that it’s racist. But once again, the purchase alcohol cigarettes open a bank account, you need an ID to drive a car, rent car, buy a car, you need an ID to get welfare, Medicaid, Social Security, you need an ID to get into the Democratic National Convention. You need to show your ID How is this racist? How is it racist when you’re voting for the President of the United States? It isn’t. That’s their cover story. And we can see things are now changing. Let’s talk about our health. A new study reveals that a tiny fish in the Amazon is able to survive Parana bites here’s how the three stripe Korea small catfish is able to buy multiple bites from Puranas completely unfazed. The secret lies inside his specialized scales, scientists found that these fish are able to survive Parana bites due to their collagen and their unique scales. Just as collagen is the main protein that protects these fish. collagen is also possibly the most important protein inside us humans get multi collagen for 51% off today by going to help with x 22 comm or click the link in the description. Now we know that the DS they are pushing gun control right now they have two bills now, one pass the house and I believe the other one is Dianne Feinstein that you created in the Senate. And for these bills to move anywhere. What do you need, you need an event. And all of a sudden in Georgia, we see a shooter who came out shot like eight people or so there were two white, there were two white individuals and six of Asian descent. And yes, the mainstream media, they were going to try to push some type of race motivation. But that fell apart because the individual the suspect he took responsibility for the shooting. But he said that it was because of his sex addiction, not because of race. So will this story go anywhere? Will they use it? They will try to use it. But it will not work? Because they can’t control the narrative on this one. And what’s very interesting is that Jen Psaki, she was doing a press conference, and a reporter asked, you know, why do you think that there were more attacks on Asian Americans? Now, the answer is just unbelievable. This had nothing to do with Asian doesn’t have to do with race. This individual was doing it because of another of a completely different reason. But this is what she said. She said there is no question that the Trump administration calling COVID the Wu Han virus has led to an uptick in attacks on Asian Americans. No, it hasn’t. That is just absolutely ridiculous. Why do I say that? Well, yes, I know when Trump was president, which I do believe he still is. I think he’s the shadow president. I do believe he was calling it the Wu Han virus, the China virus because it came from China. And yes, the press made a really big deal about this, that this is racist. But look what the mainstream media, the corrupt politicians, look what they’re doing right now. You know, all these variants that are out there? Well, do they just call it a variant? No. They call it a South African variant, a UK variant, a Brazilian variant, a New York variant. They use all the different names of all these different places. How come they’re allowed to say this? How come the variant can be from all these places, but the virus can’t be from China. This has nothing to do with race. This is about the deep state, the mainstream media the corrupt politicians pushing ahead Gender, period. And you can see it very, very clearly. And you can also see that Biden is continually reversing everything. Remember, it started out as a small little snowball. It’s building steam. It’s coming down the hill. And this is one gigantic avalanche. Is it going to hit Trump? No, it’s going to hit them. What else is Biden doing right now? Well, all of a sudden we have us convoy of trucks that are entering North Syria. Why would that be? What did Trump do in Syria,

he destroyed ISIS. They destroyed their mission. Remember, they want to bring everything back to the way it was, before Trump came into office. Trump knew this. This is the avalanche. Trump wanted peace. He wanted the troops home. He started to make all of these peace deals. He got rid of ISIS. He made peace in Afghanistan with the Taliban. He was making peace in Yemen. And what do we see today? Well, the peace part is not going to Well, think about the peace deals with Israel, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the countries. Right now Biden is saying that we don’t know if we’re going to be able to meet that deadline to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan on May 1. Now, the Taliban, they’ve stuck to their promise not to attack us or other foreign troops. That was part of their agreement. But Biden doesn’t know if we can remove the troops. Why? Because they don’t want their troops removed. They want them there. They want war in Syria. They want Assad out. They want to control the Middle East. Why do you think Trump was ending all of this? He wanted to show the American people that it could be done. We can have peace, we don’t need these wars. We can have peace with North Korea. We can have peace throughout the Middle East. What is Biden doing? Look at all the different areas that Biden is touching right now. And I don’t mean it’s just Biden. He’s the puppet. There’s puppet masters. He knew that the puppet masters would do all of this. Now, Trump also knew with the pandemic, he needed to clear the playing field, the deep state, the invisible enemy. They created this pandemic. Yes, there was a virus. But they created something so deadly out of statistics and fear that Trump knew that the only way out of this was to have them to reverse it. And yes, Trump pushed them as much as he possibly could. He tried to introduce the cure, h CQ, hydroxychloroquine. He tested them. But he saw what happened. He saw what the mainstream media what the deep state would do, how far they would go. And the mainstream media, all they talked about was a vaccine. If we have the vaccine, this would just disappear. The pandemic would no longer exist. So what did Trump do? He said, Okay, I tried giving the people a therapeutic drug that’s been around for a very long time. You know, if you still want to use it, you can, there are doctors that will prescribe it is why you don’t have to be afraid of it. Actually, most of the people just it just cures by you get cured by itself. Your own body will cure it. But he said, okay, for the rest of the people, they’re going to need the vaccine. And yes, I know, there’s a lot of people that won’t take the vaccine, I’m not going to take the vaccine, it’s my personal opinion, why would I need a vaccine if it’s curable, if my body will take care of it, or if there’s a therapeutic, I will need a vaccine. But he knew there’s a lot of other people. They don’t think the same way. And he’s countering the deep state. Because they kept saying we need a vaccine. The only way to get rid of this is a vaccine. So they created a vaccine very, very quickly. And Biden is out there. And he wants everyone to wear masks until everyone is vaccinated. Well, everyone is not going to get vaccinated. there going to be a lot of people that do not want the vaccine. And if you get the vaccine, as we’ve been told for many, many years, you’re safe. But look how they’re trying to hold on to this. And think about what’s happening at the border. All those people coming in, and this is what Rudy Giuliani tweeted out. House Democrats just voted against requiring COVID test for illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. But they still want your business locked down in your schools closed. There are double standards are disgraceful. Yes. Families are coming over the border. Actually most of them are not families. There’s a lot of human trafficking. A lot of children set up by themselves. A lot of drug trafficking a lot of gangs and think about it buying he has no problem. Allowing the illegal immigrants in the convention center that haven’t even been tested, that might even have COVID buddies telling you that you can’t have a barbecue in your backyard now, or maybe on July 4. Does that make sense? No. There’s no reason the American people have to listen to him. Why? Because we’re free to make our own choice.

We don’t need to get a vaccine for something that’s curable. And what’s very interesting is down in Florida, we know that it’s spring break time. And we know there’s a lot of people partying there, and they like to use Florida. But everything they said, never came true. Oh, if you have the Super Bowl there, it’s going to be a super spreader never happened. Oh, it’s spring break down in Florida and Sarasota and many other areas, is going to be a super spreader. Well, did you know that in Sarasota, Florida, between March 10 and march 15, there were no COVID deaths in Sarasota. There was nothing, actually the cases even dropped. So everything that they’re talking about is BS. How do we know this? Because the who told us when Biden was inaugurated, they’re going to change the cycle of tests of the tests of the PCR tests. And once they did that, it’s game over for COVID. And that’s what we’re experiencing right now. Yes, they need the cover story of mass and vaccine to make it seem like Oh, they took care of it. But if we didn’t have mass if we didn’t have the vaccine, and he just changed the cycles of the test, you know, it just disappeared by itself. Remember, it was created by the test. If you change the cycle, and you lower the cycle, so you don’t get the false positive, it just disappears by itself. Period. Now, Trump was being interviewed in Fox News, and we can see the mainstream media, they’re going crazy over this, that, yes, Trump says, You should get the vaccine, he recommends it. But if you listen carefully to what he said, he said that you have a choice, you have freedom. Take a listen to what he said

to our audience that they get the vaccine then

I would, I would recommend it. And I would recommend it to a lot of people that don’t want to get it and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly, but, you know, I, again, we have our freedoms, and we have to live by that. And I agree with that also.

So what did Trump say? Well, Maria Bartiromo, asked him the following. Would you recommend to your to our audience that they get the vaccine, Trump responded, I would, I would recommend it. I would recommend it a lot to people that don’t want to get it. And a lot of those people voted for me, frankly. But again, we have our freedoms. And we have to live by that. I agree with that also telling you that it’s not mandated, telling you that you have the freedom to choose. Why did he say that? Because he knows there’s a lot of people that are against the vaccine for something that is that can be cured on its own, or by a therapeutic. That’s why he’s letting people know that you have the freedom to choose. Now, again, you have to remember what he’s trying to do here. He understands that the deep state, they wanted this to go on a much, much longer time. He countered this. He needed to get rid of it. More people would have died with masks and being alone than anything else. We’re already seeing it. And I do believe he had to make a decision. And a lot of the people, yes, they would never ever come out of their house, they would never travel, they would never go back to work without the vaccine. Because they’ve been told this for a very long time. Those people that are awake, they understand that they don’t need the vaccine. And remember Trump, he’s speaking to many different groups, not just the people that are awake, the people that voted for him that are still not awake. But he understands that he needs to counter the deep state plan. He needs to stop this because he needs to move he needs to move forward with his plan. Remember when cue told us a while back, this is may 2020. When there are going to be an investigation of the nursing homes and all of a sudden we see that happening but we didn’t see it happening during June of 2020, August of 2020. December of 2020. It really started to pick up in 2021. Again, future proves past and we know that there are other governors that are involved. In this nursing home scandal, where they threw people into nursing homes, who had COVID because those people in the nursing home, they had compromised immune systems, and they knew they would die, and they needed the death numbers to move up. Why? Because Trump, he wasn’t doing what they said. They wanted him to test they were going to use the cases. So they decided, let’s push the death rate up. And let’s show people that this is deadly. And that’s exactly what they did. Even when Trump brought the nursing home. ships, I mean, not the nursing home the the medical ships with all the beds to New York and LA. They didn’t put people on there. They were pretty much empty all the makeshift top hospitals empty. Instead, they push people into nursing homes now, the Attorney General in Michigan

they are saying that they are not going to investigate Whitmer because it’s a conflict of interest. So the Attorney General their jet, Dana nasil says no way it’s not going to happen. So a group of Michigan GOP lawmakers say they plan to issue subpoenas and bring in a special prosecutor to obtain data that would help explain why Coronavirus patients are placed with non Coronavirus patients in nursing homes. They are not backing down. They’re moving forward with the investigation. They’re not going to use the Attorney General, they’re going to use a special prosecutor. Nobody’s going to escape this. Nobody. And then we have Judicial Watch. They are now suing for the records of New York and Pennsylvania on the COVID nursing home policies. Why? Because they tried to get the information using the Freedom of Information Act. And guess what? They didn’t want to hand it over. So now they’re suing the US Department of Health and Human Services for records. And they want these records on these individuals. And this is from Governor’s Cuomo and Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania. Again, nobody’s going to escape this. This is an avalanche. And it’s building speed now. And what else is very interesting is that we know during Trump’s presidency, they had an Tifa and all the different cities, destroying businesses looting. And the mayors, the governors, they really didn’t do much. They allow them to do whatever they wanted to do. And they said no, it’s peaceful protest. We don’t see what you’re seeing. Well, now out in Portland, and this is Mayor Ted Wheeler. Remember, he was out in front in the of the group at the courthouse where they were throwing firebombs at the courthouse? Well, it seems the people in this area are sick and tired of the violence. And now all of a sudden Ted Wheeler. He’s saying yes, we need to stop this. Enough is enough. Now, think about what is happening here. During Trump’s presidency, they allowed an Tifa to do whatever they wanted. Now, after Trump’s presidency and Biden’s in office, the people are out there saying Enough is enough. And Wheeler saying Okay, now we’re going to have the police come in, and we’re going to have this stopped. Think about what this does. It sets up the optics of what comes next. Because as these mayors and governors bring in the police to stop and Tifa to stop the looting. When Trump and the Patriots start to release their information, and they release the rioters. Well, they just trap them into saying that we cannot have this happen. Trump of the Patriots, they’re going to use this, the people are going to use this against them. And yes, we’re going to see this now. What’s very interesting is that Durham has been investigating this entire time. And this is an article by Brian Cates and let me read a portion of it. It says a special Counsel’s Office SEO makes an unsealed its own indictments, it can investigate and prosecute cases with its own prosecutors completely apart from the Department of Justice. The popular and wrong understanding of how an SEO functions is that while it can do its own independent investigations, and can build cases against targets, if the SEO wants to proceed with criminal and diamonds, all of a sudden the Attorney General and department judges take over at the point and begin approving or denying the charging decisions of the special counsel. This is false. Nobody seems to remember how the molar special counsel investigation ended up with one of the most unusual developments ever. Muller’s probe ended with his being unwilling to decide whether then President Trump should be charged with obstruction of justice instead Coming to a resolution about that. Muller handed that decision to the Department of Justice and bar and Deputy Attorney rod Rosenstein. Both Barr and Rosenstein, publicly expressed surprise and disappointment that Muller and his team of independent prosecutors refused to make their own charging decisions. Reluctantly bar and Rosenstein then did Muller’s job for him and made the decision to dismiss the charges. Rather than make the indictment. This idea that Durham has run each of his charging decisions by Garland, Merrick Garland, who’s the new Attorney General, for an official thumbs up or thumbs down before he can proceed to file his own independent indictment is ridiculous. He’s independent.

Now can Merrick Garland try to interfere with him? He can try. But I do believe this is going to trigger something. So ever since Durham was made an SEO, and it was formally announced in November last November. He expanded the number of prosecutors, not one journalist has had any success getting any leaks out of that office, that tells you everything you need to know. This is a real investigation, not a clown investigation like Muller, because there were leaks all over the place the news new everything, this is going to be a shock to the world. And now when you read this post, you understand what Q is talking about. First post 4952 November 13 2020, this is the second to last post that you gave us and it says durum then if you go back to post 3716 it says the following and this is December 17 2019. So let me read the post. First indictment unseal will trigger bass population awakening. The first arrest will verify action and confirm future direction they will fight but you already mark or nine. Why will the first indictment and arrest? Why will that trigger mass population awakening? Why will this be so big? Because there have been no leaks from Derm. Nobody knows what he has. nobody’s seen anything. And when he unsealed the indictment, no, he does not need approval from Merrick Garland. When he unseals and makes his arrest, it’s going to shock the country. There’s going to be a mass population awakening. That’s what we’re going to experience. And yes, the deep state is going to fight back. The Deep State is going to try to create chaos with what riots any way they possibly can to deflect from what is really happening. But what has the military been doing this entire time. They’ve been monitoring and Tifa this entire time. Remember, this is all going to happen. When information is released. This is why they’ve been holding back. This is why they didn’t make a mass round up of an Tifa. Because this is all part of the awakening. This is about the American people taking back the country, you have to see all these things. Because if you don’t see it, you don’t understand it. And that’s what people are saying, Look what’s happening with the economy with the border. With everything else that Biden’s doing. People are seeing every part of this. It’s an avalanche that’s going to destroy them. This is just the beginning. Trump the Patriots. They’re getting ready for the main show. And boy, it’s gonna be a show. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.


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