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X22 Report: Future Proves Past, It Has Begun, Is Wray A Sleeper, Future Marker

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Hi and welcome you’re listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave in this episode 2417 bn today’s date is March 2 2021. And the title of the episode is future proves past it is begun. is Ray a sleeper future marker let’s talk about protecting yourself online a vice reporter who used tik tok but never create an account sent a GDPR request to the app, he wanted to find out what data they had on him. To his surprise Tick Tock stored his IP addresses what he searched for what videos he watched when he watched them and his devices, digital fingerprints, but this data was shared with third parties like Facebook, staying anonymous online so corporations can track you is more important than ever. And the first step to doing so is to use a VPN. This is why I highly recommend virtual shield virtual shield is the only VPN I trust for myself and my family. I never use the internet without it. So go to virtual shield comm forward slash x 22 or click the link in the description to get virtual shield today for 50% off and free for 30 days. Let’s get into the economic collapse political and geopolitical news. Now it seems that everything is about to change. Everything that we read through the cue posts and everything that we researched during Trump’s presidency, it seems that a lot of it is coming true right now. It seems that the future does prove the past. And we’re seeing a lot of things happen right now. I do believe everything is about to change. And the way you need to think about this is that Trump with his experience, he understands how to maneuver through criminals, through criminal organizations. Remember, he helped Rudy Giuliani, he helped the FBI, the Department of Justice, he helped create honey pots. And he understands criminals. He understands how they work, how to trap them, and how to bring them to justice. Trump, the Patriots, they’ve been planning this for a very long time. And he understands that he will need to set up every single one of them. He needs them to take the bait. He needs them to think that there is absolutely nothing wrong. He needs to think he needs them to think that he’s crazy. He has nothing on them. He needs them all to think that they have the upper hand. Isn’t this how you set up a sting operation? You make it seem like they got away with it, that they have the upper hand that nobody can touch them. that nothing can happen? Well, we’re already starting to see everything start to turn around. A lot of the things that Trump said they’re starting to come true. A lot of things that we read in the post are starting to come true. And yes, there are sleepers, which I do believe will be activated at the right moment. Just like they had sleepers waiting to be activated while Trump was president. Remember what Trump has done here. He has taken everything that they have done to him where there was a special counsel while he was president. Well, he had Muller. Biden has Durham, they accuse Trump of cheating with a foreign government when the elections, Trump is accusing them of cheating with foreign governments to get elected, who has the proof? Who has all the evidence? Trump does. They brought Trump up on impeachment charges for quid pro quo. Biden actually did a quid pro quo with Ukraine. Trump is now turning this all around. We had Obama who was shadowing Trump, Trump is now shadowing Biden, Obama who’s sitting in the basement and the deep state. Everything is starting to turn around now. And everything that Trump wanted to accomplish, and we need to understand his mindset here. He wants to do it in a natural way. He wants them to pull the trigger. He wants laws created in the proper way. And yes, he knew about the election fraud. Yes, he knew how they were cheating. He had all that information. He could have stopped it. He didn’t want to. He wanted the people to see. He wanted the people to experience it. Remember, this is not a four year election. This is not just about arresting a couple of people. This is about bringing down the entire criminal syndicate.

bringing it down. Yes. Will the deep state fight back? Yes, they will. And we’ll be talking about that in just a moment. But Trump, he has the upper hand and he needed certain things to play out. He needed to clear the board. Remember, everything that he’s doing right now? is working in his favor? Yes, he tried to bring the election cases to each court up to the Supreme Court, and they rejected it. I think he already knew that they were going to do this. But Sidney Powell, she was out there. And she went ahead and she explained what was happening with SCOTUS, and this is what you said. My comment for the press on SCOTUS ruling today the Supreme Court failure to date to address the massive election fraud and multiple constitutional violations that brought a coup of the presidency of the greatest country in world history completes the implosion of each of our three branches of government into the rubble of a sinkhole of corruption. It is an absolute tragedy for the rule of law, the future of what was a republic and all freedom loving people around the world. Yes, people are seeing this. People understand it. But look what’s happening during this period of time. We’re seeing the legislators do what they’re supposed to be doing. That is creating laws. They’re changing the election laws. Look what Georgia just did. Their bill that restricts ballot dropboxes requires an ID for absentee voting and limits weekend, early voting days, has passed the Georgia House House Bill 531 passed 97 to 72. Straight down party lines. The bill will do a number of things like reduce the number of early voting days requiring it to apply for absentee ballot, and we’ll make it a misdemeanor to give voters food or drink in the voting line if they’re within 150 feet of the polling place. And we’re starting to see this in the swing states. Very interesting. Do you think this was part of Trump’s plan? Absolutely. What better way to bring in the laws than after the election? Remember, q has told us 2020 plus the elections will be safe. Do you see it happening? Remember, Trump, the Patriots, their plan is to show people an accelerated plan of the Deep State to show them what they always planned on. Now, over time, it was very difficult to see because they did it very slowly, very methodically, you couldn’t really tell what they were doing. The news never really reported on it. But with Trump, reversing everything that they were trying to do during his four years, they had to quickly move forward with their plan. Now people are really noticing what they’re doing here. And what we come to find out is that, yes, Biden, he’s allowing the illegals to come over the border. Children are now coming up to the border. Trump already knew that this was going to happen. Remember, everything that Trump talked about at sea pack, he knew that this was going to happen. He knew the green energy was not going to work. He knew that there was going to be a border crisis. This is why he was at the Alamo talking about the wall. Hope they don’t take down the wall. Well, Biden is not finishing the wall. He’s not plugging the holes. He’s allowing people to come up. Yes, this is going to be a major problem. But what we come to find out at the border, is that the United Nations, they’re helping bring in migrants over the border, and it was filmed. So people are seeing all of this. And people are saying, Well, wait a minute, what’s going on here? We don’t want people entering our country. We don’t know if they’re criminals. We don’t know if they deal in human trafficking. We don’t know. If they’re an ms 13 gangs. We don’t know anything about these people. And you’re just bringing them into this country. And remember the majority of Americans, there are polls taking, they want the wall. They want secure borders. They don’t want illegals taking their jobs that have never been vetted. That didn’t go through the point of entry. Actually what Biden his administration are doing, they’re doing everything. The opposite of what people want. And people are saying no more. Why do you think Trump won in a landslide? Why do you think millions of people come to see him or watch him when he was doing a speech at C pack? Why is he still so popular because he has the people behind him. Everything that we’re experiencing now. Everything that we talked about during Trump’s presidency is now coming true. Now, the future is proving the past. Now what’s very interesting is the Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas said that the illegals, they’re sending their children to the United States, because they’re loving parents, because loving parents send their kids across Mexico to the US border. I don’t know, do loving parents actually do that? Yes, if their lives are in danger, if their lives are in danger, they will send them to the point of entry. But in most of these countries, their lives are not in danger. They’re just getting the message that, oh, we can enter now. And they’re sending their children up. across all different countries. There’s human traffickers, predators, you name it. So you can see that these individuals, they’re trying to make the case of why this is normal, but people are seeing this and saying it is not. Now what’s very interesting is we’re starting to see a lot of arrests with child sex trafficking. In West Alabama, there was a Human Trafficking Task Force was arrested 20 people in an undercover prostitution sting in Tuscaloosa. And then we have another operation called broken hearts. And 37 child sex predators were arrested in an undercover human trafficking sting. And we’re starting to see a lot of arrests that have to do with child sex predators. Remember what’s going to unite a country? Well, you don’t hurt the children. And we’re starting to see this pick up now. Very interesting, the timing of all of this. And then we had Biden, he went ahead, and he removed Dr. Seuss, from the Read Across America Day, due to concerns about racial undertones in the children’s books. Now, what’s very interesting is that it started off with censoring people that said, something they didn’t like. And we saw many, many people censored on Twitter, on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. Even the President was censored. If you even mentioned election fraud on YouTube, or Facebook or anything else, they just down your account. And then we saw Amazon and other companies to say, you know, something, we’re gonna ban any book that has to do with hate speech. Now, of course, who determines what is hate? Because one group might not think it’s hate where another group says, Yes, that’s hateful. This is why the founding fathers never included hate speech. In the first amendment. That’s why they said freedom of speech. If people don’t like it, guess what you do? You don’t buy the book. But you have the right to say it, even if it’s hateful, even if you don’t like it. You have the right to put this out there. But what is the left trying to do? What is the deep state trying to do? They’re trying to control what people can read what people can see. And we said, Hey, they’re going to start off on social media platforms, they’re going to be moving to books. And here we are, with Biden, going after books, let the people decide if they want that book, or not, actually, with a president telling you what book you can have, or don’t have, does not sound like a dictator. It started to seem that way.

And they banned, I think it was like six books written by Dr. Seuss, including if I ran the zoo, and others because they believe there’s racist, insensitive imagery. Now, if people don’t like the book, they don’t have to buy it. But I don’t think the President should be telling the public what to read and what not to read. Actually, that should be left up to local communities and parents. But this is just the beginning. And a lot of people like to brush us off and say, Well, you know, maybe it does, and we’ll just let that go. This is how they start with censorship. And it builds and it builds and it builds until it’s too late, until people say, Wow, I didn’t see this coming. Well, we all saw this coming. We also see that the people, they don’t agree with kancil culture. Actually, there was a Harvard camps, Harris Poll that was released. And it says that most of the people 64% said that the cultural boycotts pose a threat to freedom in the US. 36% disagreed. So the majority of the people are saying this is not right. This shouldn’t be happening. Actually representative Jim Jordan. He’s calling on Nadler to hold House Judiciary hearings on dangerous trend of canceled culture. I wonder how that’s gonna go? I think the only way we’re gonna push forward with this is to get rid of all of these individuals, the corrupt politicians that are following certain agendas. Now what’s very interesting, and we’ve said this before, we know that as soon as Biden came into office, we had the who they recalibrated the test, they didn’t go out to 40 cycles, because they said there was a lot of false positives. Well, they knew this from a very long time ago, they set the tests up this way to statistically make it looked like there was a pandemic. So they change the test and we saw the cases started to drop. The death rate started to drop. And of course, yes, there was still fear mongering. Yes, Biden’s still trying to figure out where the vaccines are. But now we’re starting to see Governor’s, they’re reversing everything. We have governor Abbott of Texas. He’s ending the statewide mass mandate in Texas and announces all businesses in the state can reopen. Then we have another governor governor Reeves. He is lifting all mass mandates and Mississippi and businesses can begin to operate at full capacity without any state imposed restrictions. It is begun. Remember what Trump said that the virus will just mysteriously disappear in April now, the mainstream media they thought he was talking about April of 2020. Of course he didn’t give a year he just said April they assumed it was that APR. And here we are approaching APR and look what’s happening. cases are disappearing to death rate is dropping. The states that were locked down are opening up. Now we have states removing the mass mandate, opening up all businesses to 100%. The pandemic is about to disappear. This is just the beginning. We’re going to see a lot more governors join in. We knew this was going to happen. And then we have the New York state lawmakers they’re passing legislation to repeal Governor Cuomo emergency powers. Cuomo will no longer have free rein to order measures like quarantines and mass mandates that will be stripped away from him. Why? Because of everything that he’s going through. Yes, I know the sexual cases the sexual harassment cases are front and center. But the real case is all the people that he killed. All the people that were killed, Murphy, Newsome and the rest. That’s the real crime. And yes, I do believe they’ll be brought up on charges. We’re starting to see everything fall apart from and we’re already starting to see it fall apart for woodmere. Things are coming out of the woodwork here. We’ll be talking about that in just a second. But remember how this all started with COVID? the medical profession? What did they do? They really bought into COVID because of the simple fact that they got paid bonuses if the person had COVID. They were claiming that COVID was impacting minorities more but failed to mention that if he did not have insurance, and said you had COVID, the government paid 100% of all medical expenses. They bribed the medical professionals to turn COVID into a national crisis. This was throughout the hospitals everywhere. And anyone that objected to this, anyone that spoke out about this, they would shut them down.

Let’s talk about protecting yourself online. A vice reporter he used Tick Tock but never create an account sent a GDPR request to the app, he wanted to find out what data they had on him. To his surprise Tick Tock stored his IP addresses what he searched for what videos he watched when he watched them and his devices, digital fingerprints. But this data was shared with third parties like Facebook, staying anonymous online so corporations can’t track you is more important than ever. And the first step to doing so is to use a VPN. This is why I highly recommend virtual shield virtual shield is the only VPN I trust for myself and my family. I never use the internet without it. So go to virtual shield comm forward slash x 22 or click the link in the description to get virtual shield today for 50% off and free for 30 days. And look what they did. They destroyed people’s lives. They destroyed businesses. They got paid. They lied. But the rest of the country. They suffered actually, the world suffer because of what they’ve done here. suicides. They were up by 60%. All of this because they got paid to lie. Look what the deep state did. And now people are starting to figure this out. People are starting to see the truth. And yes, this is part of the plan. Trump knew that this was going to go away I say by May June. Most of this is going to be a thing of the past. Actually the new times already projected this out there. Remember the article that we read that when this is all said and done COVID will be like a bad cold. Remember, it was a hoax. It was a statistical hoax that they created. Am I saying there’s no virus? Yes, there’s a virus? Is it what they said it was? No, they lied. And now people are going to see the lie. Now what’s very interesting is that Cuomo, he is in hot water, we can already see that they’re stripping away his emergency powers. And it’s getting worse and worse for him. There’s videos that are coming out now. And he has nothing to hide hide behind right now. And actually, they were asking questions that Jen Sakhi and she will directly say where Biden’s red line is on sexual misconduct claims. You know why? Because he has his own problems. And if he has a red line, he already crossed it. So he they’re trying to stay away from all this. But it seems there are calls out now saying that Cuomo must resign. And it has already begun with him. Actually, we’re going to see a lot more people resigning. And then we have Whitmer. Well, it seems that something shady was going on in Michigan involving its democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer, and the exiting state health department director Robert Gordon, who received hundreds of 1000s of dollars of taxpayer dollars for a reason the public hasn’t been made aware of yet. Now, the Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. Her administration agreed to pay former state health department director Robert Gordon $155,000 in a separation deal that also required the two sides to maintain confidentiality, about the circumstances that led to his abrupt departure. Was he going to turn them in? Was he going to say something about what was really going on here? Maybe but I believe this is just the beginning of what’s going to be come out coming out just like with Cuomo, this is going to spread to every single other governor. Nothing can stop this. Nothing. They’re all going down. Now. today. We had Christopher Ray. He is the FBI director. He was testifying before the US Senate. And he was talking about the proud boys and Tifa q anon domestic terrorists. Now we need to put this into perspective right now. If you really listen to what Ray said, he said absolutely nothing. He said there is no evidence of left wing groups or an Tifa. And Tifa is not a domestic terrorist group. The proud boys, they are not a domestic terrorist group. Q anon is not a domestic terrorist group of member there is no q&a on its queue. And then there’s a nonce, there’s not q anon. But this is what the mainstream media likes to do. They also said that there were no fake Trump supporters present at the US Capitol. Now we know that’s completely fake, phony and false. We know that john Sullivan he dressed up as a Trump supporter. We know there, there was an Tifa. We know that they plan this entire thing. But why is he neutral? He didn’t point the finger at cue. He didn’t point the finger at the proud boys. He didn’t do any of that. He stayed down the center.

Why? But he did say one thing that was very, very important that the Capitol siege was domestic terrorism. He said it’s got no place in our democracy, and tolerating it would make a mockery of our nation’s rule of law. Now, let’s think about this for a second. He didn’t point the finger at any group. He really didn’t say anything about who was doing what, he stayed neutral. That’s very interesting. But he did say, domestic terrorism. Well, that that has no place. And he said this on purpose. Let’s go back to post 1862. It says and by the way, this is from August 13 2018. It says, who controls the fake news? Why is an Tifa allowed to incite violence where mass make threats, use carry weapons and physically harm others who oppose their ideology? What is an Tifa attempt to justify such violence by labeling the challenger as alt right or Nazi? Why doesn’t the left condone such acts of violence and call for an immediate end? To find projection to find insurance policy to find warning against attempts to unveil What does rain no. And when will he release this to the public? Well, is he releasing it just yet? No. He’s Staying neutral. Does the violence extremism justify National Guard deployment in the future ahead of a planned public release? Yes, it does. Let’s go to post 4925. Now, this was a picture and there’s many different pictures, there’s one of Ray, where there’s no x through him. Then there’s a picture of Ray with an extra hand now an anon on the board made this x cubed, just repost it. So that’s very interesting. So, Ray also outlined the following. He said there were three buckets. The largest group was peaceful, rowdy protesters, second group swept up in the moment, trespassed on Capitol campus, but did not enter the building. The third group smallest, but most impactful, allegedly coordinated travel gear meeting up now he didn’t point the finger at who these individuals were. He was letting everyone know what happened. Let’s go back to post 4706 insurgency can be defined as the organized use of subversion and violence to seize another fight or challenge political control of a region domestic terrorism. So he was letting everyone know that this was domestic terrorism, not pointing the finger to any specific group. There was a group though, that was calling the shots. Then we have post 4393. And this says, Why is antiva allowed to operate? What happens if Soros funded operations get violent and engage in domestic terrorism? What happens if mayors, police commissioners, chiefs do not enforce the law? Well, we’ve seen all of this haven’t wait. Now, again, Ray did not point the finger at anyone. And then we move to post 3537. And anon said, Ray is a sleeper q said, future marker. Why didn’t Ray do anything at this moment? Was it time? Maybe not? Is he asleep? Or is he a sleeper? For the good guys? The white hats or is he a sleeper for the black hats? Well, if he was a sleeper for the black hats, wouldn’t you think that he would say the proud boys cue? And everyone else? They are all domestic terrorists? I do believe so. Why didn’t he say that? And Tifa was I think they’re going to be using him later on. He did make a point to say that domestic terrorism has no place in the US. Do you think this is going to come out later? Yes. If you know the strategy of Trump, if you know what he does. He sets everything up for later on. Think about when information comes out about treason, sedition, crimes against humanity. And then election fraud. What do you think the deep state is going to do?

Do you think the deep state is just going to say hey, well, what are you going to do? We got caught? No.

They’re going to push their agenda. What is their agenda? their agenda is riots. Remember, they thought this was coming? during the election? They thought Trump was going to make his move, then? He didn’t Why do you think they had the fences up? Why do you think they had the National Guard there? They were preparing for all of this. I think this is all in preparation for later. Everything that we were told about is happening now. Now, what’s very interesting is that we know the Senate was talking about January 6, because the people are very concerned about January six. No, well, that’s not really true. Because the latest Harvard Harris poll found that Americans are more concerned over the violence that happened last summer in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd than the capital Riot on January 650 5%. Violence in the cities 45% January 6, Riot so we know that the deep state they’re pushing their agenda to make it seem like America is very, very concerned about this. No, America was always concerned about and Tifa the Summer of Love, the fires, the looting that they witnessed on social media. Remember, the mainstream media hid this from the people until they couldn’t hide it any longer. Now, what’s very interesting is if we go back to January 6, Trump requested 10,000 Guard troops. Now that was rejected, and this is what he said I requested. I said this rally will be bigger. than anything than anyone thinks it’s going to be gigantic. He said he gave the numbers to the Department of Defense that 10,000 members on National Guard would be needed. They took the number, from what I understand that gave it they gave it to the people at the Capitol that is controlled by Pelosi. And I heard they rejected it because they didn’t think it would look good. Why wouldn’t it look good, but let’s say that wouldn’t look good. But the Capitol surrounded by three layers of fence, and National Guard, that looks good. Now, we know that wasn’t the truth. Think about this logically. Why would Trump plan for an insurgency against the Capitol on January 6, after he had asked that it be protected by additional soldiers? Does that make any sense? No. What did the deep state do what it Pelosi do? They’re the ones who planned it. We know this. Now, what’s very interesting is we’re getting a lot of calls from Congress, where they’re saying it’s time to take down these fences. It’s time to remove the National Guard. And Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes says she demands the Capitol barricades be taken down. We cannot have our Capitol closed off from the people. It makes the United States look like a totalitarian regime. Then we have governor Whitmer saying that she wants the National Guard back in her state she wants them to leave now. So this is very interesting. So she intends to recall the Michigan National Guard members stationed in Washington DC after the current deployment ends next week. We’re getting calls to have the fence come down. Think about 11 dot four. This is all happening at the same time. Then we had Catherine herridge come out and she’s talking about Durham and she said the following. FBI Director Ray said internal disciplinary action against FBI employees including findings 2019 Pfizer report was slowed down to avoid conflicting with the criminal probe into the origins of 2016 FBI Crossfire hurricane investigation by john Durham. Now that’s very interesting. And remember, one of the last posts that queue ever put up was Durham. And we can see that Durham. I do believe he has a lot of information. What do you think is going to trigger Durham? Well, who is being brought in as the Attorney General? Well, Merrick Garland. Do you think he’s going to try to remove Durham? Do you think that will be the trigger for Durham? I do believe that Trump has set up certain sleepers within the government just like they set up sleepers to go after Trump coats McMasters you name it. I think Trump strategically placed certain individuals in certain places, and they will be activated

at the right time at the right moment. Now what’s very interesting is that Mike Lindau, he said that Trump will be your president long before 2024. No wonder where he got that information. He does speak to Trump. He must know something that we don’t. But what else is very interesting is that Richard Grinnell, he said the following. He says he knows exactly who is running the White House. And it’s not Kamala Harris, but it is a woman. So there’s a woman who is the shadow president who is calling the shots. Actually, Lauren bobert tweeted this out. It’s March 1 2021. And most of us still have no idea who was actually running the Biden White House. So it’s not Kamala, it’s not Joe Biden. Is it Joe Biden, or Hillary Clinton? That’s very interesting. I have a very funny feeling. It’s Joe Biden. But we can see that everything that has been done in the past, is now coming true in the future. Trump has set all of this up. optics are very, very important. Does it mean he’s going to move in tomorrow? No, I think he’s preparing everything. I think he’s waiting for certain things. And if you notice, he’s endorsing a lot of individuals. He knows who the swamp is. He can see everything very, very clearly. And let me just read this from relentless truth. And this is what he said, use logic. The picture was painted years ago by Q. We were told who was going to attempt to steal the election. We were told how they were going to steal the election. We’re even told that Biden was claim 80 million votes. We were also told that the 2020 election would set the stage for voter ID laws to be established, and that 2020 plus was safeguarded. Trump discussed the importance of establishing these laws during his speech last night. how we go about accomplishing this should be obvious by now. Do we just ask the democrats to adopt them? Do we have Trump rally for four years and scream for them to adopt laws that they know would end the democratic party? Do we have freedom loving patriots who have been silenced on social media make phone calls and emails that will never be answered? or taken seriously? Or do we expose the evidence we have, that shows unequivocally that the countries who own Joe Biden and the rest of Democrats just stole the United States presidency, the only way we will ever adopt voter ID laws as if the entire country were to be united. And the understanding that the globalist just rigged our election, it also wouldn’t hurt for everyone to understand why they attempted to steal it, and what the repercussions would have been. We are currently getting a taste of that. Now. Three simple phrases or by cue, or for some reason completely ignored, they must be shown. It had to be this way. Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light. Stop blaming queue because you’re impatient or too lazy to read the drops. Were even warned against making date predictions and told that not everything would be clean. Actually, we were also told that you might not like the way this ends. We are taking down a global satanic cult that existed for centuries. Did you expect this to be easy? Take a deep breath. Things are going swimmingly. Yes. Remember Trump, his team. They have experience in taking down crime syndicates, they have experienced in setting up honey pots and sting operations, Trump, those working with him. They plan this out if you watch. And you see what’s happening right now. Everything that was told to us, is now starting to come true. We were told about Cuomo, back in May of 2020. The news wasn’t reporting on that. People weren’t even discussing it. And if you did discuss it, it was crazy talk.

He put people into nursing homes to kill them. Now look, look how quickly things change. It might not seem fast. But to everyone else, it’s happening very, very quickly because they didn’t

know about it. This is the problem. We all knew about it. We want it to happen. But the rest of the world. They don’t know about it.

They’re just getting a taste of it. Remember, q has told us that you have this special access this special knowledge that most people don’t have and you’ve already know what they’re trying to do. Yes, you want it to happen quickly. But remember, this is a plan to take down their system. Their system is large. It’s deep. It’s why Trump has said this many times. He told us that the swamp is deep and wide. Be patient. Trump the Patriots. They know exactly what they’re doing. And they’re in control. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening be well be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.


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